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Setting: The Burrow

He watched her sitting there by the fireplace, engulphed by the book she was reading. She looked so innocent, so pure. He could hear the crackling of the fire, overwhelming the silence. She was twirling a strand of her curly brunette hair around her forefinger – he seemed to be drawn by the way she moved and caressed it around her finger. The way she bit her bottom lip was so soft, so enthralling – she was always so concentrated in what she was doing, you could feel her strength and determination as if it were an invisible force field surrounding the room. His eyes moved down her body; how he longed to touch it, to taste it and see what was hidden behind that pink cotton blouse she was wearing – he was sure that her body would be perfect. She hadn't even seemed to notice that they were alone now, everyone had gone to bed tired from the wedding earlier that day. She hadn't realised that he had now been watching her for ten minutes, longing and wanting. His best friend was so enticing – he just had to have her right now, he had waited too long.

Ron stood up and walked over to the kitchen – he needed a glass of water to quench his thirst.

I'm so thirsty he thought, thirsty for her.

"Oh my goodness!" uttered a voice from behind him, "Ron do you know what time it is?"

"I…er…haven't really been watching the time Hermione no…" he replied quietly.

"We really should get to bed you know, we've got to be up early tomorrow to leave for Godric's Hollow – Harry must have already gone to bed" Hermione stated matter-of-factly.

Ron turned to face her, looking into her eyes. The two best friends remained silent for a minute or two just looking at eachother.

When is he going to realise how much he means to me? How much I long to be with him every night, how much I just want to hold him in my arms…he can't be that naïve, can he?

Hermione shook her head; it wasn't the time to be thinking like this. There were more important things to be dealt with – like finding the rest of the Horcruxes.

"Well, I'm gonna go up then – hopefully Ginny is already fast asleep otherwise we'll be up all night chatting!" she laughed as she got up off of the floor and headed to the corridor.

"Don't…not yet…" Ron spoke tiringly. Hermione froze and turned around, she felt as though she was nailed to the floor as Ron walked over to her. As she stood face-to-face with the man she loved, Hermione noticed that the top button of the black shirt, which Ron was wearing, was undone, revealing part of his chest. The shirt clung to his body and she saw how toned and rippling his torso was – Hermione felt her nerves kick in, and her heart started beating faster as he inched closer and closer to her. Ron brought his hand up to her cheek, gently stroking it with his thumb – both couldn't seem to stop looking into eachother's eyes. You could see the burning fire through what was a tiny gap between them, and it appeared as though their bodies were ignited by an orange glow – the room suddenly felt achingly hot, bursting to the brim with passion. As Hermione's cheek lay resting in Ron's hand he dared to move his lips closer to hers; those lips which he had been longing to taste for so long. He could feel her sweet breath gently gliding past his lips. Hermione's lips began to tremble as she could feel her best friend's lips drawing nearer and smelt that musky scent of his, but she couldn't bare it any longer and gasping suddenly, turned away from him. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to regain herself.

"Ron…we…I can't do this right now" she whispered begrudgingly.

But Ron didn't seem to hear her; even thought her back was turned to him he edged forward and slowly pulled the hair to the left side of her neck back. Hermione sighed as both of Ron's hands were on either shoulder and she felt his fingers glide down her arms and back, resting finally on her hips. Ron could feel her trembling, yet he somehow knew that she wanted him to go on touching her and moved to softly kiss her neck. Hermione let out a tiny gasp as she felt Ron's moist lips caress her neck and she found herself slightly contracting, responding to his touch. Ron's hand slowly pulled down one side of the blouse covering her shoulder and kissed her bare flesh, slowly moving upward to nibble her ear before finally finding himself caressing her neck with his tongue. It was at this moment that Hermione finally let out a tiny moan and turned back to face him throwing her arms around his neck. Before she knew what was happening she found herself passionately kissing the man who stood before her, and felt his tongue stroking the inside of her mouth, she nibbled at his lips and her tongue found its way into his mouth as it massaged his tongue. Ron let out a soft moan as her hands ran up and down his slender, firm torso slowly tugging at his buttons – ripping them off. Ron's hands moved down to hold Hermione's tight, round bottom in his hands and he tenderly squeezed them leading Hermione to utter a gasp of surprise and pleasure. She giggled softly as she removed his shirt revealing that tender torso which she had coveted only moments ago. Ron's hands moved under her blouse, touching the flesh of her stomach and hips – she felt so warm and smooth, his fingers ran up her bare back and he soon could no longer hold back almost tearing her pink blouse off to reveal that gorgeous body which he had yearned for only minutes ago. Their lips parted as Hermione seductively moistened her forefinger within her mouth, then ran it gradually down the middle of Ron's torso. He adored her teasing and her touch as he examined her breasts hidden by that sexy black bra which looked so firm and pert – he knew that they were the perfect size, he could probably cup them in his hands. Hermione leaned in to kiss his again, and then she lightly licked his lips, causing him to respond with a shiver and tiny goosebumps appeared all over his body. As they kissed further Ron felt Hermione's moist finger reaching toward his jeans, casually undoing the top button. As she pulled his jeans off, Ron interrupted their clinch,

