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Pairing: Naoe/Takaya

Warnings: Rough Lemon, some bondage, boy on boy. Don't like it, don't read it.

Helpless Night

Chapter 1: The Winning Hand

He was going to be stupid again… But he just couldn't help himself. He reached down and got his sunglasses on as he drove the deserted roads toward Kyoto. Naoe Nobutsuna, now known as Yoshiaki Tachibana was heading in the single direction he probably shouldn't be at the moment, towards Takaya Ohgi. Every advance he'd made on the young teen had failed, and failed horribly might he add.

If it wasn't his damned pride it was old memories being kicked up. Chiaki had told him that Takaya was having more of those bad memories when he had lived with the Hojo, before he was adopted by Kenshin. He never knew what kinds of things he'd gone though, because even as Kagetora he never told him. If Takaya took to biting back at him this time he could simply state that he was there because he was worried about Takaya's health. It was the truth! Well… Most of it was anyway.

Naoe pulled up outside of Takaya's high school. He couldn't count the times he'd told the young man he had to try to keep his grades up, because it was for the best. But he was always blowing school off for one reason or another. In the end it didn't matter. Naoe was there for one reason and one reason only.

He was reminded of the parting words he was left with the last time he saw Takaya. When you can beat me, you can have me. Naoe hadn't stopped trying to think of ways to beat him, don't be mistaken about that. But to date he hadn't thought of one thing he could do that would beat him. He always enjoyed Naoe's torture.

Naoe took a seat on a bench just outside the gate of the school. He sat there smoking his cigarette waiting to hear that voice he couldn't get enough of. "Naoe… what are you doing here? Had to sink to stalking me now huh?"

Naoe looked up at the dark eyes of his lord. "I was in the neighborhood, and Chiaki had told me you weren't doing so well so I thought I'd drop by."

"That's a load of bull." The teen set up his bike so it wouldn't fall over and stood there watching Naoe. "Nothin's wrong with me, so you can just scurry off home now."

Naoe got up, throwing his cigarette down and stubbing it out. "How about we go out to dinner, I know a really good fish place down the road." He walked over to his car not even bothering to look at Takaya as he aimed for the driver's door.

Takaya eyed him curiously, trying to figure him out, but gave up and went to his bike. "Fine, I'll follow you."

Naoe watched him get on and fasten his helmet. He had preferred that he would ride with him but this was good enough. The restaurant he was taking him to was inside a hotel anyway.

When they got there he parked and saw Takaya just rolling up and setting his bike up. He looked back at Naoe. "Hey what kind of place is this, this looks more like some kind of hotel."

Naoe walked by him leading the way. "It is but it has a good restaurant inside that I like to go to when I'm in town."

Takaya shrugged and followed the older man. Naoe said something to the man at the front desk and he led the two though to their table. Naoe sat watching Takaya as they ate the food they ordered. "I hope you're paying for this, cause I didn't bother to bring any money with me today."

Naoe couldn't help but joke. "Here I thought you'd treat me for a change. Oh well I'm sure we could just work it off." He saw the stare Takaya gave him and gave a deep soft chuckle. "I'm kidding; of course I'll pay for it."

Takaya went back to eating. "Good, for a minute there I thought you were serious. Cause if you were it'd be you washing dishes while I watched."

It was true he'd do anything for his lord, even wash dishes. But that was why he was there. "Chiaki tells me you've been having some disturbing memories lately. Care to tell me about them?"

Takaya looked at him "Maybe if you give me some of that wine you got I might."

Naoe had to congratulate his young lord on his tactic; it almost worked… almost… "I thought we went though this before, not until you get older. Your body is still developing and I won't let you ruin it."

Takaya sighed, silently cursing. "Fine… It's just a couple stupid memories… When I was adopted."

Naoe didn't know the extent of some of the memories he had sealed away, he assumed some of them he never wanted to really remember again. But regardless he saw his opening. "Would you like me to see if I could seal those memories away again?"

