Springkink prompt – July 11 #35 - Legacy of Kain, Wraith Raziel/Janos Audron: Sacrifice - "For all the choices you never make."

If what Kain had said was true, then Janos hadn't chosen to send Raziel to safety alone. It had been his fate: his fate to die a painful death. And yet, in the short time he had known Janos, it had become clear to him that for Janos, it in fact hadn't been a choice. Even if Janos had in fact possessed free will, it would not have been exercised.

Raziel's salvation had stemmed from Janos' very nature, had been inevitable as the water he resembled flowing downhill.

If Janos had asked him why Raziel had restored him and Raziel had been able to articulate the true reasons, he would have answered, "For all the choices you never make, I had to make the choice to do this."

Even if it meant sacrificing his own Sire to raise his Grandsire.

Why was Janos' heart so kind and Kain's so cruel when they were one and the same?

And Raziel found that he couldn't kill him. Not again. Not even to spare him further agony.

So where was the free will even Moebius said he had?

In the end, all he could do was follow the example of the noblest soul he had known, and sacrifice his own life for the one who could save Nosgoth.

And hope that Kain could, in his twisted mercy, do what Raziel could not, and end Janos' suffering. Even in madness, that would be a soul he would keep, treasure, if it fell across his blade.