"Before time began, there was... the Matrix. We know not where it comes from, only that it holds the power to create worlds and fill them... with life. That is how our race was born, and its protection was the charge of every Prime since the beginning. For a time, we had lived in harmony, but like all great power, some wanted it for good... others, evil. And so began the war, a war that ravaged our planet until it was consumed by death. And the Matrix was lost to the far reaches of space. We stepped across the galaxy, hoping to find it and rebuild our home, searching every star... every world. And just when all hope seemed lost, a message of a new discovery took us to an unknown planet called... Earth. But we were already too late…"

It was a nice, peaceful night in the Yamanouchi mountain region of Japan. The full moon's light shone bright with not a cloud in the sky. Crickets chirping were the only sound save one other: that of a black, American attack chopper traveling rapidly up the side of the mountain.

At the top of the mountain, a ninja school stood hidden, and in the main complex of the school, a young, Japanese woman stood, looking out over the school grounds where the students were enjoying the night off.

"Are you ready to begin teaching, Yori-san?" Master Sensei asked, approaching the nervous girl.

"I am… uncertain if I am prepared to teach what you have taught me, Sensei," Yori bowed humbly.

"You are my finest student, Yori," Sensei smiled behind his long mustache, "And a daughter to me in every way but blood. You will make a fine sensei."

"Your words honor me, Sensei," Yori blushed slightly at the praise.

"Master Sensei! Yori-sama!" A young apprentice ninja dashed into the observation room. "There is a vehicle approaching in the air," he said, out of breath. "It is an American helicopter."

"American?" Yori perked up, "Stoppable-san?"

"It is doubtful," Sensei shook his head, "Stoppable-san and Possible-san have not been involved in combat in over two years. Yori," he said turning to the young kunoichi. "I wish for you to sound the alarm; get the young to safety, and have our finest prepare to defend our school in case of attack."

"As you command, Sensei," Yori bowed and ran to the courtyard just as the black helicopter slowly came to a landing in the center of the school grounds. Yori narrowed her eyes as she looked for a pilot and was mildly disturbed and confused at the lack thereof.

The only sound being made was the whoop of the chopper blades slowly decelerating. "Pilot, you and your crew will exit the helicopter," Master Sensei ordered. "That is not a request."

Confusion reigned as the sound of twisting and clicking metal came loudly from the helicopter. A distinct 'CHE-CHE-CHE-CHE-CHE' sound echoed as the copter blades folded back and the vehicle began to shift and change.

"Master Sensei, what's going on?" Yori asked in concern as where the helicopter sat a humanoid robot began to rise.

"YORI, RUN!" Sensei ordered, gripping the girl and throwing her toward the exit before a large, metallic hand grabbed for him.

"WHERE IS THE MATRIX, INSECT?" The robot growled, his glowing red eyes staring hatefully into Sensei's.

"I know not to what you refer," Sensei replied coolly.

"Then, you will all die," the transforming robot replied, closing his grip on the old man completely. "Scorponok, find the source of the Matrix's energy," he ordered as a robotic scorpion fell from his back and began to burrow under the grounds of the school. The massive monster turned to the attacking Ninjas and threw the body in its hand at them as a weapon before firing various guns and missiles from its body. Buildings and walls exploded while ninjas screamed in pain as they were thrown through the air, some in flames.

Yori watched in terror as the school, her home, was mercilessly destroyed by something against which Yamanouchi's finest fighters were helpless. Yori did as Sensei ordered and took the young students to the safety of the mountain caves, looking back at the burning remains one last time as she did so.

The transformer stood in the center of the carnage as Scorponok returned, dragging a stone statue of a man with monkey-like hands and feet and a look of terror on his face. "This is not Primal, but… it has the Matrix's energy flowing through it. It will do.

"Seek out the survivors and destroy them; I will return this to the others," the transformer said to his minion before transforming back into the helicopter. Scorponok loaded the statue into the back of the chopper as it lifted off. "All Hail Lord Megatron!" the transformer said loudly as he took to the air.



Classic Cowboy

Ron Stoppable groaned as he continued his biweekly walk from Upperton to his home in Middleton. It had been different when he began his college education a year earlier… back when he had a girlfriend who would come and pick him up when she came home every two weeks. Who needed a car when your girlfriend had a super Sloth the likes of which are only seen in video games? He had blindly hoped that his fear of her going to school in England while he went to college in Upperton wouldn't drive them apart, but that hope was shattered with a single Dear John letter that came in the mail the previous July. "Happy Independence Day, Ron!" He repeated what he had said in response to the letter to himself again. "You are a free and independent bachelor! Dang it…"

At that moment, the skies unloaded the rain. "Figures…" He grunted before a loud honking from behind grabbed his attention.

"You're late," he said as the hot pink Pontiac Firebird pulled to the side of the road behind him.

The pink-haired girl behind the wheel smiled, her unique pink eyes dancing in amusement. "Are you going to stand out there and get your tight little butt soaked, or are you going to get in?"

Ron blinked at the girl's eyes yet again, slightly disturbed by her obsession with the color pink, but nodded and moved to the passenger side. "This is the fourth trip you've saved me, RC; you sure I can't pay you for gas?"

"Nah, I'm good, handsome." she smiled at him as the car went back into gear and pulled onto the road.

Ron leaned back into the leather seats, "It's kind of weird. Every time I come home, you're driving down this same old road, but I never see you in Upperton or Middleton," He mused.

The girl just smiled. "Would you believe I'm just here to make sure you get your cute little butt to and from school safe and sound?" Ron gave her a quirked eyebrow. "Well, would you rather me be out doing something else and let you walk all the way to Middleton in the pouring rain?"

