Setsuna: why??? WHY ME DAMNIT??

Author: cause I was flipping through channels and saw a little thing on the new Harry Potter movie and these kids were making blue animals made of smoke from their wands and there was this one chick who made a bunny appear and I was all like "What would happen if Bunny did that? Would she make a bunny? Well let's find out!!" so here I am.

Raye: that was mostly one sentence.

Author: so?

Raye: I don't know. I just thought that was cool.

It was a nice fall day in England. It was cool, but not cold. The sun was shining but it didn't try and fry poor innocent humans to death. Hogwarts was busy trying to get ready for students to arrive. They wouldn't be there of course until nightfall, making an air of anticipation fall on the school. The feeling didn't quite reach the Forbidden Forest, as the forest animals didn't really care a flip about witches and wizards.

All of the sudden a bit of air separated itself from the rest of space as a portal opened. Out fell three teenage girls, soon followed by three suitcases, various books, three cauldrons, boxes, backpacks, four cats and three sealed letters.

"Owie!" The pile of crap started moving.

"Get off of me!!" Someone, or many someones started shoving stuff off of them.

"What the fuck is going on??" Bunny yelled, trying to separate herself from the pile but failing miserably as she could only get one arm and her head out.

"How the hell should I know?" Setsuna retorted, shaking a cat off of her leg. This was kind of hard to do, seeing as she was wearing a leather skirt and worn black hooker boots. Purple fishnet stockings with multiple runs crawled up her legs. They matched the colour of her worn velvet halter top, that was now barely velvet as most of it had been rubbed off. Her blue and silver hair was messily pulled into a pony tail, leaving her blue eyes free of stray hairs. Earrings traveled up her ears, but other than that she was free of jewelry.

"What is all this stuff?" Raye asked, picking up a cauldron. Her red plaid skirt looked as if it had seen better days, being a little torn around the edges. Ripped fishnet stockings found their way down her legs, meeting with scuffed motorcycle boots. Her t-shirt was a System of a Down shirt that was in no way new. It even had a burn mark on the side. Her dark blue hair was down, left free to fall to just past her shoulders. Her blue eyes looked thoughtful while the silver slit in her right eye flashed.

"Again, how the hell should I know?" Setsuna asked, putting her hands on her hips. All three of the sisters had multiple scratches on them, although whether that was from the fall or from other things, no one could tell. They looked tired and frustrated beyond measure. "Where are we?" she said looking around.

"In a forest. Duh." Raye said, shoving the books into a cauldron. She helped her eldest sister to her feet, then went on to trying to organize the pile into something more manageable.

Setsuna glared at her younger sister "I knew that. I mean what dimension. Who has the DPS?"

"I do." Bunny said, digging in the pocket of her baggy jeans. They had multiple rips on them, and they barely hid bad-ass steel toed boots. Her shirt was red and said "The rabid clowns are right behind you", and it looked like they had got a hold of her, as the shirt was torn in many places. Her bluish silver hair was cut choppy and short around her face as bangs hung in her grey eyes.

Those eyes were currently looking at the device she found in her pocket. It was black and plastic. It flipped open to reveal a keyboard and a screen. She pressed the on button then typed something into it. After a second numbers appeared on the screen. After a second she said "We are in dimension 212."

Setsuna pulled a folded paper out of her boot. She unfolded it, which made it bigger than she was. She turned it around, so she could read the list of numbers and words, as apposed to the map on the other side. She pulled on a chain that went around her neck and into her shirt. Attached to it was a little magnifying glass. She examined the map through the glass, trying to find the right number. "212... There it is! We are in the dimension of…oh shit." She went pale.

"What?" Raye asked.

"Harry Potter…"

"Cool!" Raye said.

"Not cool. English people annoy me." Bunny said.

"Everybody annoys you." Raye corrected.

Bunny just shrugged.

Setsuna sat on an upturned caldron and grabbed a black cat, stroking it nervously. "Why, of all the dimensions, did we have to land here?" she asked herself, rubbing her face against the side of the cat. It began to purr. A collar around its neck read "Aubrey".

"It'll be okay Setsuna. Harry Potter isn't that bad." Raye consoled, patting her sister on her shoulder.

"But don't you know Raye? Whenever you get put in this dimension you never come out…"

Bunny snorted "That's not true. You're so superstitious Sets'."

"Am not! Whenever I see Cherry she never acts the same. And I haven't seen her brother since he was called to duty."

Raye rolled her eyes "Well you didn't exactly part on the best of terms."

Setsuna let Aubrey out of her arms and stood, smoothing her leather skirt out. "Nah, nothing can make Alex hate me. He's like the guy version of me."

Bunny sighed "I don't know about you guys but if we're going to have to be students at this stupid school, as these letters claim, I'm going to have to get cleaned up. Can we call home for a shower, then talk later?"

Raye and Setsuna nodded "Yeah, you're right. You get Ai to drop us."

Bunny pulled the computer out again then pushed a few buttons. Three doors appeared in the air. One was grey with a flame carved into it. This is the one Bunny went in, carrying her part of the stuff. A white cat followed her in. Another was green with a frying pan carved into it. Setsuna opened the door and walked in with a hand full of stuff and Aubrey. The last door was blue with a fox on it. Raye walked in carrying the rest of the stuff, she was followed by a black cat and a white cat.

The rooms that they walked in were the same room they spent their younger years in. Through their super computer they were able to access the rooms and use their services but where not able to access the rest of their childhood home. The house was actually located in a dimension all to itself, though it was put together by their mother Gwenafar and father Gregory by other dimensions. This place that was not a place is able to be reached by any other dimension without having to cross any other dimensions. Sense their rooms were made just for them, they were always accessible by them.

After the girls had showered and changed into the uniforms they were provided they met back in the forest.

With the pressing of a few buttons their rooms disappeared. The girls stood with their suitcases, moderately modified so they could hold everything without any problems. Setsuna lit up a cigarette, taking a drag. She had brushed her hair out so that it fell past her shoulders without any problem. Earrings still littered her ears as dark blue eye shadow darkened her eyelids. Her tall form looked smart with the mandatory uniform covering it. Needless to say she was not pleased.

Raye held a white cat in her arms. She was also clean, her dark hair shiny. She too had her earrings in, though her tan skin was clean of make-up. She looked less upset about her uniform, though that may be because she was able to find black nail polish to put on.

Bunny's expression was carefully blank. Her hair was straightened as black liner framed her eyes. She almost looked cute in her uniform, though no one would dare say that to her face.

"Well. I suppose we should go meet with the rest of the students." Raye said.

Setsuna exhaled a plume of smoke "I suppose. But I'm not gonna like it."

"I doubt anyone will like it." Bunny pointed out.

Setsuna nodded and smiled "No, I suppose not."

Author: Note time!

1) DPS: Dimensional Positioning System.

2) Yes, Ai is the car. However, Ai is not only the car but also the super computer that acts like a nanny to the girls. She also secretly reports back their actions to their mom (but they don't know that)

3) you may notice that there are some differences in the girl's appearance (mostly Bunny) that is because in certain dimensions their appearance changes. It's like whenever you and I change our hair colour, or style or whatever whenever we go from phase to phase. Only theirs changes automatically. This means that their wild hair is technically their natural hair colour, because dye is not needed. So yes, Bunny's hair is naturally both silver and blue-silver and her eyes are both naturally red and grey. Also Raye's hair is naturally dark blue, black, and red and black. That's just how they are. (Setsuna's hair was once purple… that's when she was an assassin in the 50's… it was awesome)