Title: Bonds Through Brotherhood

Characters: Dean, Sam, Seeth, Don, Charlie, Megan, David, Colby (pre-Janus list), Alan, Nick

Disclaimers: I don't own Numb3rs or Supernatural, if I did I wouldn't be writing fan fiction, I'd be too busy with Don, Dean, and Sam. The original characters are my own though and any semblance to real life events are entirely coincidental. I'm not making any money either.

Summary: Nick is hot on the trail of our favorite demon hunters but what happens when our favorite math professor is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Can Don and Dean shed their differences and work together? Numb3rsxSupernatural. Angst, Protective Brother

Warnings: Character angst, swearing, violence, and Dean's thoughts on the FBI!

So here it is, a sequel to Love Is All that Matters. It shouldn't be entirely necessary to read the first one first but it would help. I couldn't decide if I wanted to do a sequel or a crossover so I thought I would do both. Please read and review. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy.

This takes place before season 3 of supernatural and before Janus List of Numb3rs but after we meet Dwayne Carter.

December 4th at 9:00pm

The hotel room's walls might have been white at one point in time but the years of dirt, dust and smoke build up had covered them in ugly brown stains and a film of grime. The faded red beds sheets were rough and scratchy from years of washing with detergent. Water spots dotted the brown carpet and the fabric on the furniture was full of holes, the stuffing exploding out of them. It was just another flea bitten motel with faulty wiring in the ceiling that caused the lights to dim unexpectedly and the air conditioning to drop to fifty degrees at night.

Despite the bad hotel room it wasn't the thing that was driving Sam over the edge. He was relaxing, well at least laying down, on one of the bed mite ridden beds. Rubbing his hands over his face Sam let out a loud sigh. Dean and Seeth were arguing, again. It had been seven months since the duo became a trio. The first five months had been okay, a little awkward but they had at least been quiet. Everyone had treaded softly; even Sam and Dean's normal jesting had lightened considerably. Neither of them had been sure about themselves around Seeth.

Their youngest brother had been quiet as well. He had kept to himself most of the time, helped out on the hunts but never joined them while they celebrated or took a night off. The first few weeks Seeth had even gotten his own hotel room. It took a motel with only one room available to finally break the ice. Ever since then they had slowly become the closest to a family that Winchesters ever got too. That's when the head butting started. After they had left the motel with only one room available Seeth had wanted to go back to getting his own room, Dean had said it was a waste of money. Being just as hard headed and stubborn as Dean Seeth decided that he would sleep in the car rather than share a room with them. The arguments spread from there. It started off small. Seeth would ask to use a particular gun and Dean would say no. Or Seeth would take a shower and not leave any hot water in it. Dean would go out to get food and "accidentally" order Seeth the wrong thing.

Right now they were arguing over why Seeth couldn't go with them to a certain bar. Now that Seeth had become more open and hung around them more he usually joined them at the local watering holes with his fake I.D in hand. Most places never even asked but the few times Seeth had been carded nothing ever came of it.

However, this time was different. A nasty poltergeist had settled down in Fernley, Nevada. So far there had been five deaths over the past six months. The three boys had been told by a witness to the latest murder that the cop who was investigating the killings frequented a certain bar. The plan was to go ask some questions and see if they could find out more than what the papers were printing, just a typical interview. Dean however, felt otherwise.

"Because it's not worth the risk that's why!"

"Don't give me that, we go to bars all the time!"

"We never interview cops! You're too young and they'll know it! We're already in enough trouble with the law without taking unnecessary risks!"

"Well that's not my fault is it?!"

"Shut up, both of you!" Sam had finally cracked. For a half hour his two brothers had been going around and around with this argument and it wasn't getting them anywhere. Sam used to be afraid when Dean and Seeth got into fights that one of them would storm out and not come back. Now all he wanted was quiet and if he was the one that would have to leave in order to get it then so be it.

"You can both stay here. Seeth, Dean's right, you look your age and with a cop it's an unnecessary risk. Dean," Sam paused, trying hard to think of a way to keep his other brother behind as well, "your acting like your under twenty one so you can stay here as well. I'm going by myself," Sam said definitively as he grab his coat and walked out the door. He couldn't help but slam it shut behind him.

