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Summery: What if Ginta wasn't the only one to go threw that door and, what would have happened to him when it does? This story is about how he ends up on the wrong side of the second war and, someone unexpected ends up in the place he was suppose to be.

Chapter 1: Beginnings of a different story.

A young teen stand in a secluded area of a random forest as he completes the rights of the dimension arm to bring a Denizen from another world to this one.

Holding up the ring he looks past it in and, emotionless gaze as he speaks to himself or, another "but...it's a gamble..." he stated as he then pulls a dagger from his belt on his hip and, holds a few inches from the ring on his finger getting ready to release the power with in the summoning ring.

He starts talking again in a commanding voice "Arm! Do my bidding! And, bring forth...the Denizen...OF THE OTHER WORLD!!" he finishes as he breaks the ring with the dagger and, it shatters sending a light streaming into the endless night sky.


In fog and, gloom world Ginta is staring at a cute fairy as she tells him what he needs to do to save the princess "draw the sacred thunder force it's the only weapon that can defeat the demon king Garantua!!" she finished as she pointed to the sword a few feet in front of him and, in front of the sword is the demon king himself holding his beloved prince and, his sister a princess as well.

As Ginta runs forward to the sword a terribly loud voice rings out from the demon king "WHAHAHAHAHAH!!! YOU DRAW THE SWORD?! I WILL TAKE THE PRINCESS AS MY QUEEN AND, MAKE THE PRINCE MY SLAVE!!" he told him laughing darkly.

The prince and, the princess shouts in unison "GINTA SAVE US!" they begged as he get draw closer to the demon king within his clutches.

With steeled tempered determination he grabs the sword's hilt and bows his head as his blond locks shield his eyes from view before proclaiming in an equally determined voice "I'll draw the sword and defeat you!!" he told him as he put all his strength and, drew the sword high above his head as power filled him threw the sword as he shouted to the demon king "STRIKE THUNDER FORCE!" he shouted only to be standing on his desk with a ruler above his head the teacher has a vein in his head and, the student are laughing at his stupidity.

Ginta knowing he was in trouble just utter "uh..." as the teacher is shaking in rage "Ginta...you just can't stop can you?!" he yelled at the blond for disturbing his class yet again.

Ginta gulps as he predicts what will be the next words out of his teacher mouth "GO DO A 100 LAPS AROUND THE TRACKS!" he shouted to him as he jumps off the desk and, exit's the school to do the laps.

Panting in class on the floor near the window 6 laps later his not so, liked classmates starts to do their daily taunting of him.

A big kids starts off "you're pathetic gin! I mean passing out on the 6th lap! No stamina!" he told Ginta which ticks Ginta off at the insult.

The big kid then kneels down his face a few inches from his as he grins sarcastically at him and, holds up the ruler Ginta used as the Thunder force sword snickering now "here's your Thunder force defeat Mr. Yazawa with this!" he teased to the now beyond pissed blond.

Twitching the blond responds with words that contain anger "are you...making fun of me?!" he yelled at the big kid with the ruler to suddenly be startled by being lifted up by the back collar of his shirt by said big kid.

The big kid shaking him a little "'course you'll need to double your height you should drink more milk!" he teased more at the blond's expense.

Ginta about ready to blond about ready to blow his top the big kid is smacked in the back of the head "I told you to stop it!" said a irritated female voice from behind the big kid "will you goes quit bullying Ginta?!" he asked them.

A stupid looking blond kid tries to easy the girl's anger "c'mon...we're not bullying him Koyuki" he told her calmly before taking the blond away from the big kid and, stretching the blond's mouth.

The kid hoping the demonstration works explains to her what they are "really doing?" "we're testing him! Like how far his mouth will stretch" he told her grinning.

Koyuki not please in the slightest shouts "QUIT IT!" she yelled at the boys in the classroom only to have Ginta snap "now...you...really...MADE ME MAD!" he finished as he got up and started to chase the class making her sigh and, the kids saying "Ginta's lost it!" on exclaimed and, the other responded "s'ok he'll crash after two minutes" they told the other kid.

