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Springkink prompt – July 14 #42 - Legacy of Kain, Vorador/Janos: Desperation - "Our time is running out"


Vorador touched him as though he was the god he still worshipped, after all this. Vorador didn't. Despite Janos' instruction in the faith he had never truly believed. What kind of merciful god would order such a horrible war? What kind of god would tell his 'children' he loved them and then abandon them because of something that wasn't their fault, but the hated hylden's?

The hylden, that had returned. Their kind prospered while Janos' were all but dead.

Kain had killed the Mass and stopped that plan, but Vorador had known his children's time was sort even without knowledge of the Mass. The Sarafan armies, the glyph gates, so much danger involved in simply feeding. At least they no longer had traitors of their own kind to deal with: Kain had killed them all.

He tried to reassure Janos, "Kain is the scion of balance your prophecies speak of. I am sure he will recover the Reaver."

"The Scion of Balance was the one to wield the Reaver, and the Messiah said…" Janos shivered. "All the prophecies are undone. The pillars have fallen. The human guardians were not even able to do that much."

Vorador forbore to mention that was Kain's doing. "The pillars may yet be restored, and the land saved." Though the eons had taught Vorador not to hope.

And Janos had always retained his hope despite Vorador's attempts to persuade him to cease to hope and begin to act. Now?

Despite his determination to stop the hylden in front of the children, now they were alone despair was etched in every line of Janos' frame. His sire, who had never hated the humans, was all that sustained him hate of his ancient enemy?

Vorador, to stop the silence, kissed him, and began to roll Janos on top of him before he noticed his hand upon those wings evoked a shiver of fear, not of pleasure.

What had the Hylden done to him?! His saintly sire…

He moved to put Janos back, but his sire refused to be shifted, kissing him back with force so different from how it had once been. "Sire, if it makes you uncomfortable…"

"Shh, Vorador." A familiar taloned hand covered his lips. "I need this. I have missed you so."

Their fates, and that of all Nosgoth would be decided soon. Vorador knew that Janos was tethered here only by the need to fight the hylden as he had refused to fight the first Sarafan.

Vorador strove desperately to give him a reason to stay after that.