"Hermione…are you sure about this?" he asked lovingly while stroking her hair.

Hermione pursed her lips and looked down at the floor, then flicking her hair back she looked up into those gorgeous blue eyes of his and said,

"Ronald…I've never been more sure of anything in my life"

Ron grinned broadly and went to kiss her once more –

"Wait" she cried. Hermione ran over to her bag laying on the floor and took out her wand then pointed it at the door,


Ron chuckled, "Oh I knew there was a reason why I loved you Hermione"

She laughed wildly as he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist fully aware of the bulge she could now feel against her inner thigh. Still massaging eachother's tongues passionately, Ron pulled Hermione up against the wall and she gasped with satisfaction as he began kissing above her still covered breast moving down to her belly button where he playfully licked at.

"Mmmm…" she groaned "that feels sooo good…"

Ron's fingers moved towards her jeans swiftly unbuttoning and trailing them to the floor. Hermione pulled him up longing for him to caress the inside of her mouth again and she undid her bra clasp allowing him to glide it off and throw it to the ground. As Ron pressed up against her she could not only feel the coldness of the wall; which sent an odd yet satisfying shiver down her back but she could also now sense the huge bulge coming from Ron's boxers teasingly touching the most intimate place between her legs – even with her knickers on she felt a sudden quivering desire for him to enter her. Ron's warm hand moved towards Hermione's pert breast and he was proved right as it cupped perfectly into his hand. Ron circled the area around her nipple with his finger causing it to become suddenly erect and as he placed his fiery, moist mouth on her breast Hermione let out a loud moan while he caressed it with his tongue just as he had done earlier inside her mouth. Ron felt a deep satisfaction as he knew he was making her shudder with pleasure so much; her hands running through his hair sent a moaning shiver down his spine and he carefully removed her underwear to reveal a heathen of innocence. Ron's tongue started moving down and down, teasing her, enticing her until it finally reached the place where no man had gone before. He could already taste her sweet, smouldering feminine moist and Hermione erupted with tiny gasps which started getting louder and louder as Ron continued to place his long, wet tongue in all the right crevices of her intimacy. Hermione felt herself getting hotter and hotter, she could feel the waves of pleasure erupting through her body making her shake and moan profusely until there was a final, sudden explosion satisfying her to an extent which she never thought possible.

"Oh…Ron that was incredible…" she muttered as he got up to plant another soft kiss on her lips.

"Mmm…you ain't seen nothing yet…" he whispered in her ear, nibbling at it mischievously.

Hermione suddenly grabbed him and a surprised yet very turned-on Ron found himself slammed up against the wall as she began kissing his torso and gliding her tongue across his abdomen. Ron closed his eyes in awe as she removed his maroon boxers and felt Hermione's wet, warm mouth enclose over his member. Ron groaned with pleasure as she sucked, licked and slurped away, making him shake and tremble just as she had done before. But just as he knew that he was about to reach his peak, Hermione stopped and drew her mouth away. Ron opened his eyes and looked at her, she had a mischievous little grin on her face and it dawned on him as to what she was doing.

"Oh Hermione…this isn't fair…" he spoke, still aching for her.

She slowly stepped back toward the rug by the fireplace,

"Hmmm…I know a fair bit about teasing Ron Weasley…I know this is making you even hotter…" she said, running her fingers down her own body, gliding between her breasts and stomach – Ron moaned; he was almost gushing with desire "I've waited for almost four years…we both have…" she continued, laying tantalisingly by the fire, the way she lay there made him burn even more – one leg with raised knee, the other leg lying straight across the floor, supporting the top half of her body up with her elbows, "surely you can wait just a little bit longer…can't you?" she finished giggling.

