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"It's there," She murmured. "It's definitely there."

"Kuchiki-san?" Ishida suddenly asks.

"Shh!" She waved her hand down at him, gesturing him to stay quiet.

Ishida, surprised by Rukia's actions, stood rooted to the ground, his mouth slightly hanging open although no words were coming out.

Lub dub . . .

A ghost smile appeared on her face as she pressed her ear closer to his chest. His faint heartbeat continuously drummed within him, she didn't want to move from where she was since she knew that the barely audible sound that reached her eager ears is the only thing that connects Ichigo to the living world and she does NOT want to loose that one connection at all.

"Kuchiki-san?" Ishida's voice broke her reverie.

She slowly looked up to Ishida and met his azure eyes. He looked surprisingly well, from what she could see, even after being thrown across the whole park.

She opened her mouth to say something but finds herself lost for words. Until finally, after minutes of trying to find the right words to say, she stuttered out his name, "I – Ichigo . . ."

"Kuchiki-san, h-he's – "

"Ichigo's alive." She suddenly blurted out, cutting him off.

Ishida eyes widened a little but then slowly morphed back into their original size. Comfort filled his eyes as he stared intently back into Rukia's violet orbs. He had seen everything that had happened to Ichigo's body and soul that the hollow inflicted on him, he couldn't help but feel pity for her, and he knew that Rukia also saw everything.

"He's. Alive." Rukia repeated, emphasizing the two words.

"Kuchiki-san, there's no way he could – "

She suddenly and quickly sat up, with such a speed that it rattled Ishida's nerve. She forcefully jabbed a finger against Ichigo's chest that Ishida was sure the force from her finger could've woken him up.

"Come down here – " She grabbed his shirt and pulled him down.

"Kuchiki – "

"Listen to his goddamn heartbeat." She hissed darkly.

His eyes widened once again as the steeliness in her voice reached his ears.

"H – His heartbeat?" He managed to stutter out.

Rukia only nodded in response.

He gulped and kneeled down to Ichigo's chest. At first, there was a hollow silence until Ichigo's faint heartbeat finally reached his ears, startling but also relieving of the growing anxiety that Ichigo might finally leave this time. After making sure that he wasn't just hearing things, he slowly raised his ear off his chest and sat up.

"Well? Did you hear it?" Rukia asked. "Is it still there?"

He smiled at her, "Yes I heard it and yes, it's definitely there."

Rukia sighed in relief, she thought that the heartbeat vanished the minute after she tore her ears off his chest and due to Ishida's reaction at first but thank goodness, it was still there.

"I . . . So . . . Is he going to be okay?" She asked eagerly.

The smile on his face quickly fell as his eyes looked down at Ichigo's pale face and then slowly move his gaze to the growing pool of blood around Ichigo's body that continued to seep out of his body without even stopping.

"I . . . I don't know." He replied warily.

"But his – "

Ishida moved his fingers down and dipped them to Ichigo's blood, slightly flinching as the coldness of the damp blood made contact with his warm finger. He lifted it up right in front of his eyes and sighed.

"He's losing so much blood, his numerous external wounds are draining him out of his blood," He flicked his fingers towards Ichigo's lifeless looking face. "See his face? It's so pale."

Rukia stared with awe at him. His purple orbs widened with shock as his words echoed throughout her ears. Her mouth opened up to say something but, just like before, she was too lost for words.

He couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt, dangerously mixing with his other emotions. An idea suddenly entered his head. It was the only and easiest to revive Ichigo back. He gulped and exhaled deeply.

"I think I know how too save him though." He said.

Eagerness filled Rukia's eyes immediately, illuminating them with hope and desperation. She nodded towards him, gesturing him to continue.

He unconsciously licked his lips, "W – We need to get him to the hospital as quickly as possible if we," He paused. ". . . If we want Ichigo to wake up again."

Rukia cleared her throat, "H – how are we going to do that though?"

He exhaled once again, stood up and brushed the dirt and blood of off his jeans and then fished his cell phone out of his pocket. He searched for the hospital number his father owned and hesitated to press the 'call' button, only to finally press it after swearing to himself.

'I swear this is the only time I'll need his help. Just this one time.'

He looked down at Rukia and said, "Get Ichigo back into his body before the ambulance comes."

"How about – "

He smiled faintly once again, "I'll take care of Chad and Inoue, don't worry about them. Just get Ichigo back into his body and that's it."

She opened her mouth to argue but Ishida fended her off, "Just listen to me this one time Kuchiki-san . . . Do as I tell you if you want Ichigo to live."

She sighed and replied, "Alright, just this once."

He smiled once again and put the phone against his hair and shortly walked off into the distance, towards Inoue and Chad's body.

Rukia then turned to Ichigo and gingerly placed a hand on his cheek, caressing it tenderly and wiping the blood off of it.

"You'll be fine Ichigo," She paused. "You'll be fine."

She took one last look at Ichigo's still face and raised one of his limp arms and put it around her small shoulders to carry him back to this body. After a lot of grunting, she managed to half carry him across the park and back into his human body. The minute his soul was back into his body, the wounds that were originally inflicted on his soul immediately appeared on his body, just like how they were over a minute ago. Blood started to gush out of his body once again as his face paled all over again along with the rapidly loosing warmth of his hand.

"C'mon Ishida, c'mon, I'm counting on you." She murmured out of thin air.

As in on cue, a large hand suddenly made contact with her shoulder blade. Fear erupted within her as to who the hand belonged to, there was a possibility that it could be somebody like a robber or a rapist, but nonetheless, she did not have any more strength to fend him off. She snapped her head back to see who it was and was relieved to see it was only Ishida with a smile upon his face.

"The ambulance is coming any minute now," His gaze lingered at Ichigo's face. "Just tell him to hang in there."

She smiled back. For the first time, she noticed Inoue's body draped across Ishida's shoulders and Chad's on the ground.

Her eyebrows immediately raised, 'Such an odd sight to see.'

She cleared her throat and said, "How . . . How are they doing?"

Ishida looked back at her and asked, "Who? These two?"

"Yeah, them."

"They're alright, just got knocked out with a few wounds but nothing serious." He replied.

Even before Rukia could've replied back, sirens sliced through the early morning silence and stillness. Rukia jerked her head to the direction from which the sirens come from along with Ishida.

"The ambulance's here." He said out loud.

In no time, an ambulance seemed to appear out of nowhere and skidded to a screeching halt a few yards away from where they were. Two men immediately got out of the ambulance and took out 2 stretchers and started to run towards them.

"Sir! We're very sorry for the delay sir!" One of them said.

"Please accept our apologies." The other one said, bowing.

Ishida waved his hand at them, "No need for your sorry, it's alright. Now just do your jobs and quickly bring us to the hospital."

"Yes sir!" The two exclaimed at the same time.

The two quickly hauled Ichigo to a stretcher as the other did the same to Chad.

"Sir, how about the girl?" One of them said, gesturing at Inoue.

"I'll take of her." Ishida replied.

The two men nodded and swiveled the stretcher towards the waiting ambulance.

Ishida turned to Rukia who was still standing where Ichigo's body was just and said, "C'mon Rukia, we better get going."

Rukia blinked and nodded. Together they ran towards the ambulance door and got in. Ishida took Inoue off of his shoulders and laid her gently on the chair, placing her head on his lap. Rukia watched with a smile as she gingerly moved and placed her hand under Ichigo's, wanting to feel his calloused yet soft hand. She tightened her grip on Ichigo's hand and whispered,

"Hang in there Ichigo, just please hang in there."

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