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Chapter 1

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The Happy Couple

Lily Evans started to date James Potter after giving into him. When she did, he stopped being a big headed idiot; after all, he got the girl of his dreams. However, that didn't stop him from pulling pranks with Sirius behind her back.

Every one thought of Lily as a headstrong, friendly redhead-- apart from when she was angry-- and all knew she had a tight leash on James Potter. Some people were actually jealous, mostly the Pure-blood girls. Not believing Lily Evans, a Muggle-born, had got one of the few nice looking Pure-bloods left that was not on with the Death Eaters.

Alice was one of them till she met Frank Longbottom. Since then, she never looked at James Potter in that way again. She eventually became good friends with Lily, but they were never best friends, since Lily already had a best friend, a Half-blood girl named Sarah Williams.

Lily graduated with honours in Charms, was a Prefect, and Head Girl. James graduated with honours in Transfiguration, was a Prefect, and Head Boy. Frank Longbottom graduated with honours in Herbology and Severus Snape graduated with honours in both Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Soon after, they all joined the Order of Phoenix. They were the youngest couple to ever join, along with Frank and Alice Longbottom, who had married right out of school. Severus Snape was their spy in the inner circle of Voldemort's Death Eaters.

Half the people there didn't trust him; who would trust the spy, especially when they could be double crossed? All except Mad-Eye Moody gave him the benefit of the doubt. "Constant vigilance!" and "Once a death eater, always a death eater" he would say. Whether they committed heinous crimes for the light side, or not, Mad-Eye still thought he should be punished.

Lily married James, and every member of the Order was there, as well as her family, including Petunia and Vernon Dursley; everyone thought that the wedding was the nicest wedding they had ever been too.

Lily Potter née-Evans' best friend, Sarah, was her bridesmaid since she was more of a sister than Petunia ever was. Lily's father died when she was twelve, and she hated her step-dad with a passion, so she had James' dad give her away. She hated her step-dad because he was a wizard and her mother had married him not knowing. Now, she feared him, so Lily could do nothing. She told someone, then her mother died. She knew it was her fault. It was her sister who blamed her; she became a freak in Petunia's eyes as well as her step-dad.

Both had moved out. Both were safe, her step dad had been put in Azkaban, for killing a Muggle. Stuart had beaten both Lily and Petunia and hurt Lily's mum also known as Heather Evans. What she did not know was that their natural father was a squib, a descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw, which Lily did not know either.

A year later, Lily announced that she was pregnant, and a week later, the Longbottoms announced Alice was pregnant as well. They were all happy, even though there was a war brewing on the horizon. The Order forgot their worries temporarily...

…Until there was a prophecy was made about a child born on July 31 to parents that had thrice betrayed him. It claimed that the child had 'the power the dark lord knows not', unaware that Peter Pettigrew had heard the first half of it. Luckily for Peter, he didn't know that Severus Snape was in there at the time, or his work as spy would have been cut short. And his life ended in the most horrible fashion ever.

Lily and Alice didn't worry much. They both knew their children were due on the 9th of August, so they simply thought that they were not the ones to fit. Alice had not betrayed him thrice or so she thought, but when she was two, her mother died. How- she didn't know, but Voldemort had came to kill her and her mother causing Alice to apparate away, defying him. Of course, that was until they went into labour on July 31st, but by that time, they were in too much pain to even think properly about a prophecy. Alice Longbottom had hers; a boy who she named Neville- Neville Longbottom.

Lily had her first child at11:39 whom she called James Jr. Potter. Nearing midnight, she had Harry James Potter as the seventh month dies. The nurse who had filled in the information and the times of the baby's birth. She wrote down midnight for James Jr., and for Harry August the first at 1:00 am.

So, the Order thought that it was James Jr. Potter who was going to have 'the power the dark lord knew not'. They both loved there children very much, although Lily wanted a little girl and wanted more than two children, so there was always a chance that having more kids would happen for her family. She wanted to keep the tradition for her family. Her family had been named after flowers and had very strange middle names. She wanted a girl to call Rose Lillian Potter. It was the name that stayed ever since she had thought of what she would call a girl.

Eventually, the war came to an end, but not before the Prewett brothers had gone down together, taking ten death eaters with them. Mad-Eye, mangled beyond recognition, had lost a leg and an eye, and many battle scars all over his face. People who didn't recognize him would have thought he had been mauled by a werewolf, saved by the one person he hated the most-Severus Snape. He, eventually, won the old man's respect, and that meant a lot. After all, it took a lot to impress Alastor Moody.

Severus Snape came back to Hogwarts with disturbing news which he shared with the Order. There was only one person who was not present. He was Peter Pettigrew, but no one minded since he wasn't much use to the Order.

Albus Dumbledore, believed to be the most powerful wizard alive, founded the Order. Although the Order didn't know it, he was a manipulative bastard and liked having control over everyone: the more people he had control over, the more he liked it.

He started off with his Order spy. Severus Snape bit his nail as he pondered how to break it.

"The Potter children and James are being targeted by Voldemort. There is a spy in the Order. Someone told Voldemort the prophecy and I can tell you under Veritaserum that it was not me. He only knows half of it." Snape said.

That caused a great uproar. Lily and James clutched their sons tightly, as they realized what could happen to their children. The only reason they had the children there was because it was the middle of the day and Sarah was busy.

James Jr. was always noisy, who took after their father, whereas Harry took after their mum. Harry quietly looked around in fascination. He was currently looking intently into Severus Snape's eyes. The boy and the man's eyes glittered with intelligence, until Harry fell asleep. Severus thought he looked cute- his little elfin face, and his beautiful green eyes. Of course, he would never admit it, not even if he was under the Cruciatus Curse.

It was then the Potters and the Longbottoms went into hiding, safe as they could be for a year while the war raged on. Voldemort killed some of the best light wizard and witches of the age while gaining more and more followers. He also was getting the women who had been made to marry men to keep there line pure through arranged marriages.

Nothing much happened, apart from more and more information that the Order had kept secret, got out. They knew there was a leak. Unfortunately, they didn't realize who it was until it was too late.

Severus Snape rushed to the Headmaster's office, banging his way in.

"Voldemort is far to happy! He said that he had the Potter children, Headmaster! I don't know if its true. If it is, Black had been giving the Dark Lord information for the past couple of years and the Potters are most likely dead or close to it! We better try and get to them first." said Severus as he attempted to catch his breath.

Before he could, they both were off to Merlin-knows-where. All he could do was follow Headmaster Dumbledore, knowing it must have something to do with the Potters. Snape may not like James, but he would not wish death on him, or his children.