After school Ginta and Koyuki are walking home from school when Koyuki ask Ginta "what were you dreaming today?" she was curious as to what dream he dreamt of today.

Ginta with his hands clamped behind his head responds with a "huh?" Before realizing what she meant "oh the usual" he told her as his mind drifted back to his dream.

Ginta then start to the tale of his dream "the fairy land of Marchen!!! A demon king invades!! He abducts the princess (leaving out the prince) and, I battle him!" he said excitedly about his excellent dream.

Zoning out again "if I'd dreamed longer I'd've won" he said as she cuts in with "hey, hey, hey! What kinda girl was the princess is she cuter then me?" she wanted to know to her secret crush Ginta.

Ginta thinks she's and exact duplicate of her but, would not be admitting it out loud so, instead "yes 100 times cuter then you no 1000 times cuter then you!" he told her and, she responded with a "your mean" they trailed off for a little bit as they walk farther down the road.

Ginta looking over to her starts "I've been counting and, I've dreamt that dream 102 times! I can see the mountains...the rivers...the candy houses and, laughing trees" he told her the details of his dream.

Koyuki getting excited cuts in "and, do the butterflies talk?" he asked wanted to know only to be shot down by Ginta "Dummy! Butterflies don't talk it's the flowers that talk" he corrected her.

Ginta thinking of the wonderful dream world explodes "if there really is a world like the one in my dreams...I wish I could go! Just once!!" he exclaimed really wanting to go to his dream world.

Koyuki comforting Ginta grins widely "don't worry I believe you will!" she told him confidently "really?!...you're the only one who doesn't laugh..." he trails off.

Getting close to his face he laughs "why should I? I believe in UFO's and, ghosts too! But, before you go" she slaps chocolate into his hand before running off with "you need you eat well and get stronger! Or, you'll get creamed in that world too!" she disappeared from his sight.

Getting home he talk to his mom about his dream as she told him "the land of Marchen? There's no such place!" she told her son but, Ginta would have none of that "BUT 102 RIMES! THAT'S IS WEIRD!!" he yelled at his mother for telling him his dream land doesn't exist.

His mom waves him off "yeah, yeah like your brain!" she told him before changing the subject "I got a call from your teacher today and, he said "your son is always sleeping!" which wouldn't be so bad if you didn't also dream while you awake!!" she told in in annoyance.

Ginta growling ⌠"DO YOU ENJOY CRUSHING YOUR SON'S DREAM?! AREN'T YOU A FANTASY WRITER!?" he demands of his mother which she there in turn replies "I'M A WRITER NOT A SLACK-JAWED MORON!! I WRITE TO PAY FOR YOU PENCILES AND GLASSES!!!" she yelled back.

Heading to his room he yells "THEN I'LL DROP OUT OF SCHOOL!!!" and, her reply was "YOU'LL HAVE TO BE TOUGHER THEN THIS TO LIVE ON THE STREETS!!" she finishes as her son closes the door to his room.

Sitting in front of his T.V screen playing his videogame he thinks to himself When I first dreamt of that land...I didn't even count how many times I saw it. But, the dreams I had once every day in elementary school comes several times a day now he gets to a save point in the game.

He starts reminiscing again I've dreamt of stealing medicine from and old witch of turning into a bird and flying to a castle on a cliff. Every night I ask what adventures will I have tonight? Going to bed is more exciting then playing video games laying on his back his arms stretched put on his sides he stares at the ceiling.

Then his starts to trail to what his future may be of course someday I'll be an adult, I'll go to collage get a job and, marry...I'll become a different me. Maybe I'll dream less and, less until I've forgotten Sitting up he looks down depressed.

Refusing that thought he thinks I don't like it...I don't want to grow up!...now I sound like peter pan...he switch to muttering to himself "could he...take me to never, never land just like Wendy?" he asked himself in the solitude of his room.

Looking down with his blond bangs covering one of his eyes he thinks yeah sure...there's no such place...I know that!..except...there's one person who believe me..."get stronger..." he thinks before get feel like he disconnected from his body and, see a staticy figure before he fades out.

Startled he exclaims "huh?!" as voice male echoes in his head "very soon...the connection..." the voice trailed off as he is back in his room blinking as string to steady his heart beat.

