Eternity never ends but Eternity has to end sometime because what is Eternity but the going on and on of Time and who measures time but humanity and when humanity ends so does Eternity, but of course when I think this out loud he tells me to shut up because that's just stupid and I need to stop being stupid. But I'm not stupid he's stupid how am I stupid I don't know, he doesn't either he just thinks he does but he doesn't really think so I'm just stupid for thinking so, no I'm not.

I fall into pieces for him but I never break never never ever but he rips me into pieces but I'm still whole because he can't really shred me oh yes yes he can yes he can no he can't, I don't know anymore. I like to talk but I hate making sounds because he gets angry and when he's angry it hurts but it's pretty what is it about him, I don't understand.

I'm in Paradise, but I'm not in Paradise after all, because he causes me so much pain, but it never hurts. I think I'm addicted to him, is there a cure for this? No, no, no cure, I know it, I knew it, do I know that, and there's always tomorrow, maybe I'll escape then, but why do I want to escape when I love him and he loves me and we're so loving but we're so hateful out of spite.

He's my lover and my best friend but he has no friends, friends are weakness no no no never make friends he hates them all and he hates me even as he's loving me. Body and soul entwined together for Eternity but he has no soul to bind to mine oh why why why did Pharaoh Other Yuugi have to take his soul away before I could ever see how beautiful it was. Oh but he's so evil he couldn't have a beautiful soul, it was twisted and black and i wouldn't be able to save it after all but try, try try, I have to try!

I think he stole my heart when I wasn't looking, this pretty pretty silver thief and his black ways, and he's crushing it in his fist oh it hurts, how it hurts!

And I think I've fallen too far to care that it hurts like this.

The butterfly never made a sound as Anzu watched him crush it in his fist...