Harry Potter and the Vampire Plague

Chapter 12: The Guardian

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Harry walked the lonely tomb's corridors. It had been 7 Years since he found out about Camazots's Secret. It was Halloween night and nothing was going right. They had been hiding in the tomb forever now, and Camazots's had pretty much affected the whole entire Wizarding and Human world. There were some that were not bitten yet, but still they had to hide to live. Harry sighed to himself once more. He remember the night he first entered the tomb.

Kinevra had taken them to see Dumbledore, but everything changed then. Dumbledore had showed him Slytherin's tomb, which happened to be Camazots's first Horocrux. Harry wanted to Hurry up and destroy it, but it's powers were already destroyed. It seemed that a theif had went and stolen his coffin. He then took it somwhere and destroyed it with something magical. They then tried to devise a plan to get the second Horocrux, but it didn't get very far. No one knew what it was or where it was. Not even Dumbledore! Dumbledore would go out in the day trying to find new info about it, but always came back with nothing. Hermione was always stuck in reading the Tomb's heiroglyphics to try and find out something, but also failed. However, Harry, Ron, and Ben were always out of the picture. They had nothing to do. Ben's cards were faded away by now. Ron had learned a new spell at least. Yeah, it was a pretty boring life. Harry went to Slytherin's Coffin. He just wished he knew something more about it. Something no one knew, not even Camazot's. Then someone interrupted his thoughts.

"Harry! I need to tell you something." Harry turned around to see a face he hadn't seen since the night in which they came to the Tomb. "Kinevra! How've you been?" Kinevra looked sadly at the ground. "I should've told you when I brought you here. Your mother was my best friend. We were always together. Even when I went to Hogwarts with her." Harry blinked confused. "But I thought you were a Hydroillian. Hydroillian's aren't wizards or witches." Kinevra started to cry.

"Yeah, they are not supposed to be. If anyone found out I was a half witch and half Hydroillian, I would've been murdered." Harry rushed over to her before she fell to the ground. "But that's only part of the thing I wanted to tell you, Harry. You see, when I went to school with your mother, I found something in the school. In the Chamber of Secrets, and it wasn't the Baskilisk. It was Slytherin's Coffin. So I showed her it. We brought along our friend Maggie. We dared her to get inside it." Kinevra paused at this last sentence. Harry took this brief chance to look at how the whole room was flooded with water now.

"And then it closed on her. She screamed for bloody murder. She thought we were doing it, but it closed on it's own. Then she stopped screaming. The coffin opened back up and there was something else inside it. Some dreadful old corpse lady. She came out holding Maggie's wand, and then she tried to kill us." "But..." "I didn't know what to do! I paniced and then I killed her. I killed Maggie. I couldn't stop myself. Then your mother did a curse that sealed part of myself inside her. I gained control and your mother could control water a little. Probably more, but she never tried to learn how to control it." Kinevra finally stopped.

"Your mother's last word's to me was when I have a boy, I want you to be it's guardian. Always protect it Kinevra. And never teach it how to control water, unless it's the world's last hope." Harry shed a tear at her words. Finally, Kinevra smiled. "And Harry, it's time you learned cause you are the world's last hope. Oh and I almost forgot. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!"

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