Starscream stomped through the control room, covered in dust and residue from guns and cannons from the recent skirmish with the Autobots. Behind him, he could hear his fellow Decepticons wrestling with their "prizes", as it were. Since they had failed in capturing the solar panel arrays before the Autobots had shown up, the Decepticons had, in a manner of sorts, taken two of the Autobots prisoner.

The jet didn't agree with taking either of them prisoner, and didn't agree with abandoning their quest for the solar panel arrays, especially when they had no materials to build their own, and energy was becoming increasingly low. They could ill afford another botched attempt at obtaining energy, and it angered him that his commander, Megatron, didn't seem to know this.

Or he knew it, and didn't care. He was too busy trying to prove a point, in Starscream's book, to Optimus Prime.

Starscream folded his arms as he heard the Autobots being subdued and they were finally ushered, battered and sent into a stand by mode, to the Decepticon brig. Soon only himself and Megatron stood in the command center.

"Go ahead, Starscream, I know you have a sarcastic remark just waiting for me," Megatron said, walking to the controls at the head of the room to assess the aftermath of the battle.

"Taking those two as prisoners is a liability! What exactly was the point of capturing them anyway? They should have been destroyed!"

Megatron continued with his work, uninterested for the most part. "I've discussed this with you before. I believe they could be an asset."

Starscream didn't bother to mask his scoff. "Please, Megatron, they are too dedicated to the Autobot cause! They wouldn't lift a finger for the Decepticon cause."

"They'd hardly lift a finger for the Autobots if the one or the other didn't have a say about it."

"Then what is the point? Allow them to suck us dry of energy, energy that we barely have enough of to sustain ourselves, let alone some Autobot scum?" Starscream allowed his voice to carry a bit of aristocratic snobbery with the last sentence. Megatron finally turned to face the air commander, recognizing that Starscream, still wound up from the battle, was all too eager to pick fights. Starscream was obstinate. "Unless you do have sort of ill hatched plan up your exhaust vents I happen not to know about…which, I think for the sanity and moral of all of us, should be shared."

Megatron grinned. "I do have a plan, Starscream, but if you think I am going to blurting it to everything with bolts and cogs on this ship, you're sorely mistaken."

"Then at least tell me."

"So you can underhand me at the most crucial moment?" Megatron let a laugh escape him. "Please, Starscream. Your last attempt at treachery landed you in the brig for so long even the Autobots thought you were deactivated."

Starscream narrowed his optics. "If you do not trust me, oh mighty leader, then why did you reinstate me to my rank?"

"Because unfortunately we need to be prepared for every altercation with the Autobots, Starscream, and that means having the numbers to back up our forces," Megatron scowled. The jet was beginning to get on his nerves. "Now, go attend to your reports. I haven't the time for this." Megatron turned to the control panel to continue his work. Other reports were being processed as they spoke.

"I think you see things that aren't there, Megatron, and focus on things that do not truly matter!"

Megatron growled and whirled around. "That's it! Since you so love the brig so much, and you seem intent on avoiding your duties, then I am assigning you to the first guard shift, which will be a double shift, over the captured Autobots!"

Starscream scowled. "Do not patronize me, Megatron, with this frivolous appropriation…"

"Save the big words! I gave you an order! Now go, before you join the Autobots in the brig…but on the other side of the restraining field!"

Starscream growled, but he knew if he pressed the matter, Megatron would send him to the brig as a prisoner. Turning on his heel, he stomped out of the control center down through the bowels of the ship to the brig.

He stared at the two Autobots through the flickering force field, his hands clenched and his face sour. The two were awake, albeit shakily so. They looked like they had just suffered the worst of an avalanche, but Starscream supposed it served them best for always jumping first into the battles. Out of all the inane schemes, to capture these two

The red one's optics turned to Starscream almost the moment he had entered. Despite his injuries, he nudged the yellow Autobot at his side. The yellow one was slower to gain his orientation, but soon focused hard optics at the jet. "Hey, look who got sent to watch over us, Sunny!"

The yellow one hardened his glare at the Jet. "If it isn't Megatron's personal whiney bitch himself."

The red one donned a smirk and extended his arms with a bit of difficulty, as if welcoming a dear friend for a hug. "Starscream! Buddy! What's up?"

Starscream scowled as he folded his arms. This was going to be the longest double shift ever.