Title: Nine Months: Sam's First Child

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Warnings: Nope.

Notes: Nope.


The ninth month is a normal day, relaxing.

It's iced tea and books in the rockers on the back porch.

It's Sam kissing her cheek – because they stopped fighting about the name – and going to take a shower.

The ninth month is relaxing in the sun.

It's the contractions starting.

The ninth month is Sam freaking out when she tells him.

It's him wanting the hospital, but she insists they wait until the contractions are about six minutes apart.

It's him sitting on the edge of his seat for the next four hours until the contractions are six minutes separated.

The ninth month is a smooth ride to the hospital and a smooth transition into the room.

It's another hour before the actual birthing.

It's holding Sam's hand and suddenly the pain is too much.

The ninth month is some drugs to take the edge off.

It's giving birth to the baby and placenta and they're both perfect.

The ninth month is her falling asleep because she's extremely tired from the birth and a little drugged up.

It's Sam being sneaky and taking this time to name his daughter. Isabelle Mary Winchester.

It's the nurse's smile as she writes it down.

The ninth month is getting hell once Alexandrine wakes up and finds out what Sam named her daughter. You what?

It's hoping someone will save him from her wrath. I named the baby Isabelle Mary?

It's a growl in his direction and the nurse brings the baby in before she can get to him.

The ninth month is seeing Isabelle for the first time.

And it's Alexandrine forgetting why she was mad.

The ninth month is holding Isabelle Mary Winchester and both parents just know the name fits.

Nine Months: Sam's Second Child is up on my account already! It's all about Sammy and Alexandrine's second baby! Enjoy!