Takaya looked up from his food, swallowing what he had in his mouth. "You can do that?"

"I can try. I had wanted to encourage your memories to come when they are ready, but there are some memories I'm sure that you could probably do without." Naoe sipped his wine; he hoped his plan wasn't as transparent as he felt like it was.

"Okay, after dinner you can try." Takaya had no idea that Naoe had any kind of hidden agenda.

After dinner Naoe had rented a room for himself for the night and took Takaya upstairs with him. He hung his suit jacket over a chair and turned on a light. "Have a set and I'll get ready." Naoe had to stand there and count to ten. The last time he had Takaya in a room alone he almost had him in his clutches. Now if only he could keep himself calm he might be able to carry out his plan. Most of it he was making up on the fly, he always liked having a laid out plan, but for Takaya you could never predict the path you could go.

Takaya sat on the bed and looked down at his feet, considering the idea, finally, that Naoe might be planning something else besides sealing away those memories of his. It didn't matter now; he was in the room and come what may.

Naoe walked back over and pulled up a chair in front of Takaya, "You're going to have to try to think about those memories that have been troubling you… That way I can find them with ease." Naoe said softly as he took a seat in front of his young lord.

He saw Takaya avert his eyes, the tell tail sign of hesitation and uncertainty. He put his hand on the side of the younger's face and made him look at him. "You need to be strong, our pasts hold horrors that many couldn't fathom." Takaya blushed at the contact and looked at Naoe as he spoke. "Just close your eyes and think about those feelings you get when those memories surface."

Takaya did as Naoe said and closed his eyes. He could see the memories starting to bubble up and wanted to stop. But Naoe's soothing voice gave him strength to continue.

Naoe placed his hands on the sides of Takaya's head and started to connect minds. It wasn't something he did often. Only twice had he ever had the opportunity to do it, and at least one of those he was on the receiving end. This would be a new experience for them both.

After connecting minds he could almost immediately see the memories, and they weren't something he'd want to remember either. To say it contained humiliation was being nice. Rape was never something someone could easily get over.

Naoe set to work sealing the memory away, so it couldn't hurt Takaya ever again. Layers upon layers of bindings he placed over it to make sure it stayed down. After what seemed like an eternity it was over. Takaya opened his eyes when he felt Naoe's hands fall away. "I can't feel it anymore… it's gone…" he looked at Naoe.

"Yes, I don't think it will bother you again. I made sure to place enough bindings on it so it couldn't escape." He stood, pushing the chair back. Takaya stood to look at the older man.

"Thanks, it really helped." Takaya pulled his coat on to leave but when he reached for the door he realized it was locked, and it was one of those deadbolt locks that you had to use a key for on both sides. "What the hell…"

"Takaya… You told me last time we met that… when I could beat you I could have you." He looked back at the young man. "I think I'm well on my way."

Takaya glared back at the older man. "You bastard… let me out!"

Naoe sat down on the bed. "I'll let you out… if you can find the key."

Takaya's eyes narrowed at the older man. "You perverted bastard, I have homework you know!"

"Huh… Since when do you care about homework?" Naoe stood up. "Go ahead, look for the key. But I'm not going to wait forever before I finish out my plan."

Takaya growled and then started to search for the key. He opened drawers, searched Naoe's suit jacket, and even checked under the sheets and pillows and under the bed. "Alright you son-of-a-bitch where is it!"

Naoe stood against the door watching the younger man, loosened his tie, and unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt. And there, beneath his shirt, Takaya saw the glint of metal. He made out the shape of a key and his eyes narrowed. Takaya just about attacked Naoe to get to the key, but Naoe grabbed the teen's wrists and easily reversed their positions to pin the young man against the wall. "You have to the count of three to get this key off my neck. One…"

Takaya struggled against his aggressor and did get out. He tried again for the key but it was easy for Naoe to knock him down onto the bed. "Two…"

Takaya growled as he looked up at Naoe. "Damn you!"

