Title: Nine Months: Sam's First Child – First Month

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Warnings: Nope!

Notes: This story goes with 'Nine Months: Dean's First Child' and 'Nine Months: Dean's Second, Third and Fourth Child'. Therefore, Dean's wife is Mackenzie and their children (in order of birth) are River (boy), Pandora (girl; triplet), Rain (boy; stillborn; triplet), and Patia (girl; triplet). Sam's wife is Alexandrine. This story is about Sam and Alexandrine's first child whom is born a few months after River, so the triplets aren't in this story. Hope that wasn't confusing! Enjoy!


The first month is Alexandrine's birthday.

It's Sam leaving the firm early to meet his wife for lunch: her favorite, calamari and sushi.

It's sending her and her two girlfriends on a shopping trip afterward.

The first month is him hurrying home and setting everything up. Red satin sheets (her favorite), pink candles (her favorite), three gigantic boxes of chocolate (her favorite kind), two huge teddy bears (caramel colored – her favorite also), and a special dinner of pizza and beer (her favorite).

It's trying to think of anything else she might want.

The first month is a beautiful night together.

The first month is two days later as Sam leaves for work and she throws up.

It's talking to the doctor over the phone, but apparently, the flu isn't going around.

It's asking Sam to bring home an EPT and the next thing she knows, he's walking inside the house with three in hand – twenty minutes after she called.

The first month is peeing on that stupid little stick.

It's Sam relaxing on the bed as they wait for the results. Do you want it, Andrine?

It's rolling her eyes because she hates that nickname, but he can use it when he's in a thinking mode. Want a baby? Nod. I don't know. Do you?

It's a shrug. We've only been married for ten months. It's a little early.

And it's the feeling of defeat. Sam doesn't want a baby. But he continues talking: But, I think I kind of want a baby. I mean… a baby boy I could go fishing with or a girl I could cuddle and you could put bows in her hair.

The first month is knowing that most likely, not much of that will become true, but he's nervous and he talks when he's nervous. Sam, the test is done.

It's sharing a look and a hand squeeze with her husband of less than a year. I'm ready if you are.

The first month is her nod and getting up on shaky legs to look at the results. Positive.

It's him sweeping her up in his arms and hugging her so hard she thinks that there's no air getting to her brain.

It's kisses and hugs and talk about the baby that's now there.

The first month is Sam calling everyone in the family, because Alexandrine's pregnant! We're having a baby! I'm gonna be a dad!