Taking deep bath and calming down eyes still wide he ask himself "what...just happened?...who was that?!" he asked himself bewildered.

At school the next day "...gin...Ginta?..." he voice asked looking at his face weirdly "what's with that face?" a kid asked "maybe he starving" another added trying to be helpful.

Ginta seeming to notice them for the first time picks up his head and. Says "L-Listen!!! Yesterday!!" he told them but, before he could finish the kid cut him off with "what you wet the bed? I'm impressed" the kid mocked Ginta.

Not liking being mocked he scoots his desk away and looks out the window sulking and, the kids watching on said "hey, he is sulking" he stated the obvious as Koyuki walks over to him and, starts "your 103rd dream? Tell me about it!?" she asked him excitedly.

Turning it her he grins "y-yeah I'll tell just you! Well..." he was about to start when there was a clock clicking sound and a symbol appears under Ginta and Koyuki when a voice suddenly resounded "connected!" as everything goes black.

The students start to panic "what?! A black out?!?!?" a random student stated "I'm scared!" another voiced when suddenly a clown ghost like figure in chains appears in front of them saying "TUNNEL OPENED!" he informed the shocked and, scared students.

The students scream and, monster and all run out of the classroom saved Ginta and Koyuki.

Ginta picks up Koyuki with and excited voice and, gleam in his eye "do you see Koyuki? It wasn't a dream!!!" he said as he was looking beyond the doors to a world that Koyuki could not see.

Laughing " it's the world!! Its not a dream...but, this time..." he was cut off by Koyuki "you...can see it...I don't see anything...but, Ginta can? Can only he see this world?" she mutter to herself.

The Clown interested at that throws the dice and it says one and explains everything to them and the consequences if more then one enters the door after the die has been cast.

Ginta then carries Koyuki to the end of the room and sets her outside before telling them "I'm going!" he exclaims walking backwards into the pitch black room.

Koyuki clearly upset that she can't go wishes him luck and, makes him promise to tell her everything when he returns as the other student try to call Ginta back to them.

Koyuki seeing him going and know what she said just couldn't let he go by himself so taking a few steps back she rushes forwards and surprised that she and no other student can enter the room as he can't stop from the momentum and, crashes into Ginta sending them both into the gate.

If the clown could frown he would but, now its up to fate to decided what to do with them now that she broken the rules and, he fades as the room return to normal.


Peta is making his rounds after around the castle as he had already sent people to collect Babbo their leader's ultimate weapon by order of the queen he then finds the Blond other worlder on the ground unconscious.

Peta examines the boy closely before picking him up and, bringing him to the queen to ask for her instruction on what to do with the boy.

Queen looks at the boy and, eyes widen slightly as he looks like a spitting image of Danna only younger and, then she realized that he too is from another world by the smell of him and, smirks as someone of the cross guard wanted to win by having another other worlder by their side.

The queen looking at the boy one more time look at Peta "he is to be given a room and, treated as a honored guess and, he will be dressed properly to meet the king" she said as she walked off to tell her King of the news she has just found.

The queen entering the king's throne room bow before him "my king I have some good news there has been an other worlder brought to MAR more then likely by the cross guard to finish off us once and, for all" she told the king still bowed.

The king chuckles darkly "and, we have possession of him hmm...? Well you know what to do make him feel welcomed then slowly gain his trust then I will weave my magic and you use the zombie tattoo on him then we will be set" he waves his hand dismissing her.

The queen stands and, bows one more time before heading out to find Peta and letting him know when the blond awakens.

MAR grassy meadow

Koyuki opens her eyes to stare up at a cloudy blue sky while also feeling the breeze play with her clothing and, hair.

Blinking and, taking a few moments to gather where she was she then sits up and looks around her finding rocks sporadically placed around the meadow and, then suddenly stops her gaze as see sees two rocks with eyes and mouths.

She stares at them and they stare back at her and there's along stretch of silence before he falls back screaming trying to scoot farther away from the animate rocks before realizing that they are rocks regardless if they are alive they can't move right?.