Naoe stepped between Takaya's legs and pinned him to the bed. "Three… times up." He sealed his lips against Takaya's but the young man got his knee up into Naoe's chest and shoved him back. Naoe fell back and accidentally knocked over the bedside lamp.

There was the scuffle of feet and Takaya found himself underneath Naoe's body yet again. "I said time's up, you lose." Naoe leaned over and took Takaya's earlobe and nibbled. This time he had his legs pinning Takaya's legs so that he couldn't pull that trick again.

He leaned up to look down at Takaya. "Well… I think I won this round."

Takaya still struggled but he smirked. "I guess you did… But I'm not going to give you the chance to enjoy it." He continued to test Naoe's strength and tried getting away.

Naoe hauled his captive up, he was relatively sure he could proceed without kicking up any bad memories of his that might hurt him. He would proceed with the utmost caution, but he wouldn't let Takaya get away this time.

"Aren't you curious? Wonder what it would feel like to have me inside you?" Naoe put his lips against Takaya's shoulder, kissing up his neck. "It won't hurt, I'd never hurt you…"

Naoe thought about what he'd do to be able to go down to his car and get the things he needed before he proceeded with his plan. As if sensing what he was thinking Takaya smirked. "Kink in your plan Naoe?"

Naoe wouldn't let him have the pleasure. "Not at all…" He quickly pulled his tie lose and removed it. He quickly tied it around Takaya's wrists, not enough to cut off circulation, but so he couldn't wiggle free. He shoved the boy back on the bed face down and looked at him. "Don't move… "He went to the door, went out, and made sure to lock it again before going down to his car and getting a few supplies consisting of a tube of lube, some shackles, and a few condoms. He always remembered to bring them with him just in case he had such a chance as he did tonight.

When he returned to the room he placed the key in the lock and stopped. He's probably waiting for me to walk in and try to take me down then. Having the training he did 400 years ago he knew to watch out for ambushes. He smirked, that'd be something Kagetora would think about doing in order to escape his captor. Naoe turned the key and opened the door. And just as he thought Takaya tried to attack, but he missed and fell right on his ass, arms still tied with Naoe's tie.

"Owww…. My butt…." Takaya cried as he laid there after falling.

Naoe quickly came in and locked the door behind him, placing the key back around his neck. He leaned down to the brunet and grabbed him by the hair slightly roughly. "Learned your lesson?"

Takaya glared "Fuck you."

Naoe smirked. "Not tonight, how about you though?" He held up the shackles he brought with him. "These might be more comfortable than the tie."

Takaya's eyes widened. Naoe hauled him up, shoving him back on the bed face down. He put his knee in the small of his back, pinning one arm too, and untied the tie. He threw it to the ground and grabbed the lose arm and shackled it. The shackles were made of soft leather and used buckles and locks. With one wrist locked it only took a flip of Takaya's body and threw the other end of the shackles over one of the poles of the headboard before locking the other wrist.

"I have to admit Naoe; you really thought this through didn't you." Takaya tested the bonds and wiggled trying to get comfortable. He still wasn't giving up though.

Naoe threw the other things he had gotten on the end table next to the bed as he unbuttoned his shirt and threw it to the side with his suit jacket. He looked back at his captive. "Of course, I don't do anything half-assed."

Takaya watched the man undress. He had to admit he was very handsome and had a very nice body. But he wouldn't give Naoe the pleasure of knowing he'd won yet.

"You better let me go you bastard before I really hurt you!" He struggled against the bonds.

"Don't make me gag you too. I want to hear you scream my name when I take you." Naoe looked back at him with a strange look in his eyes, one that slightly scared Takaya.

Naoe walked back over to the bed and made quick work of Takaya's shirt buttons and pants. The pants and his underwear were soon gone and the shirt open to Naoe's roaming gaze.

Takaya looked away. "Don't look at me…" This was something he had feared of ever going though with any kind of relationship with Naoe.

