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Chapter 1

It was two days before the end of Harry's fifth year, and Harry was in the Gryffindor common room, in front of the fireplace with his nose surprisingly stuck in Hermione's copy of Hogwarts: A History. Harry suddenly jumped up much to the shock of Ron and Hermione and naturally all of the Gryffindors in the Common Room. Not a good idea, especially as Ron was just getting over the fact that he, Harry was reading Hermione's favourite book in the entire world. Harry mumbled a few unheard words to his two best friends before racing out of the common room.

Harry got as far as the staircase leading down to the Great Hall, when he saw the portrait of Sir Cadogan. Luckily for Harry, Sir Cadogan was there and so remembering his help in the past, decided to ask him for help with his newfound discovery.

'Sir Cadogan, when were you placed in Hogwarts?' Harry asked.

Sir Cadogan replied, 'Now why would you want to know that then? If you must know Helga Hufflepuff herself put me where I am today to help you lost young knaves find the way around the castle'

'Ahh, I see. So I suppose that you would know where the entrance to the founders' rooms are then'.

Why yes, I do. But why are you asking?'

I'm asking as I read in 'Hogwarts: A History' that there is a secret entrance somewhere in the grounds of Hogwarts. Could you by any chance tell me where it is?'

Ahh, yes, yes now I see. Why certainly you scurvy knave, I am always willing to help you knaves on your quests. You have to go down these stairs, and down that corridor, going to the dungeons, then up two flights using the secret passage near the potions professors' room and then up the twirly stairs to the top where you'll find a broomstick, and then you have to fly down to the window, two windows across from the Headmasters' office…'

'Umm, actually Sir Cadogan, could you just show me the way instead?'

'Of course young knave. Ahh a quest, a quest, how I love a good quest!'

Twenty Minutes Later…

'Well here we are, although I don't think you'll get in as no one has been allowed in there since the founders were alive. Its between those knights, over there' (points at two knights).

'Thank you, Sir Cadogan.' Sir Cadogan then leaves Harry alone in the corridor and goes to visit one of the paintings he passed on the way.

As Harry walked up to the knights he started to feel very warm inside as if he was playing quidditch on despicably hot day. Harry was now just two steps away from the knights and he fully expected them to bar his way, - like the chess pieces did while he was trying to get to the philosophers stone before Snape – but they didn't so he carried on and walked towards the wall. Just before he got there the supposedly blank wall revealed a huge, golden coat of arms belonging to the four founders, as it intertwined all their separate coats of arms together, creating the current Hogwarts crest. Harry touched the centre of the crest and the coat of arms immediately disappeared leaving the entrance open for Harry, to enter.

Harry entered the room, not totally sure what to expect, when he stopped in awed amazement at how the room was decorated.

Harry had entered into a main parlour type room. The floor was polished marble with Persian rugs scattered all over it. Directly opposite the entrance was a huge fireplace, and directly above it was four medium-sized coat of arms (crests), belonging to each of the founders, placed in a diamond formation, with a very large coat of arms in the middle, which Harry recognised as the Hogwarts Crest. In front of the fireplace were two stuffed, comfortable looking love-seats and also two armchairs which looked good enough to sink into after one of Professor Snape's horribly intellectually-exhausting tests. On the left and right of the room, there were two doors. Each wooden with shiny gold handles.

Through the door on the left was a long, narrow corridor. On either side, there were a number of doors, made in the same way as the first two doors Harry saw, however these doors also had gold plaques on them with the name of the room, and the owners name. The first door Harry approached, read 'Bedroom and Bathroom of Godric Gryffindor', the next three doors on either side were the same but for each of the other three founders. Next, Harry came across a door marked 'Scriptorium'. Naturally, Harry was curious as to what a Scriptorium was, so he turned the door handle fully expecting the door to open… but it did not, so he went to the next door, 'Greenhouse' and tried to open that door as well, but to his astonishment, it also would not open. He moved on and tried the next door, 'Owlery' and the one after that, 'Kitchen' and even the last door of the corridor, the 'Dining Room', but each door would not open for him.

Harry still walking in his astonishment, walked back down the corridor to the main parlour, and decided to see what was behind the other door in the parlour. So he went and opened it, and he found four doors he had seen many times before in the other corridor, with the same gold plague, but this time saying, 'Training Room', 'Indoor Quidditch Pitch', 'Study Room' and 'Heir's bedroom and Bathroom'. He tried to open each door in order to see whether he was in the same predicament here as in the last corridor. Alas, he was. He was refused entry to all of the rooms. Very downhearted, Harry walked back down the small corridor to the main parlour again, where he proceeded to sink into one of the armchairs. Suddenly out of nowhere a woman appeared in the other armchair. This woman, although Harry didn't know it yet, was Harry's mother Lily Potter nee Evans.