Event 73: The Perfect Moment

Was there such a thing as the perfect moment? Or was that something that could only be obtained if one created it, rather than waiting for it?

Peach shifted uncomfortably, waiting to seize the moment, but the moment didn't come. It had been like that all day for her and Bowser knew something was up. She wanted to reciprocate his feelings in a special moment, but instead of coming up with a plan, she ended up getting distracted thinking about it and the proper time and place for the confession would evaporate from her mind until the words themselves disappeared and all that was left was a turmoil of feelings that she knew not how to express.

Peach's emotional overload was not missed by Bowser, though he didn't know exactly what it was about. He decided to ask Peach about it, encouraging her to tell him anything and share her thoughts. Peach came close to blurting out her confession, but thought the moment wasn't proper. Maybe she should wait for the sunset or maybe it should be spoken under the stars, perhaps in a hopeful morning or a calm afternoon, in the privacy of the castle or out on a picnic.

Seeing Bowser's curious gaze on her, before she slipped and let the words flow out like an unstoppable flood, Peach decided that a distraction was in order. "Let's play pickle ball!" She knew that Bowser would grant her request, as he granted all her wishes.

Soon she found herself in the court, in her pink sports outfit, running over a pink mushroom after the ball. She kept hitting it back to Bowser and he would return it. Lost in her emotions and a tad frustrated by her ever changing plan for a perfect confession, which refused to clearly define itself in her mind, Peach hit the ball harder and harder each time.

She focused on her feelings, on the words, on the setting. She followed the ball and hit it back towards Bowser. Her face was of concentration, forcing her mind to hold on to the words, the place and the time, not giving in to the abstract warmth of loving and being loved.

"Peach, you're playing kind of aggressively today," Bowser observed as he returned the ball to her side of the court.

Peach had enough. She no longer cared about the time the place, the setting, the atmosphere or even the phrasing of her confession. If she didn't speak her feelings immediately she was sure she would explode. As her racket came into contact with the ball in a mighty swing that broke it and ignited the ball, she bellowed, "I love you!"

Bowser stood frozen; his own racket falling from his limp claw as the ball harshly collided with his face. The sphere carried such a force that Bowser was knocked out instantly, falling unconscious with a blissful expression on his face.

Peach gasped, dropped the remains of her racket handle and rushed to his side, stumbling on her words to apologize. She went on her knees and lifted Bowser's head to rest on her lap.

With a rather obvious tender circular spot right on the nose, which made him sound kind of funny, Bowser replied with a pained but blissful smile, "I know."

End of Event 73

Disclaimer, the cast of the Mario games belongs to Nintendo. Event 73 was based on Razzi's Change of Heart. :)