Claming down she takes a few breaths before crawling over to them and, smiling "hello and, who might you two be?" she asked politely hoping that they may have some answers to how this world works.

The taller rocks blinks at her "your not from around here are you?" it asked her curiously because of her weird clothing and, aura.

She blinks surprised at the rock can tell that she was new to this world "well your right I am new...I just got here and, I have no a clue what to do? Do you by chance be able to tell me about this world?" he asked sitting infront of her in a lady like fashion.

As soon as the rock began to try and, tell her there is a loud bang as the ground next to her erupted sending lost of dust, rocks and, wind her way forcing her back a bit.

After gathering her self again from the shell shock of being hit with rock and dust she stares wide eyed at a knight looking creature that shins in the sunlight.

Scared of the creature she backs up only to have the knight lunge forward to harm her and, as she closed her eyes and, throw up her hands to protect herself the air seem to cool and, she doesn't feel the knights attack a moment later.

After waiting a few moments and, still nothing happening she opened her eyes and, removes her hands to see the knight frozen in its place.

Surprised by this she goes up to touch it only to have the eyes shatter and, it return to a woman on a flying broom above her head.

Shocked she stares at the witch before opening her mouth "w-w-what who are you?!" she asked scared of the witch.

The witch grins down at her slyly "I am just a person looking for help to obtain a certain item and, I could really use your help with this if your interested and, I will be more then able to pay you for your services" the witch asked the young lady below her.

Koyuki thinking this over she looks back up at the witch "ok, I will help you I need to know about this world anyway and if you could help that would be great!" she said cheerfully to the witch.

The witch lands next to her before holding out her hand "I'm Dorothy and the items which we will get is a very rare arm" she told the girl in front of her.

Koyuki blinks at her "arm?" she asked curiously since she never even heard of anything like arms in her world "you don't know what arms are? Where do you come from?" asked the witch.

Koyuki brushes some hair away from her face "I come for Tokyo Japan class 2" she said like she would tell anyone else who would ask her.

Dorothy blink "Tokyo Japan? Never heard of it" she told her racking her brain to find out what continent it would be located on.

Koyuki scratches the back of her head "well I don't think it would be in this world see there was this clown thing that opened a gate to Ginta and..." she trails off as her eyes widen "GINTA!" she looks around trying to find him having completely forgotten about him with all the activity going on around her.

Dorothy crosses her arms even more confused "sorry but, your friend isn't around you were the only one there when I sent my arm after you" she informed Koyuki.

Koyuki "you send the arm after me?!" she exclaimed then blinks "you still haven't told me what an arm is..." she asked again more curious then upset that she sent an arm after her.

Dorothy brows knit together coming to the conclusion that she and her friend came from another world threw a dimensional arms and, that why she is clueless as to what arms are.

Dorothy shrinks her broom and, places it on her silver bracelet "arms if you must know are items engraved with magic that can become tools used to help an arms user and , the arm I used was a guardian arm which is a weaker one but, still good to use" she explained it to her.

Koyuki files the information away for future use and ask "then how come that arm didn't hurt me?" he was puzzled as to why it just froze.

Dorothy blinks "you...did yourself I never made it froze not like I can't but, why would I freeze my own guardian arm?" she ask scanning the girl in front of her to see that she holds no arms of her own.

Confused even more she leans in more closely to see if she missing anything but, still that girl has nothing "...you froze my guardian with no arms? Not a frost arm?" she asked disbelievingly.

Koyuki blinks "why would I use an arm when you just told me what an arm is and, if I didn't know I couldn't own an arm for I didn't know about it till you told me" she told her confused as to why she was so shocked.

Dorothy grins "I was right you would be great to use to get this item I want well┘then lets be off time is money your know" she told her as she heads to the direction of Babbo's cave.

Koyuki having no choice but, to follow cashes after her so they can make it to this cave to get this item the witch wants badly and, since she was too far away she never heard the rocks warning that the witch was dangerous.

In the cave

They are able to make it to the treasure room and, as Dorothy noticed the broken arms she stops Koyuki with one arm out "be careful they are a lot of broken arms on the ground so, more then likely something powerful is guarding the chest" and, as soon as she warned her a giant golem comes out of the ground.

