This is a conversation that I thought Moanna should have with the Faun at one point or another. It addresses who the boy in the statue is, since he can't be her half brother, and some ideas of what the Faun's real name is. Just in case you miss it in the text, Moanna is sixteen, and I believe I've edited out the explanation of why, just know that he calls her Ofelia, and she calls him Pan. Yes you can interpret this as a FaunXMoanna piece if you like; otherwise it can be just a conversation between the princess and her guardian. Oh by the way, I don't own Pan's Labyrinth. Please enjoy.

"Who is the baby there, Pan?"

"Look at how these blossoms have sprung up over night."

"I know you heard me, you always hear me."

"Did the ball please you?"

"It was alright, I guess. But I didn't like that prince, what's his face, always following me around."

"Well boys will be boys. Heh-heh"

"I didn't see you there."

"Does that make you cross, Princess?"

"Yes! I thought I could count on you to scare off all the would-be suitors!"


"Promise me."

"Almost anything."

"Promise me you'll protect me next time."



"What if next time you don't want me to?"

"Why wouldn't I want you to?"

"You are still so young Princess. You have yet to know what it is like to be a woman."

"And you know that field so well?"

"No, it's just…"

"Well, for your information I am a woman in every right."

"Not every right. I do know of the one of which you speak. In fact I always notice the shift in your sent every moon cycle. Don't blush; it's as natural as anything can be. But you have yet to lay with a man, not until then will you understand what being an adult truly means."

"Wh-what makes you so certain?"

"I know you better than any. Not only would I have smelt it, but there is no possible way you could have hidden it from me. Your very presence would have changed. No my dear Moanna you are the maiden in every sense of the word."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You are still a vir…"

"NO, no, I meant, what did you mean by saying I was 'the maiden'?"

"Both your body and mind are young. You are still free, innocent…"

"You mean ignorant?"

"Yes, if would like to call it that, you are very ignorant."


"Princess…Moanna look at me."



"Am I just a child to you?"

"I would never call you a child."

"Then what do you mean by I am ignorant?"

"Princess I do not mean that you could never understand, but that at this moment in life, you simply can't. You have lived in this form for only sixteen years. You cannot know life as I have known it, for I have lived much longer than you. I know things about this world, done things, you have not, and should not do yet. I have experienced what you cannot even dream of knowing."

"You said the same thing when we met."


"You said that you had names only the wind and the trees could pronounce, but I have still learned one name of yours, Pan, can I not also learn to experience what you have?"

"I would rather you did not, besides, Pan is not any of my names."

"It's what that elder faun called you; the one with the goat's face."

"He was only kidding."

"Oh, about what?"

"It's…just a joke amongst our kin."

"Pan, he was a god wasn't he?"

"Yes, a god very much older than I."

"Yes, I've read about him, him and his faun followers, and what they would do to the nymphs they'd chase after."

"Where did you read such a thing?"

"From the book you gave me. Every night it has a new story. The night I was wondering about what the old faun said, it showed me a story about Pan. At first I wondered that you might be a god, but then I thought better of it, just assumed you were named after him or something."

"Why? Am I not hansom enough to be a god?"

"Ha, no, no. It's just because you are nothing like that Pan."

"Is that so? Perhaps I am."

"I know you don't run around getting drunk and molesting tree women."


"Yes, I'd smell it."

"Hah! You would, would you now?"

"Yes, I've come across a few drunks, and they all smelt distinctly of alcohol, even sometime after they've sobered up. Besides, you said it yourself; I am still an innocent maiden."

"What do you mean be that?"

"…My, ah, parents would never allow me such contact with someone like that."

"Maybe I've fooled them."

"It wouldn't surprise me, you fool a lot of people into thinking you're something you're not, like a monster. But it wouldn't matter because you can't fool me."

"I can't?"

"No. For instance, I know that this entire conversation was a just a deploy so that you didn't have to answer my previous question."

"Oh and what was that?"

"I also know that you happen to remember what my question was, but for the sake of time I'll repeat it: Who's the baby on the statue?"

Well I would love to do a series of pieces like this, however, let me know if the

dialogue only thing worked, or if I should go back and change it. I don't know, it seemed to flow well enough. Drop me a line, let me know if I should continue.