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Chapter Six: Maud

"Stop the car!" Reid shouted awaking with a start. The memory of what had just taken place still fresh in his mind. He had to trust his instincts and his instincts were shouting at him to get up and look around.

"We're standing still, Reid," Tyler said dryly, he was resting his head on the steering wheel.


"Thought you'd say that," he muttered in retort.

"What happened, Reid?" Caleb said leaning forward between the driver and the passenger seat to give Reid an intent look.

"I talked to him, to Gabriel and-,"


"He's still alive."

"Great more voodoo shit," Pogue grumbled obviously still cranky because of lack of sleep.

"Shut up!" Reid snarled.

"Reid," Caleb said, visibly annoyed by their bickering. "Go on."

"After all these years Caleb, he's still alive. He figured it out, he figured out the secret to immortality!"

"You're delirious," Pogue stated before yawning.

"I'm not delirious you asswhipe! He's alive and talking to me!" Reid shouted feeling the urge to jump back there and beat the shit out of Pogue.

"Are you sure?" Caleb said yet again diffusing the situation without even trying.

"I'm sure."

Caleb made a face. "This is dangerous, if someone finds out he knows the secret to eternal life…Someone might try and take it from him."

"Someone like Chase you mean?" Tyler interjected.

Caleb just nodded his retort.

"Don't worry about it Caleb," Reid said. "I pity the idiot who picks a fight with him. He didn't figure out how to be immortal by looking pretty you know. I think he's pretty tough."

'I'm the most powerful wizard that ever walked this world.'Those words were still ringing in his ears and he could feel a familiar yet unwanted pang of jealousy which, he pushed away to the farthest corner of his mind.

"It's still dangerous."

Reid made a face. "No it's not, he's planning on dying today."

"What?" Tyler said sitting up straight with a frown on his face.

"You were right Caleb, it's a life for a life…He wants me to kill him, for her."

"You can't," Caleb said simply, sternly. "We're not God, Reid."

"We wouldn't be playing God, we would be fixing his screw up!"

Caleb just stared at him. "You'll go through with this anyway, won't you?"

"Fuck yeah."

Caleb sighed. "Are you sure this is what he wants?"

Reid nodded.

"Of course he wants to die, think about it. He has all the power in the world but he still can't bring her back. Do you know what that does to a person? Living forever, knowing you can't bring the one you love back while every day you miss her more and more until the point where it becomes unbearable-," Tyler stopped talking as soon as he noticed Reid, Caleb and even Pogue were staring at him in wonder and confusion.

"How do you know?" Pogue questioned.

"I have no idea," Tyler admitted sheepishly.

"Then how come you're going Oprah on our ass?"

"Spur of the moment I guess."

"You disturb me at times baby boy," Reid muttered before getting out of the car.

"Reid where are you going?!" Caleb shouted following his lead.

"To look for the spot Sherlock."

Soon enough the four of them were walking around Ipswich in search of a hill and a tree. In a thirty minute time range, they had already found three that didn't suffice.

"I really really hate you Reid," Pogue grumbled, hands stuffed in his pockets and jacket zipped up as high as possible in an effort to fight the biting cold. Cold and sleep deprivation tended to bring out the worst in him.

"Do I look like I care?" Reid said moodily ignoring further protest.

"Feeling anything yet?" Tyler questioned, he bore a striking resemblance to a mugger due to the fact about half of his face was hiding behind a scarf.

"I'm not answering stupid questions at this point in time," Reid muttered kicking a small rock.

That's when something hit him, hard. Like someone just kicked him in the ribs.

Suddenly breathing hurt, and standing was a battle against gravity. He could feel hands grabbing him by the shoulders.

"Are you alright?" Tyler asked sounding worried.

Reid let out a small moan of pain, his skin ached, his bones ached, everything ached. His vision slowly turned blurry: a vision.

Grey shadows, people? We're surrounding him walking past him, urging him to follow them. He had to follow them…

He could hear his friends calling his name but he ignored them. He had to follow the shadows, he heard their whispers though he could only make out isolated words.






Maud, they were talking about her, they were leading him towards her.

Then he fell to his knees, hard, probably scraping them in the process and everything became clear again.

"Is this the place?" Caleb asked quietly offering him a hand.

"I guess so," Reid mumbled allowing Caleb to pull him to his feet and as if on cue, it started to rain.

"Well, that was weird," Tyler stated matter-of-factly in an attempt to break the tense atmosphere.

"Poltergeist weird," Pogue added.

"What do we do now?" Caleb said.

"I guess we burn this," Reid said pulling the necklace with the cross shaped pendant.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"As sure as I'll ever be," Reid said before sighing. "Here goes."

His eyes flashed black, the pendant caught fire, it was amazing how easily it burned; the flames were a bright blue and didn't seem bothered by the rain that was falling heavier and heavier. Reid dropped the necklace to the ground, watching. The fire didn't spread to the leaves, it didn't even scorch them…while Gabriel Garwin was dying.

Gabriel didn't mind, he wanted to die. Or that was what Reid kept telling himself.

There was a flash; so bright as if star had fallen in front of their feet, blinding them temporarily.

And than, there she was laying in front of his feet; Maud.

She was slight, delicate and pale as a porcelain doll dressed in a white dress. Her dark brown hair, that now seemed a very dark auburn colour, covered most of her face.

His musings were interrupted by the subject of his thoughts who was coughing violently; every cough shook her small frame and judging by the gasping breaths she was struggling to breath.

"Is she okay?" Tyler asked from a safe distance.

"I don't know," Reid muttered kneeling down next to her. He moved to brush away her hair, the rain had already soaked her and it stuck to her face much like her dress, which clung to her body like a second skin and was turning translucent.

With surprising speed her hand shot up and grabbed his arm, her grip strong as a vice. Her green eyes boring into his soul.

"I know your voice," she said in-between gasps. "I heard it in the dark."

"Hush, we'll talk latter first we have to get you out of here," Reid said feeling her grip loosen. "Try and relax, you're safe now."

She stared up at him for another moment though it seemed like an eternity, before her eyes fluttered shut, though her breathing was still coming in short gasps and she was shivering. Probably because her current attire didn't really suit the cold rainy weather.

Reid took of his jacket and placed it on top of her before picking her up.

"Let's go."

"To where?" Caleb asked.

"My house?"

Caleb nodded as they hurried back to the car. "I'll call your mom, tell her to get some clothes and a hot bath ready."

"Is she really real?" Pogue said pocking her arm and receiving a glare from Reid in the process.

"What do you think dumbass?" he snapped. A sleep deprived Pogue wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, not that he ever was, but still lack of sleep apparently made him stupider.

"Hey apparently we just raised someone from the dead, that doesn't happen every day! I have the right to be critical!"

"Critical, yes. Stupid no."


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