Pairing: Yuki Kyo

Disclaimer: Are Yuki and Kyo together in Fruba? No? Then I don't own it.

Warnings: Yaoi and incest, the usual in a Fruba fanfic, also dangerously high levels of fluff at the end.

Yuki's neko was forgetful. Kyo could be told something half a dozen times and yet he would doubtless forget. Yuki had once informed the cat that he had a student council meeting after school and could not walk with him to Shihan's dojo a grand total of ten times. In the middle of the meeting Kyo burst in, demanding to know why he hadn't been told of it.

In order to correct the problem, Yuki had taken to writing things on his neko's arms so he could remember (Tohru had suggested a day planner but it was lost by lunchtime). It was not unusual to see the rat, pen in hand, and an indignant Kyo's hand in the other, writing times and dates.

So no one except Kyo paid any attention when Yuki was writing on him that morning at breakfast. Kyo was wracking his brain trying to remember what he'd forgotten and was coming up blank. Resigned, the cat looked at the memo on his arm.

I love you, neko. - Yuki

Kyo looked up, surprised at the smiling rat.

Yuki shrugged and winked, "Just thought I'd remind you."