"Look what you did now," Dean said after Sam left room.

"Oh please, you're the one that started it," Seeth shot back, facing back towards Dean after he had watched Sam walk out the door.

In just a few seconds the two men were back to arguing like kids over a toy.

December 4th at 9:55pm

Officer Kuts had been a dead end. Sam had thrown questions at the new cop for over twenty minutes and the guy hadn't said a word. This was the man's first case and his loyalty to his job was still sky high. Nothing could have gotten that kid to talk. When Sam had pulled out five twenties to persuade him Kuts had insisted that he pay for the drinks, not Sam. With an unbelieving look on his face Sam had said thank you and walked off.

It wasn't before Sam had gotten into the Impala and started it that he realized he wasn't quite ready to go back to the motel. Knowing Dean and Seeth the two were still arguing and would be until they went to bed. So Sam decided to go back into the bar and have a drink or two. He couldn't get drunk because eventually he would have to leave but it would be relaxing to just sit there and drink a cold one. It felt a little weird to be walking into a bar alone to have a drink. This wasn't something he normally did; this was more Dean's avenue. But the minute the ice cold beer ran down his throat the weirdness left Sam and he began to enjoy himself.

For a few minutes Sam just sat in the corner watching the other patrons in the bar and nursed his drink. He watched a couple hold hands and smile at each other but looked away when he started to think of Jessica. His eyes became drawn to a few men who were playing pool on the other side of the room. Dean was the avid pool player but by studying these guys for a few moments Sam decided he could easily cream them. They were running low on cash so Sam figured the game might be a good idea. He walked over to the loud table.

"You guys have room for one more?" Sam asked in his best nonchalant manner.

"This ain't a little boys game kid go back to drinking your chocolate milk," a big surly man replied gruffly to Sam.

"I've got two hundred." Pulling out the wad of bills, Sam smiled when he saw the guys' interest perk up.

"Fine, winner will match you and it's all or nothing," a man bigger than the first giant replied.

"Perfect," Sam said. Getting them to let him join in had been too simple, his confidence was soaring with each second as the guys' lousy game proceed, of course it had nothing to do with the slight buzz that was now coursing through his body. At the moment it was easy to see why Dean enjoyed doing these things.

The match ended and giant number two had won. Sam set up the balls and broke. Two of the solid colored balls went right in. On his second shot two more went in. Sam stood up and gave the man a grin. A slight wrinkle appeared on his opponent's face but Sam gave him credit, his confidence recovered quickly and he was able to sink one of his own balls. The game went on for another ten minutes and while he hadn't been as easy to beat as Sam had first imagined, the giant did eventually lose.

"Thanks for the game guys, have a nice night," Sam said quickly as he gathered up the four hundred dollar pile of cash and moved towards the exit. The two men wouldn't be happy and Sam didn't want to push his luck by sticking around and finding out if he could take the two men on. As he opened up the bar door to head out he was to busy shoving the money in his pocket to notice the man coming in and ran smack into him.

"Sorry," Sam said to the guy sincerely but then became a little upset when the guy just scowled at him. 'Rude,' Sam thought to himself.

It wasn't until he got in the car that Sam realized the guy he had run into looked familiar. He was certainly well traveled so he could know the man from anywhere but Sam had a different feeling about him. The man had some importance, he was more than just someone that had seen or spoken a few sentences to on their travels.

"Who in the hell was that?" Sam asked out loud, talking to himself.

Then it hit him, he knew exactly where he had seen that man before. Sam sped up and swore as he prayed that the man hadn't recognized him.

December 4th at 9:00pm

Don pulled into the driveway of his brother's house. It was nine o'clock in the evening and it had been an extremely long past two weeks. The caseload at work seemed to never have an ending. There had been investigations after investigations. None of them had been credible or worthwhile and all but two had been turned over to the county police. A perfect example of the crap that they had been forced to look into was Ms. Druitz's phone call. She had called the local authorities at seven o'clock in the evening claiming that the high profile criminal who was currently plastered all over the news had just knocked over her trash can. Since the FBI had been requested to be notified of any possible leads concerning the suspect the call had been routed to his office and he had had to send Colby and David to go take a look. His fellow agents said that the criminal ended up being a thirty pound stray dog who had been startled. The two agents then spent the next twenty five minutes chasing the animal around the old woman's backyard until the animal control finally showed up. Both men had returned to the office swearing under their breath and covered in mud from the recent rain. Don had mercifully sent them home for the evening.

