Harry Potter and the Bloody Plague

Chapter 1: The Vampire Plague Tale

(This is a mixture of Harry Potter and the Vampire Plague. If you havent read any of those books GET TO READING!!! There really good!!! Em anyways. I hope you enjoy this. P.S. For now Harry Potter will be in regular Text and Vampire Plague will be in italics.)

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The boy went to the Window. Night had finally fallen. He hated night. Not just like any kid though. Like how most were just afraid of the dark cause of bad things they thought were real. However he knew that they were real. He saw them. They took his father, uncle, and now his sister. They even managed to take his best friend into their Plague. Jack had fallen prey to the Dark Creatures exactly a year ago now. He was the one who helped take his sister away from him and the rest of the world. But Jack had no choice. He changed. He looked around his room. "I can't believe it's been a year." Ben muttered to himself. He knew they would be taken flight soon. He thought he caught a glimpse of a bat just a second ago. Most people would say it was only a bat, that he had nothing to worry about. How wrong they were. You see bats can be Vampires!

Harry rushed through school. He couldn't believe it what was happening. Dumbledore ordered that every student to come to the Great Hall immediately. Harry got there just in time. "Students I would like to make an announcement. Hogwarts will be closing for the rest of this term." Everyone started speaking above each other. "THAT CAN'T HAPPEN!!!" Some students yelled. Some asked ",WHY!!" Dumbledore was tired of all this chatter. "SILENCE!!!" Everyone stopped talking. "Hogwarts is closing cause a powerful threat has arisen. The Vampire Plague has been released once again. You see the Vampire Plague is a something that happened many years ago. You all know of the Miyans that disappeared over night. The Vampire Plague took them all. Yes the wizarding world knows how it happened. However, last time it was sealed by a wizard who you all know very well. Me. Yes me. Now this was a very hard task to do. However, some of you have seen vampires before. So you may ask yourselves. Why we didn't take actions before and why they arent sealed up. It's simple. They were not in leagues to them. However since they have seen that the Vampire Plague is once again risen and this time has more vampires than before, they have joined in leagues with Camazots, the god to the miyans who was evil. Now do not worry for you see we are actually allowing you to perform magic at home. Yes only this once. Soon as this problem is tooken care of we shall be back at hogwarts. Keep your friends close." With that Dumbledore strode off out the Great Hall. As soon as he exited everyone started talking loudly. "You mean we get to do magic outside of school," said Ron Weasley. Ronald Weasley was Harry's best friend. He had helped him through some tough times. "I guess they want us to be protected in case a vampire comes near us, Ron," Harry replied. "Your almost quite right but you see there are more rules ya know. No one may leave their house when it is dark. And No One is to invite someone in unless they know them. Vampires can't come into your house if their not invited," declared Hermione Granger. She was the smartest girl he ever met. And she didn't have parents that knew magic. She was quite something. "Yeah but still at least we get to do magic, right?" Ron said. "Well, there are still standers dont do them in front of a muggle who hasn't seen anything of the wizarding world and your not allowed to harm a muggle with magic in any way. You couldn't even try. Cause it would come back and hit you." Hermione finished. Harry looked out the window. He didnt want to go back to Privet Drive. But yet he could still do magic.

Later that day they got onto the train back home. They reached london in not very long. Aurors were standing guard on the train.They had to make sure that the Vampires weren't going to get on the train afterall. Ron's family said their hellos and goodbyes and promised to get Harry over their House. With that he went back to the Dudley family. They were so mad to have to have him longer then they usually had to.

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