Note: This is a poem to Tempest from Blaze.
It was another day at doom council and Tempest was working at the counsel again. Dr.X had entered.
Dr.X said," Tempest, w're changing course! Action Man was spotted in New york city!"
Tempest said," I'm on it!"
He typed in the coordinates as Dr.X had left. Blaze came in.
Tempest turned around," Hey Blaze!"
She nodded," Hey! I got something here for you!"
She revealed a envelope that had his name on it. Blaze walked over and handed it to him.
Blaze said," If you excuse me!"
Tempest said," Go ahead!"
Blaze nodded and then took off. She blushed as she exited the door.
Tempest wondered," Who can this be from?"
He took a set and propped his feet on the controls, avoiding to hit them. He opened the envelope and pulled out a piece of paper. It was folded neatly. He unfolded it and it said:

yellow hair
bright green eyes
weather boy
lightning streak on your face
pretty humorous
come up with good Action man insults
such as Action jock
I can't stop thinking of you
remembering that kiss
I have dreams about you
I can't get you out of my mind
no matter how i try
My heart melted when we first met
I didn't know what I was feeling
but strange emotions hit me
I deny the fact it could be love
I felt respected by you
we are both the same age
we both have powers
we are also villains
you comforted me
you make me smile
we help each other
I give respect in return
but being near you
makes my pulse go rapid
you are pretty smart
and powerful
with your power sticks
shooting lightning
I feel like a sister
well more than one
I try to hold my emotions
but there was no luck
my heart pounds
having you around
makes me feel special
I think I love you
I never figure out why
but I'll understand someday
-From Blaze

Tempest had read the poem. It indeed made him smile.
He said," That's amazing! She put her emotions in a poem!"
He blushed as he was sitting in the chair. He suddenly took his legs off the counsel. He did seem surprised as his heart beated a tune. He folded it and placed it in his pocket. He sighed and smiled, rubbing the back of his head.
He thought," Her poetry is beautiful! I should write her one back!"
Tempest pressed a button and the ship went invisible. He put his feet back on the counsel and relaxed due to the ship being on autopilot.He placed his hands on the back of his head. Then the airship began to take off.