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Lady Of The Waters

By: UnForgottenMemories

Chapter Two

Angel Of The Dark Waters

Inuyasha sat on the couch staring silently at the girl for a few moments till he slowly rose up.

"Do I frighten you" Kagome asked as she raised her dark brown eyes to meet Inuyasha's Amber ones.

Inuyasha didn't answer as he edged over to where his now dry pants were and slid them on.

"What are you" Inuyasha asked after having taken a few deep breaths, Had this woman saved him?

"What I said" Kagome said as she stood up from her seat, "Is what I am" Kagome said as she raised her wings slightly and glanced over to the slightly suprised Inuyasha.

"I need your help" Kagome said as Inuyasha's eyes opened widely at the site of his destroyed telephone.

"Why did you break the telephone" Inuyasha asked as Kagome looked over to the broken thing and glared.

"It was growling at me" Kagome told Inuyasha as he looked at her stupidly for a moment before shifting his gaze out the window.

"It's already morning" Inuyasha said tiredly as he glanced back over to Kagome, she seemed to be cleaning her wings.

"Where did you come from" Inuyasha asked as Kagome looked up from her wings and pointed over to the pool.

"You came from there" Inuyasha said confusedly as Kagome nodded and went back to cleaning her wings.

"I need your help, Inuyasha" Kagome said as the said man looked over to her worriedly.

"How do you know my name" Inuyasha asked as Kagome looked over to him, having finished cleaning her wings.

"I have heard you" Kagome said as she pointed back to the pool, Inuyasha had started to feel strange.

"What do you need me to help you with" Inuyasha asked as Kagome stood up and walked over to him.

"The Ryou-Jins are after me" Kagome told him as he looked over to her, then suddenly Kagome kneeled over in pain.

"Ahh" Kagome said as the pain that seared threw her gut, Inuyasha quickly rushed over to help her.

"What is it" Inuyasha shouted as Kagome pointed to the water and Inuyasha looked back at her.

"Ahhh" Kagome shouted as her stomach felt worse and Inuyasha started to panic.

" I need the Element from my home" Kagome told Inuyasha as he finnaly figure it out, then he quickly caried her into the bathroom.

"Stay here" Inuyasha said as he turned on the shower and the pains in Kagome's stomach instantly stopped, but before he could go she grabbed his arm.

"Where is thou going" Kagome asked as Inuyasha looked back into her eyes, Why did she look so afraid and lonely.

"I promise I'll come back" Inuyasha said as Kagome nodded and let go of him, watching him leave as he did.

"What do I do" Inuyasha asked himself as he exited his apartment, then made his way over to the apartment building.

"Sango's mom might know something about this" Inuyasha said to himself as he quickly made his way to Sango's apartment.

"Sango!' Inuyasha shouted as he knocked on the door to his friend's apartment, He was scared silly.

"What!" Sango shouted as she opened the door quickly making Inuyasha lose his balance slightly.

"Can I talk to your mom" Inuyasha asked as Sango looked at him and nodded.

"Your not asking to marry me, right" Sango said reffering to a joke Inuyasha had doen to her mother before.

"Of course not" Inuyasha said as Sango nodded once again and then she ran into the back room.

Inuyasha heard some bickering as Sango pushed her mom out of the back room.

Big Mistake...

Sango's mom not having quite forgot about the prank Inuyasha had pulled one her started to throw things at him.

"OUT" Sango's mom shouted as she threw a vase at Inuyasha making him have to dodge it.

"Sango help!" Inuyasha shouted as Miss. Taiji threw another vase at him, this one hit him in the head though.

"Mother!" Sango shouted as she glared angrily at her mother, while trying to keep her from throwing another Family Antique Vase.

"You No Welcome Here" Sango's mom shouted, her english was not all that good just yet.

"Miss. Taiji, I need your help" Inuyasha said as Sango and her mother wrestled for another minute before Miss. Taiji finally calmed down.

"Earn no Help you have" Miss. Taiji said making Sango chuckle slightly, She just sounded like Yoda from the movie "Star Wars".

"Mother please help him" Sango pleaded to her mother as the lady looked from her daughter to Inuyasha's begging form.

