Hey! This is my newest fic! I estimated about 10 chapters at most. I HOPE. I always seem to drag it out beyond all meaning of STUPIDITY. I apologize. xD This is actually my first Seme!Naruto x Uke!Sasuke. Tired of making Naruto into a little whiner who cries all the time. And that doesn't mean I'm going to make Sasuke one either! Sasuke is so bitchin' in this fic, so I focus on him more than Naruto. Freaking SWEET. This first chapter is devided in half: The first is a day in the life of Naruto, and the other, Sasuke. Naruto's isn't as cool as Sasuke's, but what the hell. Sasuke is cooler in this anyway. So! Enjoy this, because it took me forever! YEAH!

--- A Day of Naruto...---

The stroke to the left ear was perfect, and with only a little more sketching to the nose, its bridge would be bold and powerful.

"-And the battle of Portugal in1843."

God, the eyes were so unbelievably nurturing, it made me feel like I was just a little kid again with a father who would always smile. And those full lips were just so perfect for the job.

"-Though Magellan was not deterred."

Hair the color of soft mud, it was pulled tightly into a pointed bundle at the back of his head, bouncing with every syllable forced from those beautiful lips. He shifted in his stance as he continued to read to the class, and his narrow shoulders bunched as he sighed.


"Yessssss?" I answered quietly, not looking up from my work. All that was left was that gorgeous scar...Mysterious and intriguing.

"My god, Naruto, that's beautiful!" he exclaimed. I felt my tongue slip from behind my teeth and touch my lip in concentration. Just a little more, and with one final scratch of the pencil, I finished with a sigh. Iruka smiled fatherly at me, blinking down at the mirror image. But when silence befell us, Iruka cleared his throat.

"Naruto, this is history class, not drawing class. Please see me after school."

The classmates behind me giggled under their breaths, and I scowled: One way to start my morning. Stuffing my supplies back into my bag, I gently laid my head down on the concrete desk and slid my eyes shut. Oh, Iruka-sensei...

"...Now let's continue..."


"...Naruto, could I keep this?"

His eyes practically lolled from his head and his mouth parted strangely.

"You want...It?" he asked in his tiny voice. Iruka nodded.

"It's absolutely amazing. I didn't know I could be that handsome!"

Naruto's foot lightly kicked at Iruka's desk, mumbling under his breath.

"What was that, Naruto?" Iruka beamed. Naruto lowered his head in respect.

"...I said thank you, Iruka sensei..."

Iruka smiled, but his eyebrows arched in confusion at Naruto's reverence. It wasn't like him to be polite.

"...Do you take any art classes, Naruto?"

The blonde shook his golden head. "...No, Iruka sensei. I don't have the money."

"I'm sure I could persuade the teacher. He's talked about in the faculty and is known for being easy to get past."

Naruto was silent, and the longer it went on for, the more tense his shoulders became. Iruka looked down to see him scratching and fiddling with his hands, until red welts and marks appeared. Iruka slowly leaned over the desk to stop him, and closing his hands around Naruto's, he felt them shake.

"Please don't do that. Do you not want to take any classes? Are you too nervous?"

"No," his voice called out, "I...I um...Would you...Really do that for me, Iruka sensei?"

Iruka smiled as he nodded, nudging Naruto's calmed hands. "Anything for you, Naruto. Now go on, Jiraiya's waiting for you."

Naruto took small quiet steps to the door as Iruka swiveled in his chair and attempted at grading.

"...Iruka sensei?"


Throwing himself into Iruka's arms, he nuzzled his scarred face into his taut chest.

"...Thank you, Iruka-sensei, thank you..."

Wrapping strong arms against his student, he sighed and smiled into his sunny locks.

"...You're welcome, Naruto..."



"What do you mean?" Iruka cried out. Kakashi eyed Iruka with his one eye; the other hidden behind a red and black bandana smeared in paint, and could only be assumed frowning behind a white medical mask.

"I have many students who draw exactly like this," he said, gesturing to the portrait of Iruka, "and I have reason to believe he won't amount to anything."

