60 Drabbles of May and Drew

Planning a Wedding

Me: What's up, my loyal fans? (Joke! Like I actually have fans! … Do I? Nah!). Well… I have major writers block for my 3 other stories so… I decided that I should make something so when I do have writers block… I can write this! So basically… May and Drew are 25 and getting married. Each chapter is a drabble in an aspect of planning! Oh! I also will dedicate each chapter to someone so…

This chapter is dedicated to confessions-of-a-secret-love.

I do not own Pokemon… is that a good thing?

Drabble 1

Misty, Dawn and Steph sat in the living room of May and Drew's flat (Umm… I'm British and… I think some people call it an apartment?). May had called them and told to come over right away. So they did and here they were, gathered in their Mauville flat. May bounded in.

"Hey!" she said, unusually happily.

"Hey…" Steph said suspiciously.

"OK. You're way too happy," Misty said.

"Oh! So it's not just me who realized!" Dawn said relieved.

"Anyway… I called you because…" May started.

She paused for dramatic effect. She enjoyed watching the anticipation in their faces.

"I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!" she said, jumping up and down.

The others joined her.

"Oh my god! Since when?" Dawn asked.

"He proposed last night!!" May said.

"When are you getting married?" Misty asked.

"As soon as possible!" May said.

"Wow!" Steph gushed.

"Let's see the ring!" Misty said.

May showed her left hand. On her index finger was a 24-carat ring with a diamond the size of a Strawberry.

"Oh My God!!!" Dawn said.

"It's huge! It must have cost a fortune!!!" Steph said.

"Does it matter? All that matters is that me and Drew are getting married… and I want you 3 to be my bridesmaids!" May said.

The girls shrieked.

"Of course we will!" Misty said.

May hugged her friends. She was getting married to Drew. Her first and only love.

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