Regular disclaimer: No characters belong to me. None. I wish they did, but they're all Tite Kubo's.

No Spoilers in this one. Kenpachi and Yachiru.

There were shouts and screams outside, but Kenpachi was bored and angry. The fighters out there were all students, not even worth Yachiru's time. He also had paperwork to do.

"Baka. Paperwork if you kill something, paperwork if you don't. Stupid."

"Ken-chan looks pissed."

"Don't use that word."

"Baldy uses it!"

"Then I'll kill him later."

"Oh fun! I wanna watch!" The small weight climbed his arm and peered over his shoulder. "That looks boring."

"It is."

"It's all blank! I bet pictures would make it better!"

Later, Yamamoto would yell, loudly. But Kenpachi and Yachiru were no longer bored.