Ron sighed – she knew exactly how to torment him. Walking over, he kneeled down beside her and held her cheek in his hand once more, then looking into her eyes he said,

"Baby, if I wait any longer….I will explode" he whispered sexily. And with that he lifted her up on top of him kissing those teasing lips of hers and running his hands through her hair. Ron moaned again as she rubbed her groin against his, feeling it start to arouse once more – he was driving her insane.

"Oh god that is it I can't take this anymore…" he stated, impulsively turning round to be on top of her as she cried with a good surprise ('Oooo!'). As Hermione placed her hands around his neck, spread her legs and raised her knees either side of Ron's body, he finally entered her – both of them gasping with satisfaction. Kiss upon kiss and thrust upon thrust ensued as they both gasped and moaned with pleasure, Hermione wrapped her legs firmly around Ron's waist pulling him tighter into her – the sensation inside her was amazing, scorching with each thrust Ron gave. The faster he got, the more she moaned and gasped – both of them were dripping with sweat, feeling hotter and hotter. Hermione could feel her hair now clinging to her face and her kiss with Ron deepened and slowed as each thrust became harder and harder – satisfying them both. She arched her back as her toes curled. Her nails dug into his back making half-moons in his skin and dragging them down his back, this spurned Ron on even more – he knew that his back was almost close to bleeding but he had never felt anything like this before; there was no pain at all, just a throbbing, vibrating feeling within every inch of his body. They were no longer kissing but now gasping wildly for breath, Ron kept his eyes on Hermione's face which was turned to the side, eyes closed, mouth half-open moaning and sweating – he could tell she was enjoying this just as much as he was. Climax after climax followed, neither wanted to take a break as they continued having sex for over an hour. Hermione found herself fully in control as she sat on top of him, moving up and down, making him groan with pleasure, able to tease him, able to release him. She threw her head back moaning as Ron could no longer hold back but supported her on top of him, arching his back and sending thrust after thrust into her. She murmured his name as his hands glided up and down her body, massaging her breasts while she moved up and down. With one swift, hard, final thrust from Ron she came just as he did inside of her. She lay on top of him for a minute or two, both of them panting for breath and oozing beads of sweat. Hermione tenderly kissed Ron's lips and soon they couldn't resist and had started grinding and thrusting some more – this time with Hermione up against the wall. If there were no silencing spell placed in the room, Ron was sure that the whole of Ottery St. Catchpole would be able to hear them. Hermione tingled as his face was buried in her neck while he continued thrusting into her up against the wall – with one final screaming orgasm they stopped, catching their breath as they went to lay on the living-room rug together. After almost ten minutes of regaining their breath, Ron – who held Hermione in his arms – looked into her eyes and said,

"Well…I'd say that was probably about two and a half hours of four years sexual tension we made up for…just a couple more left I think…" he chuckled naughtily kissing her on the forehead.

Hermione looked at Ron and ran her finger down his still sweating torso once more, "Hmmm…you do know that this probably won't happen again until after we've helped Harry find and destroy all the Horcruxes, tackled a few Death Eaters, slaughtered a number of giants, jinxed a couple of werewolves, Patronus charmed a hundred Dementor's and hunted down a certain ex-Defence against the Dark Arts Teacher…"

Ron looked slightly crestfallen. Hermione kissed him again and jumped up,

"Well…I'm off to bed…its almost 3am!" she chirped, staring down at a starkers Ronald Weasley. He stood up from the floor and yawned, stretching. Hermione beamed at him, gathered up her clothes and then turned to leave.

"Oh no you don't," yelled a roguish Ron, rapidly grabbing her arm before she could open the door " you see…I'd make it at least another hour or so before we really need to go to sleep, I mean we have to be up at nine right? That gives us at least five hours sleep and we get less than that during exam times…"

Hermione sighed laughing, "But Ron we've –"

Ron interrupted her, "Listen Miss Granger…there is no way that you are going to bed when I could have another orgasmic hour satisfying you…especially if this is the only night we can have sex for a long time…oh no…you are staying right here…"

And with that final sentiment, Ron scooped a somewhat shocked, yet now slightly horny Hermione up into his arms and carried her over to the rug by the fireplace.

"Another hour?" Hermione cried looking up from underneath him "Oh please Ron…we have a lot of making up to do…" she giggled as he grinned broadly.

This was going to be long night.