Chapter 14: In Thought

On the next day, it felt like things were almost back to normal in a sense. Blaze had nearly slept in but she almost found it hard to sleep. There were times when she thought of the day that she recieved her powers. She was mostly fortunate that he did not seem to ask what else she was hiding. He had no idea of how she even met Prima and how her life was in constant danger. No one had known the truth and not even the Action Man team knew considering that when she was not Blaze, she was on the Action Man team helping them.

She may of shown compassion for both sides but knowing that she might have to reveal the truth sooner or later might prove to be the ultimate challenge. She had confessed to Tempest that she was scared that he might of got hurt because of her yet he was willing to take that chance. Even as she thought about what had happened so far, she knew that there was some people that she could trust on both sides.

Blaze thought," Even after all that happened, I am fortunate that things have not gotten worse yet."

She could still remember the kiss they shared in the cargo bay last night and even as she sat up, she could not help but touch her lips. Her hand had moved away as she knew that things would get more interesting. She could still remember what he looked like before he transformed into Tempest considering that when she was in her normal form, she had been there to witness it in a sense.

Blaze moved out of bed after a few minutes and did not really think that she would be bothered unless she had to do shift on the bridge. She knew that there would be more plans coming from Dr.X in an attempt to cause trouble of course. She did not really ask to be a villian yet it was becoming an experience for her to remember. Her skills had really came in handy but everyone had their own talents.

She stretched her body, ignoring the fact that she had been in a fight not that long ago. Sighing softly, she decided to sit down and brush her hair. She knew that she would have to leave the Doom Council to see what Alex and the others were up to but she had not decided when. She also had to make sure that she was not discovered leaving as well.

As her mind seemed to almost wander off deeply into thought, she managed to not steer herself away from reality. She had only took a few minutes to comb her hair before doing what other things she had to do and grabbing her jacket. She knew that things had felt a bit quiet but for now, she knew that things would change very soon. She wondered what Tempest was even thinking right now but she had to embrace the fact that things will never always be the same. As she opened the door, she knew that a new adventure will begin soon enough. Closing the door behind her, she makes her way to the front and just thinks of the many possibilities of what might happen next.