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Springkink prompt – July 10 #38 - Legacy of Kain, Janos Audron/Sarafan Raziel: Beginning of the end - "Softly say goodbye."


He'd known he should ignore them, that they were trying to get to him, and perhaps if they never laid eyes on him they would give up, go away. Wistful thinking, perhaps.

Still, besides Vorador's infrequent visits, they were the only view he had of the outside world, the world whose savior he awaited. So, he watched.

And perhaps he was hoping to hear that name, Raziel. The name he was waiting for.

He had expected a vampire, a hero who would come to rescue the bodies of his children, put on display before him. He had not expected a Sarafan, much less the commander of them all.

He had watched him, a vicious killer, as self-righteous as Janos had been ages ago, in battling the hylden. But Janos had been following the orders of God: he had been doing the right thing, while the Sarafan were, in their misguided quest to save human lives, dooming their entire world.

He tried not to become bitter, but… he had to forgive them, they knew not what they did. They followed the heretic Moebius, who was someone they should revere, as a Guardian of the Pillars, even if they did not belong in human hands… so much that had gone wrong.

He tried to see the beauty in Raziel, for how could he help the savior if he hated him? And he was strong, proud, brave, his hair as black as the raven wings he should have.

And then, Raziel, the true Raziel arrived, and he was horrified by what had been done to him. Had the Sarafan realized his nature as the Messiah and turned against him?

But no, this was not his Raziel, even though it was the one he had awaited. His Raziel came soon enough, to take the Reaver meant for his future self.

And to kill Janos.

To die at the hands of the savior, to finally die and rest… what a gift. He must have done his duty in sending the future Raziel to safety, to have earned it.

But he would never see either Raziel again, not the strange one, and certainly not the one he had watched over for so long.

So, through the screaming, he whispered goodbye too quietly to be heard by human ears.

When he was reborn and saw the Reaver in the savior's hands, he knew his Raziel was dead, and was glad for the chance to say goodbye.