Author: Okay, so this might be the last chapter I do until I can find a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I want to make this as accurate to-the-book-except-for-the-addition-of-the-crazy-demon-thingies-and-Cherry-and-Alexis-cough-Alex. Sooooo… this means I'll fudge the hat seen, but after that I'll have to find the book so I know exactly what goes on. So enjoy whilst you can.

The little eleven year olds were ushered into the over-glammed dining hall. Everyone stared in aw, acting as if they'd never seen a room that has a roof that looks exactly like the sky they saw mere moments ago. Damn yokels. At the front of the room was a podium where all of the teachers sat (sans cat-lady, Cherry and her brother, the last of the two were currently taking their seats). The rest of the room was taken up by huge tables stacked with various degrees of teenaged children. In the space separating teachers from students sat a stool with an over patched hat that looked like it had seen the wrong end of a garbage can one two many times.

An old man with a Gandolph-worthy beard stood. He was introduced as the headmaster, named Dumbledor. "Funny, he doesn't look anything like a Bumblebee." Setsuna whispered. When her sisters just stared at her she smiled sheepishly "Never mind."

After much ado about nothing, they began calling names for the hat. There was more ado about nothing as people cheered as the hat assigned houses. There was many patting on the back and hugging.

Finally, when it came time for the girl's turn, Dumbledor called out "Hellsing, Bunny."

"What kind of name is Bunny Hellsing?" Draco sneered from across the room.

The hat barely touched the top of Bunny's head before it yelled "Slytherin!"

Bunny smirked as she headed to the appointed table. She forced a couple to part as she sat right in front of Draco. He gulped as he saw the fire in her eyes.

"I'm sure we'll be best of friends, Draco was it?"

Draco pulled himself together enough to look away and ignore her.

"I wonder how well this Dragon deals with fire." Setsuna murmured as Raye giggled.

"Hellsing, Raye."

Raye skipped up to the hat and sat down on the stool, smoothing her skirt as she went. The hat sat on her head for long enough to get past the implications of foxes on broomsticks before saying "Griffindor"

"Fuck." Setsuna cursed. She knew there was no way she could get into Griffindor, so her only chance was Slytherin.

Raye absently sat at an empty spot, trying to figure out how she would get to see her sisters.

"Hellsing, Setsuna."

Setsuna marched to the firing squad, sitting down in a flurry. When she felt the hat placed on her hand she started whispering "Slytherin, Slytherin, Slytherin,"


Setsuna fell off her seat "Excuse me?? I said Slytherin you stupid excuse for a dunce cap!" She expressed her anger by pummeling the 'stupid excuse for a dunce cap'.

"40 points from Ravenclaw!" Minerva McGonagall yelled.

That failed to cease Setsuna's ministrations. She finally had to be dragged off by two prefects, cursing the entire way.

"If you don't shut up you're probably going to get beaten by half the school." One prefect whispered in her ear.

"They can try." she growled, although she quietly took her seat.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully, until of course Harry took the stand. Everyone made noise over his arrival.

After the last of the names had been called they began the meal. Many chatted, more ate. Raye became engaged in conversation by a girl with long brown hair pulled back in a loose half ponytail and a girl of African decent with long black hair pulled back into a braid. They introduced themselves as Katie Bell and Angelia Johnson, and proceeded to tell Raye about the wonders of Quidditch.

"I know how hard it is to be separated from your twin." A Indian girl with long black hair said to Setsuna "I'm Padma Patil, my sister's in Griffindor like yours."

"Oh?" Setsuna said, without much interest.

Any attempt at conversation with Bunny was silenced, if there even was one.

Author: Wikipedia has yet again saved my ass! Everybody worship it! Sorry the chapter was so short, i would have been able to put more in it (and maybe will later) if i had my book.