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Springkink prompt – July 10 #64 - Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yuugi/Yami Yuugi: Shy exhibitionist - Yuugi finger-fucks himself and Yami watches

My, this is the first Yu-gi-oh fic I've done in a long time, I just saw the prompt and, well.


He'd tried to hold off as long as possible, but he was a teenage boy with needs, and, well, morning wood.

It had been different when he was just blanking out, he'd thought the other Yugi was just… some sort of split personality or something, and that whenever the other woke up he fell asleep. So, he'd reasoned, the other couldn't be watching, and it was all right to do… things like this.

He blushed, fingers curling around himself, praying the other wasn't watching.

At Death-T, however, he'd been present and aware of everything the other Yugi, as his friends called him, was doing. Which meant it was possible the other knew what Yugi did, was watching him all the time.

After all, how else would the other always know when Yugi was in trouble?

Or maybe he was just awoken by strong emotion. Which was, for this sort of thing, just as bad.

Well, the other Yugi was a guy as well, right? Even if he was some sort of ancient spirit… who seemed so adult, so mature, so above things like this… This sort of thing was normal, and in ancient times they were more accepting of what was natural, right?

Yugi's eyes darted to the hand cream on his desk. But… the other thing wasn't exactly… what would the other Yugi think of him?

Still, his hand wasn't enough, he needed… Gulping, and closing his eyes, he fumbled for the cream. Hopefully if he didn't see, maybe the other couldn't watch?

As one finger, than another touched his entrance, Yugi decided that surely the other would give him privacy for this. He had to be as embarrassed as Yugi was.

Yugi didn't see the shadowy figure materializing next to him.

Gods, didn't the boy realize… how could anyone resist that naked form, writhing there, the little sounds and gasps… how could he be ashamed of something so beautiful?

The yet-nameless one watched his beloved other half from the shadows that were his nature and would soon be his name.