This is my CBC entry for Red's prompt of Jealousy. I think it is pretty funny, and there might be a follow up, I am not sure yet!

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It was just after eleven o'clock and he found himself sitting in her parking lot. Why he was there he wasn't quite sure, but Angela had told him that the new Agent, a real Dudley-Do-right type had asked her to dinner.

Agent Schneider. Nice name. Really? Schneider, just saying it makes me sneer. What did she see in him anyway? Okay, the guy was put together well, six-four, two twenty-five and built like a brick shit house, but he was dumb! He barely passed the written test to get into the academy and he couldn't hold a conversation with a trained monkey, what did she see in him? She was probably just doing it to get back at him for Cam, but why? They broke up months ago and it wasn't like it was serious, it was just sex. Oh god! It's sex! She wants to have sex with Schneider! He is probably hung like an ant. No one who looks like him should be hung well, that is just not fair to the rest of the population. But on the other hand look at me. Built well, nice looking and hung like a clydesdale. Well not everyone can be so lucky. Okay stop, it is just dinner. One dinner, that's it. She would of course come back to her place, she likes to be in control and she is always in control at her house.

Just then Booth sees a pair of headlights in his rear view mirror. He sees her in the passenger seat and sighs in relief.

Eleven oh six and she is home, he must have really bored her out of her tree. She didn't even leave the lab until eight. Hah, idiot! Unless, she just wants that 'biological' release.

The car stopped in front of her building and she stepped out of the car. Without making a sound Booth did the same. He leaned against the SUV and waited for her to make a move. The drivers side door opened and out stepped the young agent. Booth strained to hear what was being said.

"I had a really nice time, Teprance."

"For the last time, it is Temp-er-ance." She stated irritably.

"Oh right, sorry. So, ah, um." Schneider stammered.

Brennan stood their with that look of contemplation she gets when deciding whether to piss Booth off or heed his warning. Booth took this as his sign.

"Did you want to come up for coffee?"

"Ah, su-"

"Bones! Hey, Bones, what's up?"

Both Schneider and Brennan whipped around to see Booth coming up the walk.

"Booth?" She asked increduously.

"Yah, hey. How's it goin'?"

"What are you doing here? It's a quarter-past eleven at night?"

Schneider just stood there dumbfounded completely unsure of his next move. "Teprance?"

"Oh for God's sake you idiot, it's Temperance!" Booth shouted at him. "If you are going to take the lady out, at least learn her name. Are you retarded? I can't believe they let you become an agent!"

"Booth! Stop it. My name is unusual and difficult. Cut the guy a break. What the hell are you doing here anyway?"

"Angela told me you went out for dinner, so I was just coming to check on you."

"She doesn't need a babysitter, Seeley."

"Hey, that's Special Agent Booth to you rookie." Booth demanded. "Bones, you don't even know this jackass, why did you go for dinner with him?"

"Not that it is any of your business Booth, but a date is generally a good way to get to know someone, to see if you like them, and hopefully if all goes well, you get to have a release at the end of it."

"A release?" Both men asked at the same time.

"Yes, a release. All mammals do it Booth, and maybe I just needed to do it."

After hearing that Schneider puffed out his chest and stood a little straighter. "Well if that is all you needed you could have said so. It would have saved me the nine ninety-five salad bar at the Sizzler."

"What? He took you to Sizzler and you are planning to have sex with him? Are you fucking serious?"

"Listen Booth, the last thing I need is a big brother. You have made it perfectly clear that you don't want me, and I just wanted some meaningless sex, so get over it."

"You want Booth?" Schneider asked finally clueing in.

"Of course I do, but he doesn't want me, so I took you!"

Booth's jaw was still hanging when he snapped back to reality. "Why didn't you just tell me? I have wanted you since the first moment I saw you." Booth turned to Schneider. "Thanks, but I think I got it from here."

Booth walked towards Brennan and pulled her into his arms. "How about we go upstairs?"

"Good idea."

They turned and left the rookie agent to pick up his own wounded pride.

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