At this, Naruto began to scratch at his hands. His low self-esteem and confidence was surfacing, and when that occurred, there wasn't much even Naruto could do about it.

"Naruto, shh! Calm down, calm down!" Iruka squeezed his hand to calm him, but Naruto was already into his other self, dropping to his knees, forehead meeting the cold floor.

"...Please, please, please," Naruto whispered against the ground. Kakashi looked down at the boy indifferently.

"If you can't even control your emotions, there's no way you can take on my class."

Naruto's head shot up from its place and nodded nervously, careful not to look into that dazedly strange eye. But Kakashi tilted his chin up with a boney calloused finger.

"...Especially if you don't even have the guts to look at me."

Iruka stood by and watched as Naruto's eyes flashed in torment. His hands were beginning to fidget again, so the brunette stepped in.

"Please," Iruka started, "Isn't there anything I can do?"

"...You?" Kakashi questioned with a quirk of his eyebrow. Iruka's face turned a little red under his gaze, but stood tall. The art teacher grinned handsomely behind his medical mask, and Iruka became a little nervous.

"...Hmm...I suppose you and I could discuss something later..."

Iruka tried to hide his growing blush but failed miserably. Kakashi gave a quiet chuckle before turning to the blonde, whose fidgeting had nearly ceased existence.

"...So, blondie...When can you start?"


Practically bursting through the door, I threw my backpack onto the couch and ran to the center of the apartment.

"Jiraiya! God, Jiraiya, you'll never guess what happened today at school!" I cried, knowing he would hear me when I was energetic.

No answer.


And there it was: The brown bottle by my bedroom door. I stared at the offending thing, lying there, just as empty as I felt. I gave a loud cry as I kicked it angrily at the door frame, shattering into pieces. Anything in arms reach was in danger of being destroyed, as I stormed into my room and to my bed. I punched my firm pillow, snarling at it like it was the cause of my heartache. I began to punch sporadically in fury, and soon, it fell from my bed. But that didn't stop me from punching at the headboard, even when it began to splinter; even when my knuckles began to drip blood. Finally through torturing myself and my furniture, I fell back onto the bed and stared at my bloody hands. Scars ran all across the backs of them and spiraled up to my fingertips, and my knuckles were only adding to the collection. I wiped them off on the sheets under me quickly and turned over to sleep a sleep that would not actually come for many more hours.

--- And a Day of Sasuke ---

"...Sasuke, it's time to get ready for school."

I swatted in the direction of the voice and grumbled incoherently. Today was not a good day.

"I don't want to pull you out by your feet like last time, but I will if the situation calls for it."

I turned my head toward Itachi to see him slurp up some coffee and stare at me blankly. I gave him the bird and turned over again, burying under my personal mountain of blankets. But as soon as I felt one of his hands slither under it all and touch my heel, I shot up and into the bathroom. I could hear him smile behind his coffee cup in victory.


"...Glad to see you today, Sasuke-kun. I've got something new, would you like to know what?"

I threw my bag into my seat next to Gaara, knowing the kid would keep away any girls from trying to rummage through it. I scowled at my lecherous teacher and crossed my arms. "It's probably not in my interest anyway."

"Oh, I think it is: A new student." I eyed him warily.

"Last time you let in a new student for me, he was this close to getting charged with sexual harassment," I said, gesturing with my fingers just how lucky that little fucker was. "He's still pushing it, too."

"No, Sasuke-kun! I'm truly sorry for that mistake, but I couldn't let his artistic talent fall elsewhere!" I frowned and made to turn away, but Kakashi's strong hands held to my shoulder.

"...He's a blonde."

I slowly let a smile slide to my lips.

"...So that's what you think will work on me?"

"Oh, come on! He's bordering on insane, if not retarded! Give him a go!"

I pushed the hand from my shoulder, glaring over at him.

"I'm tired of 'giving goes'. I'll kindly do anything else for my pay, but I'm not going to mess with anymore of your students like that."