"Fine" Miss. Taiji said as Inuyasha smiled happily and nodded while walking in.

"Hey Miss. Taiji can you say "War not make one great" Inuyasha asked as more shoutin and things breaking came from inside the apartment.

"Hey, Inuyasha!" Kouga said as he knocked on the door of his Manager's apartment.

"Yasha!" Kouga shouted as he reached down to the doorknob and opened the door.

"You Home?" Kouga shouted once more as he heard some water running and walked over to the shower, Having noticed the broken telephone on the ground.

"Hey Yasha, I need you to help me move my Fridge today!" Kouga said as he opened the door expecting to see Inuyasha, instead he saw Kagome.

"Who Are You" Both of them said as they both gawked at each other's appearance.

Kouga being the first to gather his thoughts bowed lowly.

"My name is Kouga Wolff" Kouga said as he reached forwards and grabbed Kagome hand kissing it lightly.

"I am Kagome" Kagome said as she looked at her hand where he had kissed her.

"If I may ask what are you doing in the shower fully clothed?" Kouga asked as Kagome looked around at the water.

"What you need know?" Miss. Taiji asked Inuyasha after calming down again, not before kicking Inuyasha in the shin though.

"Have you ever heard of a Narf" Inuyasha asked as Miss. Taiji gasped slightly and quickly leaned over to Sango, Whispering in her ear.

"Mother says that she can not tell you about them" Sango told Inuyasha as he frowned and looked over to Sango's mom.

"I really need to know" Inuyasha asked as he leaned towards Miss. Taiji and looked at her pleadingly.

Miss. Taiji seemed to think for a moment before looking back and forth from Inuyasha to Sango.

"Long time ago" Miss. Taiji started as Inuyasha smiled slightly and leaned up against the wall, feeling slightly accomplished.

"Narf was made, The End" Miss. Taiji said quickly as she stood up and ran to the back room.

"Mother!" Sango shouted as she stood up and ran to the back room, this was really trying Inuyasha's patience.

"Me no tell, Only children story" Inuyasha heard Miss. Taiji shout as he huffed and stood up.

"Can't you tell me anything?" Inuyasha asked as Miss. Taiji reapeared with Sango behind her.

"Mother Says that Narfs live in the water" Sango started as Inuyasha glanced to the pool, maybe Kagome had come from there.

"The only one of the Narfs to ever surface is always the Queen, Problem is the Narf never knows she is a Queen" Sango told Inuyasha as Inuyasha listened closely.

"A Narf Queen comes out of the water ever Two Decades" Sang told him as he nodded.

"A Narf can only return home when the Big Eagle comes and gets her" Sango said as she ended.

"That is all Mom will tell me" Sango said as she nodded and walked into the back room.

"Big Eagle?" Inuyasha said questioningly as he started to head back to his apartment.

"That means Kagome's a queen" Inuyasha told himself as he rushed down to his house.

"Hey Kagome I-" Inuyasha stopped as he noticed that Kagome wasn't in the shower.

"Kagome" Inuyasha said as he quickly looked around the house, then he took a smell of the air.

"Kouga" Inuyasha said angrily as he headed up to the Wolf demon's apartment with lightning speed.

Inuyasha banged on the door hard till Gary, Kouga's little brother opened the door.

"Where's Kouga" Inuyasha demanded as he stepped into the apartment.

"Kouga took some girl out on a date" Gary told Inuyasha as Inuyasha almost destroyed the T.v.

"What's wrong" Gary asked as Inuyasha walked over to Gary and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Have you ever heard of a Narf" Inuyasha asked as Gary shook his head, then Inuyasha told the kid what he knew.

Gary sat quietly for a moment before looking at Inuyasha with a look of pure stupidity on his face.

"You've gone crazy" Gary told Inuyasha as Inuyasha growled and shook his head.

"Where is you brother Gary" Inuyasha said once more as he glared at Gary.

"He went to the Movies" Gary said as Inuyasha quickly stood up and went to the door.

Inuyasha heard steps from behind him and turned around to see Gary running up behind him.

"I'm going with you, Just to prove your crazy" Gary said as Inuyasha nodded and the two quickly ran to Inuyasha's truck.

End chapter.

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