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Timeline: After season 5, although the Dracula episode never happened.

We'll say that Glory was defeated, as seen in The Gift, but Buffy did

not die.. For the main reason that, I'm going to have enough time trying

to write this story as is, without having to figure out how Buffy

returns from the grave :)

Chapter 1


The young man, Connor Belmont, looked up from his desk where he had been

studying a large ancient, but well kept, book. He rolled his deep blue

eyes, and ran his hand over the short black hair atop his head. "Yes

Grandfather?" He called out.

"Get down here now! We must talk!"

Grumbling, the young man stood and carefully closed the book on the

desk. The title, "The History of the Belmont Clan; A Chronicle of

Vampire Slayers. Simon Belmont" stood out clearly on the front of it

shining brightly, despite it's obvious age, in gold print. Sighing, he

called down as he left his room, shutting the lights off and closing

the door behind him, "Coming Grandfather.."

Taking a deep breath before opening the thick red oak doors leading to

his grandfather's study, he reached out and grasped the brass handle and

pulled one door open enough to let him in, and pulled it closed behind

him, a soft thump being heard as the door shut. He silently looked over

the room when he entered, as he always did. Books created by the most modern

of printing machines, to books meticulously copied by hand, in languages

that hadn't been spoken in thousands of years, lined the walls. In the

center of the room sat his grandfather's desk. It was made of some dark

hardwood, Connor had never asked what. It was plain though. No intricate

carvings, it was complete functionality but, in a strange way, it had

style by being so plain. As a child, this large, most often dark, room

with it's huge desk had scared him. As he grew though, and the room became

more familiar, it began to become his favorite spot in the house. Not

just because he had access to all the books he could ever read here,

something Connor loved dearly, but because, even when he wasn't actually

in the room, his grandfather's presence filled the place. This room had been his

for as long as anyone in the family could remember, and by having spent

so many years here, it just felt like his grandfather.

"You wanted to see me Grandfather?" Despite his slight annoyance at

being pulled away from his book, the young man spoke with deep respect

in his voice, and that respect carried over into the way he stood,

waiting for the older man to recognize him. Straight backed, he stood

with his hands loosely at his side, not showing any annoyance, or

impatience whatsoever.

Duncan Belmont sat in his high backed chair, with his eyes closed, in

deep thought. There was an open letter on his desk. Although Connor

couldn't see what the letter said, he knew it had upset the older

Belmont greatly. With a soft sigh, Duncan opened his eyes, harsh gray

eyes looked to Connor from a face lined with not only years of hardship

and pain, but also of years of love and joy. Although he was clearly

old, older than any guessed, he was still fit. And, though not as spry

and quick as he once was, when he chose too Duncan could, and

occasionally did, still move fast enough to surprise men a quarter his age.

"Connor.." The old man said, his voice heavy with regret, "I'm sorry to

tell you but.. He has begun to rise again."

For a moment, the young man just looked at his grandfather, before the

words hit home. He was rising again. In the Belmont family, there could

only be one man. One creature.. That could be referred to in such a

way. Dracula. For hundreds of years the Belmont family had been fighting

to keep Dracula and his unholy minions from releasing their evil on the

world, enslaving, or worse, all humans on the planet. The Belmont

family, despite all the training they had gone through.. Despite the

powers some of them had wielded over the centuries.. And despite the

small arsenal of magical artifacts that they possessed, had been unable

to destroy Dracula once and for all. The best they could do,

whenever he began to stir from his dark slumber, was seal him away once again knowing all the while that it was only a

stopgap measure. They all knew one day Dracula would rise, too powerful this time for even the whole of the Belmont family to stop him.

While every member of the family, from their founder Simon Belmont on,

received training on how to defend themselves against all forms of evil,

only one was chosen to be their champion. In his day, Duncan had been

the Belmont champion. Some would say he was lucky, never having to go

against Dracula. But he did go up against, and defeat many of

his minions in their plans to reawaken their evil master. After Duncan,

Connor's father Trevor, named after a great ancestor, took up the mantle

as champion. Trevor was not as lucky as his father was.

Not a year after assuming his role as the champion of the Belmont clan, they

discovered that Dracula was beginning to stir. As they have done since

the beginning, the Belmont's responded to that threat, and sealed

Dracula away yet again. This time though, the darkness was stronger than ever

before. He nearly defeated the young Trevor before the man could seal

the monster away again. Despite his victory, Trevor Belmont never

returned to his home, his wife, or his young son. Dracula's final blow

had weakened Trevor enough that, as he left Dracula's castle the

surviving minions ambushed the young hero, and finished what their

master had started. Since that day, Connor had been training

for the day when his call to action would come. And, it appeared that it

finally had.....