To Return

Summary: Have you ever heard the saying, 'They need to stop living in the past'? For three selected people, it's literally true.

Warnings: Shounen-ai

Pairings: Yukimura x Fuji

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is not mine.

Okay, here's the epilogue. I hope the last chapter touched you guys. :'D I really hope you enjoyed this story, and I hope you stay on FFNET to enjoy the rest of my stories that I will continue to write. YukiFuji will always be one of my favorite pairings, no matter how much I may neglect it sometimes. You might see a faint hint of it in my next stories to come, or maybe a YukiFuji friendship. Anyway, enjoy the REAL last chapter of my story, the epilogue (yes, it's short). And thank you all for reading, and supporting this story! And you reviewers will always be the best!


Fuji smiled and walked along the gravel pathway. He listened to the leaves rustle in the wind, and the birds chirp in the trees. His hand was held tightly in Yukimura's. The sun was shining down pleasantly on the graveyard that they were visiting. Today, August 15, 2019, a year from when they returned, they were going from cemetery to cemetery, setting flowers on True Light's graves. They put pink flowers on Tamao's, blue on Naruko's, and they had just put red flowers on Sayaka's.

On Sayaka's grave, Fuji left a picture of him, Yukimura, and Yumiko with each other, from many years ago. He didn't know if True Light would get it or not, but it was worth a try. He had many copies of that picture, anyway, but he wanted her to have the original.

The twins were at a day care for the summer, and the two were free to do all they liked until the evening. They walked around the suburban area for a while, grateful to be away from the New York City commute and commotion. It was nice to have it quiet once in a while.

Fuji tugged at his necklace lightly. It was just a silver chain with a little silver sphere attached to it, but he loved it very much, because it was given to him by Yukimura. His silver bracelet was given to him by Yumiko, and it was basically a chain of small links. He was wearing a thin, light blue collared shirt and khaki shorts that reached about his knees. His hair was tied up in a high ponytail. He decided not to get it cut after all.

"Want some ice cream? My treat," Yukimura said, breaking Fuji's trance.

Fuji looked up and saw that a few blocks down, there was a small ice cream shop. "Sure," he replied and followed Yukimura.

They walked into the shop, and when the door opened, a little bell rang. Yukimura sighed. "So much for staying inconspicuous," he said, raking his hand through his hair. The people in the shop looked at the door.

"Kyaaaaa!!!!!! It's Yukimura Seiichi and Fuji Syusuke!" the girls in the shop said in their fluent English, though they pronounced their names perfectly. Yukimura was an author, and he liked to use the penname 'Yuki' in America, but people still liked to call him by his real name better. Fuji's name was easy enough to sound out, and he was a photographer.

"Can I have your autograph?" a girl boldly asked them in fluent Japanese. She had frameless glasses, a pale complexion, and long, black, wavy hair that reached her waist and shone in the sunlight that was streaming through the large windows in the front of the shop. Yukimura and Fuji looked at each other. They were thinking the same thing at that moment. She looks like…

"Sure," Fuji replied first. He took out a pen from his pocket and signed her notebook, and Yukimura signed after him. They closed her book and handed it back to her, but not before noticing the cover. It read, 'T.L. Takada Lei's Notebook'. Fuji assumed she was half Vietnamese or something, but then he noticed the 'T.L'.

T…L…"True Light!" both Yukimura and Fuji said at the same time in Japanese.

She took back the notebook and smiled at them. "Never thought it would happen, but we've seemed to have met again," she said and walked out the door behind them, humming a tune. She stopped one more time. "Thanks for the photo, by the way. I took the original and put a copy there. It's great to see you two again."

The other girls hovering around them were asking, "What did you say? What did you say?" in English, but they just smiled to themselves.


Tezuka Kunimitsu entered the cemetery the evening of August 15, 2019. This day was exactly one year after his beloved, Sayaka, had died. He had a handful of red roses and was about to set them on her grave when he noticed that there were already red flowers on the grave. What's this? He thought. He bent down and picked up the photo that was set on top of the flowers, surprised that the wind had not blown it away.

The front was glossy, almost as if it had been printed that day. There were two boys hugging each other and a smiling girl that didn't look like Sayaka. The shorter of the boys had brown hair that reached past his chin and feminine features, while the other also was very feminine and had blue wavy hair that grew to his chin. The girl had honey colored hair that flipped out and fell past her shoulders. On the back, it said To True Light, from Seiichi, Yumiko, and Syusuke.

He knew the two boys from somewhere. Their teams had played each other in the various tennis tournaments he had been in when he was young. So they were in New York now, huh? But for some reason, he felt like he had known them for so much longer than he actually had…

BWAHAHAHA. It ends with Tezuka, who I have SEVERELY neglected in this story. SEVERELY. I love TezuFuji, but I really abuse it sometimes. Tezuka's always breaking Fuji's heart. Two stories down the road, I PROMISE it will be strictly TezuFuji. After 'A Kiss to Remember', I'm planning out a fantasy story called 'Mirror Mirror', and that will be strictly strictly TezuFuji. Well, there may be some other pairings hinted. But it will be TezuFuji throughout. Anyway, I really hope you liked this story! YukiFuji is so much luff. They're the best. Stay tuned for my next story, which should, if it isn't already up, be up in the next couple of days or so. 'A Kiss to Remember', RyoFuji and TezuFuji are the main pairings (love triangle-ish). Saeki and Yukimura are also featured in that story.

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