"Point to you," Ron said, leaning back into the leather seat.

"Still upset about Kim I see," the girl said watching the road. Ron grunted, what was it with him attracting overly observant and nosey women anyway? First Kim, then Monique, and now RC. "Look, have you even tried to contact the girl?"

"She sent me a two page letter tell me why she was breaking up," Ron shook his head, "Unless I'm completely blind and missed something in the very detailed letter, I'm pretty sure it's all crystal clear."

"Ya never know, Ronnie-baby," the girl said flirtily, "Sometimes, things like this, especially involving girls like Kim, there's more to them than meets the eye."

"Whatever you say," Ron said, glancing out the window.

The ride the rest of the way to Ron's parents' house went quietly. "Well, here we are," RC smiled as she pulled to a stop in front of Ron's house.

"Thanks for the ride, RC," Ron said, opening the Pontiac's door and climbing out of the car. "I owe you another one."

"Don't mention it, cutie," RC winked as he closed the door. She started to back out when she picked up the conversation in the master bedroom of the house.

"…Don't worry, I'll take him tomorrow to get a car," Mr. Stoppable said to his wife, "It'll be safer for him than hitch-hiking all the time…"

"Arcee to Metroplex: Magnus, we have a slight situation…" she said before the girl flickered and vanished as the car backed into the street and pulled away.


Ron walked into the house, dropping his book back to the floor just in time to catch the small mass of raging energy and giggling excitement. "Missed you, too, Intruder," Ron said, hugging the three-year-old that clung to his shirt.

"Kimmie with you?" Hana asked, her almond colored eyes staring up into her big brother's.

"Not this time, kiddo," He ruffled Hana's short, dark hair.

"She'll be back," Hana nodded firmly as Ron sat the little girl down.

"Maybe someday," Ron said, going to one knee to get eye level with his stubborn, adopted sister.

"No, she's smart and no fun; you're stupid and fun. You need each other," Hana said seriously. "Relationships like this will always draw one another."

"Has mom been letting you watch Dr. Phil again?" Ron cocked an eyebrow.

"Maybe a little…" the girl flushed.

"Welcome home, son," Ron's dad greeted as he walked into the living room with his wife close behind. "You hitch-hiked back again?" he asked with a gleam in his eye, which Ron recognized as a sign he was up to something.

"Yeah, but I was picked up by a friend," Ron explained.

"Well, you won't have to worry about that for long," his dad smiled. "Better get in bed early tonight, son; tomorrow morning, we're going to pick you up something you should have had a long time ago…"


On an uncharted volcanic island in the Atlantic, a large blue-and-silver robot stood on the edge of a smoking volcano. He glanced over his shoulder as an F-22 fighter zoomed toward him before transforming into a robot himself.

"Are you sure this is the place, Soundwave?" the jet-turned-robot asked.

A smaller robotic bird flew from the crater and landed on Soundwave's arm before transforming into a large cassette and connecting to Soundwave's chest. "Affirmative, Starscream," Soundwave said before glancing down the hill. "Blackout," he said as the same robot that attacked Yamanouchi approached the two.

"Do you have the connection to the Matrix?" Soundwave asked, his eyes turning to the crater.

"Yes, Soundwave," Blackout responded, placing the petrified form of Monkey Fist in Soundwave's hand.

"Retrieve our Lord and Master," the second in command ordered.

Blackout made no verbal reply as he transformed into his chopper form and flew into the volcano. A short while later, the chopper rose with his cables pulling a heavily damaged, mechanical, dragon-like monster from its fiery tomb. He carefully lowered the damaged monstrosity before Soundwave and Starscream before transforming himself back into a robot.

Soundwave reached for the crumpled chest plate of the beast, pulling it open to reveal the lifeless spark chamber. "Live again, my Lord…" Soundwave said, taking Monkey Fist's statue and placing it in the monster's chest.

At first, nothing happened, but then, blue energy began to resonate from the petrified body. Slowly, Monkey Fist's body began to crumble and turn to dust, leaving a bright, blue-white energy in the mechanical monster's chest. Its damaged body began to shift and change, repairing itself as its lifeless eyes shined a demonic red. With a monstrous roar, the mechanical beast transformed into an even more hellish looking robot. "I am… Megatron!" He growled out before glancing around his followers. "Decepticons, where is the Matrix?"

"We are unsure, Lord Megatron," Starscream spoke up. "It is somewhere on earth."

"You have failed me yet again, Starscream…" Megatron growled before glancing to Soundwave. "If you do not have it, why are you standing herelike a bunch of fools? Decepticons, mobilize! Find me my Matrix!" he bellowed, transforming himself and taking to the air. "I have to find a new form…" the dragon growled out.


Kim Possible sighed as the cool air ran through her long hair. She glanced out at the busy city below her from the observation deck. Was this how she wanted to live her life, hiding with titans?

She glanced down at her hands. They were still stiff, but she was getting used to it, a little easier every day. It wasn't her war, but since it had come to earth, what option did she have left. She could only think of one thing, though... one wish, but it was destroyed by her own hand.

"Kimberly?" A booming voice spoke from behind her, and she turned to face her unofficial leader.

"Yes, sir?" she asked, looking up at one of the most respectable "people" she had ever met.

"I have a question for you, and you have to answer to the full extent of your knowledge," the commander stated, crossing his large arms.

"I'll do what I can, sir," Kim nodded.

"What do you know about the Japanese ninja academy called Yamanouchi?"

To Be Continued…