The two that the FBI had kept went to another team, his was spared. That didn't mean there wasn't any paperwork though. For the past three days he had been stuck at his desk from seven in the morning until nine at night. Just an hour ago he had finished the last reports. Sometimes being an FBI agent could be one of the most boring jobs ever. Paper work may be mundane but it was tiring and Don just didn't have the energy to drive the extra fifteen minutes to his apartment. Besides, his dad had mentioned meatloaf and Don could never resist a good meatloaf.

When he pulled open the door to Charlie's home a wide grin spread across his face when he recognized the smell of his favorite dish wafting over him. "Where are you guys?!" Don yelled as he took off his thin FBI jacket that was doing little to protect him against this unusually cold December night. Next came his keys, gun, cuffs, and badge. He noticed the pack that was laying by the door. Looked like someone was leaving for a little while.

"In here Donny!"

Don followed his father's voice into the dining room where Charlie was sitting down at the table and Alan had just gotten up.

"I'll grab you a plate, just a second, go ahead and sit down," Alan said before disappearing into the kitchen.

He went to feign hurt feelings over his dad's assumption that he was here for dinner but stopped when he heard his belly growl loudly. Don listened to his famished stomach and sat down.

Charlie let out a laugh when he heard his brother's stomach clear across the dining room table.

"What?" Don asked at his brother's short burst of laughter.

"Nothing," Charlie replied innocently but clearly enjoying the big bite of mashed potatoes and meatloaf he was shoving into his mouth at the moment.

"Chuck," Donny said in a sarcastic manner at his brother's attempt to tease him.

"Donald," Charlie quickly shot back.

"Boys lets try to have one family dinner with it turning into a circus," Alan said as he returned to the table with a plate full of food in one hand and a tall glass of milk in another. He laid both in front of Don before sitting back down in his own seat.

Don noticed the glass of milk and gave it a strange look, like he wasn't quite sure what this white liquid was and then gave his dad the same questioning stare.

"It's good for you now drink it. You can have a beer after dinner," Alan said, knowing exactly why Don was looking at him weirdly. His son was by no means an alcoholic but after a long day at work Don's favorite thing to do was have a beer and watch baseball.

Don decided to let it go when his stomach rumbled again and began eating the delicious food that was before him. After a couple bits Don remembered the pack he had seen in the hallway. "So who's leaving?"

"I am. I'm going hiking over the weekend, I haven't gone in a long time," Charlie responded in between bites.

"Alone?" Don asked. Usually Charlie went with Larry but the "unique" professor was currently orbiting Earth right now.

"Yeah, usually Larry comes but since he's gone I'd figured it would be a great opportunity to just get away from everything. I finally finished grading the finals and that wasn't fun, I need a break."

"Were are you going and for how long?" Don asked, not realizing he was beginning to sound more like a concerned father. It wasn't like their dad wasn't sitting right there and had more than likely already asked the mandated worried parent questions.

"I'm leaving tomorrow evening after work for Mt. Lowe Railway Loop and I'll be back the next day in the evening dad," Charlie said, putting a little emphasis on the dad.

"I just care about my little Chuck," Don replied back in a sarcastically sweet voice.

"Boys, no circus," Alan reminded them before Charlie could retort back.

All right, here it is the first chapter. It took me forever to figure out what I wanted to do. I wanted to do a Numb3rs Supernatural crossover so bad but because I got feedback and people actually wanted a sequel I didn't want to let you guys down either. So here it is, a combination of both. I'm hoping that it's not going to seem like I'm trying to cover too much, what do you guys think? Anyway, please read and review. My main concern is trying to keep the characters sounding like themselves so feedback on that would be extremely appreciative. I'm going to try to update at least once a week. The updates would be encouraged by reviews, hint hint. Thanks a bunch guys and I hope you enjoy.