Just felt like writing this, it's short, just an intro nothing more. The first chap will be uploaded today, or tomorrow or something…

Burn this Girl

Introduction: Bad Dreams

"Dead girl dances, she burns…the witch hunt…BURN this girl," a horrible childlike voice said in a singsong voice, he could hear the crackling of fire, smell burning wood, he could hear the screams of a girl, horrible, despairing screams and they went right through him.

"I'm burning!" She cried. "Somebody, God, please help me!"

He could smell her flesh, burning…he could hear how she screamed in agony, she screamed for help. But he couldn't move, he couldn't even see her, there was only darkness, that awful smell and those screams.

He woke up, sweating, breathing heavily and he could still hear those screams in his head.

It was all just a nightmare, a bad fucking dream nothing important.

He blinked a few times, his eyes adjusting to the faint light of the room. He looked around: this wasn't his dorm. Memories of the previous night came rushing back to him, and he turned his head to look at the tangle of blond hair laying next to him, her name was Lara, or something like that, she was in a couple of his classes.

He crawled out of bed and gathered his clothes; there was no point in being here when she woke up and he figured Tyler was probably already up and waiting for him, they had swim practice today, and he seriously could do without an argument with the coach.


Credit to Jack off Jill, I used a sentence from one of their songs as the title, and changed the intro of one of their songs to fit the story and serve as a first line. They're my inspiration for this. So thank you!

Anyway tell me what you think; I'm quite sure this story is going to be quiet different. But I do like feedback.

Greetings Fish aka Anne.