Koyuki is shocked and, terrified that something so, large would be coming after then and, she starts to panic but, Dorothy steps in front of her "if you going to chicken out you should have just gone home" she informed her as he holds out her bracelet and, summon her guardian Leo to tackle the creature.

Koyuki shakes her head and, slaps both her cheeks looking determined I can't back down! Ginta wouldn't! he would be the first to fight that monster! I should not be scared! I would shame Ginta! she thought as he runs out behind Dorothy and heads for the chest and, opens it breaking the seal and, looking inside.

Looking inside the box she is shocked to see a ball connect to a chain to a cup in there with a face on it sphere body.

As she stares at hit for a long time it starts to wake up and, looks at her grinning " I don't know who I am or, how I came to be here but, seeing a beautiful woman such as yourself make me lively!" he said in a slight French accent.

Koyuki is shocked by the talking ball and turns to Dorothy "uh...Dorothy um...are arms able to talk?" she asked not quite sure if they could or not.

Dorothy silently fuming she went for the treasure while she fought the monster sighs in annoyance "no arms can't talk and, is Babbo in there?" she asked while concentrating on the monster in front of her.

Koyuki sweat drops and looks back at Babbo "um Babbo can you help us please there this big strong monster there and, we can't take it down" she ask in her cute voice and, face.

Babbo grinning like a fool agrees and, is able to best the creature to help them out and, they exit the cave a few minutes later.

Koyuki goes over to pick Babbo up but, can't lift him so, just bends down and, kisses him on the cheek "thank you Babbo I hope you can help us more we could use it" she asked him sweetly which there in turn make Babbo blush "of course! What kinda of gentleman would I be if I didn't escort you lovely ladies to your destination!" he said determined to stick with them and, keep them safe.

MAR chess piece castle

Peta orders more Thieves to go after Babbo in the cave while he told Rolan to watch over the blond other worlder till he woken up and, get him ready to talk to the queen.

Rolan sits at the edge of the bed as he watches the blond sleep and, wonders why he is to be treated so, well considering no one knows a thing about him.

Crossing his arms he gets up and walks to the window looking out it and, wishing Phantom was him with him to make sense of everything.

Rolan while musing on the leader of the Chess pieces Phantom he hears a groan coming from the blond on the bed as his eyes starts to open revealing beautiful green eyes that would put even emeralds to shame with the boy's hues.

Rolan watches as the boy sits up and mumbles something about foggy glasses when he takes them off and blinks then blinks again realizing that he has perfect vision.

Ginta starts to grin happily as he tosses his glasses to the side and holds up his hands looking at them and, feeling stronger then he did before in his old world.

Rolan curious as to why the boy was doing all of that he walks to the edge of the bed and, standing in front of Ginta as he takes notice of the other person and then grins even more widely at Rolan.

Ginta jumps up and, walks over to him leaning forward and, laughs "hello! Who are you I'm Ginta! I come for Tokyo Japan and, in class 2! Please to meet'cha!" he said excitedly holding out his hand to shake his.

Shocked at the boy's friendliness and, even more surprised he came from another world he then understands why he was being treated like an honored guest and, shakes his hand smiling softly "hello Ginta I am Rolan and, I am here to help you get ready" he told the boy softly.

Ginta blinks confused "help me get ready for what? he asked clueless as why Rolan would tell him that since they just met.

Rolan chuckles at this "well to meet the queen of course she will be more then happy to meet with you but, you got to get bathed dressed and ready to greet her" he told him calmly.

Ginta then laughs and, smiles widely "wow! I can meet and, actual queen! that's is so cool! So, lead the way already! I can't wait to talk to her then explore this place1 I always wanted to go to another world and, I finally have!" he said as he hops off the bed and, Rolan leads him to the bathing chambers to get ready for his meeting with the queen.

Fayt: that does it for chapter one I hoped you liked it and, the pairings will go as followed main Ginta x Phantom, Dorothy X Koyuki, Alviss x Nanashi, Jack X prince Snow (will explain that in later chapters) and Rolan X Peta.