Kakashi's lips quivered in a frown behind his white mask, returning to his desk to prepare for class. I scooted next to the red head, who exchanged a welcoming nod with me. No further words or actions needed, I folded my arms over the desk before e and used them as a pillow. Closing my eyes, I sighed into my pale flesh. Damn Kakashi...

"Now let's begin..."


"Yeah, just like that."

I would have loved, more than anything else, to blow chunks, or at least gag. But realizing too quickly that it would ruin the posing, I let myself shiver unnoticeably.

Sai was just one of those people I would pay to set on fire.

While I could say that about a lot of people, if not all of them, he was the most tempting. He had the same flawless looks as me, though his face was rounded, his eyes were smaller, and his lips were annoyingly full and always smiling. I was the Adonis of the school and everyone knew it, but this guy was something no one could ignore: It was like another me.

"Yeah, just a little longer..."

I sighed and tried to shift. As a model, I was to be trained in stillness, poise, and beauty. Sometimes, I felt like I was being trained to be some fine porcelain doll for people to ogle. While it was partially true, I wasn't just going to sit back and let myself be passed around and mishandled. I was more than that.

And it wasn't just because I was naked in front of all of them every time.

My body was something I cherished above everything else, and, I wasn't the only one who cherished it. Hundreds of people adored it, would join the art class just to see me naked and splayed out like a test subject. And for that exact reason, Kakashi was forced to create auditions and require portfolios, so no creepy little fan girls were allowed in just for the sake of seeing me. One had to be talented enough...

One had to be given the privilege to see me.


I felt a tug at the sheet over my groin and I immediately grabbed hold of his venturing hand.

"...I put that there so you wouldn't want to touch it..." I hissed, fingernails close to breaking skin. He smiled suggestively at me and hummed, moving closer to me. I was able to look behind him, at the finished picture of me he had sketched.

"...I wanted to see all of you! Come, don't hide under those sheets." He purred it out, slipping the sheet away slowly. I nearly broke his hand as I squeezed it, ripping the sheet back over my groin. He gave a light grunt in pain, but realizing it was his drawing hand, he quickly changed his demeanor.

"Okay! Okay! Uncle!" He cried, pulling away from me. I scowled, pulling the sheet over all of me like a shawl, hiding everything.

"...I can see that you are finished, so I have no further use being here," I said, narrowing my eyes and heading over to the changing room, where I furiously yanked my clothes over myself and stalked out.

I'm no one's slut, even if it may look that way.


"...Welcome home, little brother."

I paused in my angry stride up the stairs to my room, glancing over at Itachi. He was leaning calmly against the kitchen door frame with his friend Kisame, who was finding his pocketknife more interesting than me.

"...Yes, Itachi ni-san?" I purred with a roll of my eyes. He shrugged his thin narrow shoulders, and closed his eyes.

"...Nothing. I only wished to know of my cute little otouto's day at school."

I thought about ignoring his borderline sarcasm, but seeing as he was serious, I gave in. Seeing Itachi warmly invite conversation with me was rare, and most of the time, extremely enjoyable. "...Sai tried to touch me again."

I saw a grimace on my brother's face, and felt relief cascade over me.

"I hope you didn't break his hands off. His pictures of you are gorgeous."

I had to smile. "No, but I was about to."

"He didn't...Actually touch you, did he?"

"No, no...I would never let him actually do anything. But frighteningly, he got closer than last time."

There was a pause, and only the sound of Kisame cleaning under his fingernails with the tip of his blade could be heard. Itachi glanced at me from head to toe.

"...So...Are you okay?" I nodded, shifting a little. I hadn't realized I had stopped being angry, stopped being nervous and distant. Itachi was the only one who could calm me, and if anything, I bet he knew when I was close to a breakdown.

"Yeah, I'm fine... Thanks, Ni-san." He smirked brotherly.

"...No problem. Now go, be productive or something."

I gave him a rare and true smile before practically dancing up the rest of the stairs. Itachi's words had helped more than I thought, and as I threw myself onto my luscious silky bed face first into my pillows, I sighed heavily.

Tomorrow might be better.