As you might have noticed, I'm revising all my stories and I have decided to delete some of them for various reasons. However, I won't delete the BowserxPeach stories, I will simply arrange them all into a single collection so don't be alarmed if things are being moved around. Only the chaptered stories will be posted outside of this collection and all the oneshots will be here.

Vacation: A collection of BowserxPeach fluffy short stories. Many of these stories were in some way inspired by Razzi and others were requested by reviewers.


Event 01: I'm Not A Penguin

The koopalings cheerfully played in the snow throwing snow balls at each other in an all out icy war. Kamek had been forced to join as the referee for the two teams consisting of four koopalings each. At least that's what he was told, but he was beginning to think that they only wanted him to serve as a moving target for their frozen projectiles.

A little further away from the action, Peach observed a lonely penguin egg that was left in the snowy fields. "I wonder where its parents are?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen any penguins around here." Penguins or no penguins, it made no difference to Bowser as long as Peach was with him.

She gently picked up the egg contemplating it as if it were a baby, which in a way it was. "Poor dear, left here all alone. We'll take care of you until your parents return."

"We're babysitting the egg?"

"Yes, now hold on to it and keep it warm."

Bowser looked at Peach, then at the egg, then back at Peach. "Why do I have t do it?"

"Because you're warm."

"But... you're better at this. Besides, why can't we just leave it here? I'm sure the parents will come back for it."

"Not soon enough, the egg will be frozen by then and what makes you think I'm better at this? You have more body heat than me."

"Women are better at taking care of babies."

"It's the male penguin who keeps he egg warm."

"I'm not a penguin!"

Peach shook her head. Sometimes Bowser could be a bit stubborn but he loved her and one way or another she always got her way. "Hug me..."


"I'll hold the egg, you can hug me and keep us both warm." Peach smiled.

Bowser returned the smile. "Works for me!"

End of Event 01

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