Alright, the decision has been made. My hesitant previous note was received better than I could have expected, and as I read through this story and think back on my plans for it, my inspiration sort of exploded. Amusingly, it actually led to me having a Harry Potter movie marathon when I had time. –laugh-

Now my head is swimming with concepts for this story, so yes I have decided to revive Featherlight Taction.

However, there is one really big issue. Massive, actually, and I want to run it by you all before I do anything about it. Especially for the long-time fans (but just as much to you new readers), I feel I owe it to you to make sure that you're all in approval of what I want to do. As much as I write for me, I only post what I write for the enjoyment of others. It's because of that, that I think you all have just as much of a say in what I do with the story as I do.

I mentioned before that my writing has drastically changed. Time does that and it's been a lot of time.

I'm honestly ridiculously disappointed with the original Featherlight Taction as I read through it. As much as I would want to try to continue it from where I left off or start with a sequel as one reviewer suggested, I am going to be completely honest with you. I'm not sure I would be at all satisfied with anything I could come up with. To me, it would feel like the whole continuation would be nothing more than damage control.

The idea of FT was good. I like it to this day, but I didn't do nearly as much with it as I could have.

I didn't focus enough on the fact that this takes place during war. I didn't develop relationships other than Tom and Harry's as much as I could have and should have. And, most of all, the relationship with the two main men was not nearly as concrete and complex as I could have written it.

I think it's partially bias towards my old work. To me, anything I wrote in the old days was too flimsy. I never see enough depth when I look at my old stories. Regardless, I would have to essentially set aflame half of my plot ideas because the mistakes I made in FT fucked them over, to put it bluntly.

So, if I really want to give you the story you all deserve after all this time of waiting and the story I'd very much enjoy writing, I am going to throw out the suggestion that I start over. In my opinion, many changes to the story need to be made, both big and small, but I can promise it will still be the same STORY. Just with more meat. I, personally, like meat. It's delicious. Don't you all want some meat?

I'll pause for a moment to see how many of your minds just went deep into the gutter.


How many? Show of hands.

Alright. So, what's your opinion? Would you all be supportive of starting this story over? If so, I'll start on it right away. I don't want to start writing a whole new FT if you all would be displeased with the thought, but if that's not the case, I really would like to get these ideas out.

Let me know. Hope you're all having a fabulous day or night or whatever the hell time of day it is. Remember to eat your vegetables.

(Also, is anyone else experiencing any user-interactive aspects of having serious loading issues? I have to clear out my cookies every time I want to click a link or it won't load at all.)