"Why not, you are too lovely not to …" Naoe was leaning over him so when Takaya looked back they were face to face. "You only consider your power the only thing you have. But you have so much more, Takaya. Perhaps if you had your memories you'd know that. But since you don't I'm going to have to show you." Naoe grabbed the lose collar of Takaya's shirt that was still under him and pulled him up into a brutal kiss. He just couldn't get enough of the youth's sweet mouth.

His tongue could hold such barbs when he wanted to. And to feel that tongue so warm underneath his as he plundered the other's mouth was heaven on earth. The kiss was only broken off because Takaya turned his head. Naoe took it in stride and attacked his exposed throat.

Takaya closed his eyes, trying to get away from such feelings, rape wasn't suppose to feel like this… unless it wasn't rape… but then he'd have to be just as willing as Naoe… He tested at his bonds again and whimpered when Naoe's mouth closed around one of his exposed nipples.

Takaya's hips lifted up into Naoe's as he moved to attend to the other nipple. "Naoe…" Takaya closed his eyes tight trying to bring his senses back into control.

"Didn't think it could feel this good, did you?" Naoe mumbled against the skin of Takaya's strong abs. "Didn't think I could make you feel this good?"

Takaya felt Naoe's hands roam lower until he felt his genitals being touched and fondled. He gasped, he was already so ready. "Naoe… don't stop…"

Naoe needed no other command. "You consent then?"

"Yes!" Takaya looked at the man above him. "Just… Make the aching stop."

Naoe grabbed for the things he had brought up in the dark. Feeling the smooth tube and a foil pack that held a condom. Takaya felt something wet at the entrance just beneath his balls. He wanted to shrink away from it, but at the same time he wanted Naoe to fill him completely.

Slipping one finger in at first, Naoe made sure to coat him completely before adding the second. He pushed deeper inside to make sure he was coated completely. He would not hurt his young lover ever.

Naoe slipped the condom over his almost painful erection and lined up with Takaya's entrance. He slowly pushed until the head slipped in. He felt the muscles clench and stopped, waiting for him to relax before he went further.

After a moment of waiting he did relax and Naoe kept pushing at a steady pace until he was completely inside Takaya's body. Takaya's head was turned, his face hidden by his left arm that was pulled up from the shackles.

Naoe's strong voice sounded next to his right ear. "Look at me." Takaya couldn't say no to the powerful voice above him and turned his head to face Naoe.

"You have your prize this time." He ground out, but not from rage, from pure raw passion.

"I have my lover." Naoe knew that the battle he had won tonight was just that, a battle. The war would still rage and he would still have to fight to make Takaya permanently his. But he knew that as long as he drew breath, in one body or another, he would never stop his fight.

Naoe began to move inside him. Making sure to angle his thrusts back in to touch that deep spot inside him. At first all he heard was gasps from his young lover, and then the gasps turned into whimpers and cries.

Reaching down Naoe took hold of Takaya's own weeping erection. He spread the moisture at the top around, thumbing the small hole before sweeping down in a long stroke all the way down to his sack. Takaya gave a yelp and his hips were moving constantly now, wanting Naoe to speed up, of which he was all too happy to oblige.

Naoe poised himself above his lover and started to thrust harder and faster. Takaya's head was jerking back and forth trying to get control. Naoe grabbed him, just under the chin, and licked his lips. "Scream for me… Scream my name, Takaya, so everyone knows who you belong to."

Takaya struggled to get his face away from Naoe's grasp but it was futile. He gasped at each thrust, "No…" he struggled trying to get away but he could find no purchase. The moment of Takaya's climax, however, he did scream. A very long drawn out "NAOE……."

Naoe thrust toward his own climax. Feeling his young lord's muscles clench around him was his finisher. "MY LORD…."

Naoe lay across Takaya, waiting for him to soften before he pulled out. He looked down at his lover and kissed his neck. "Takaya… I love you Takaya."

Takaya lay there thinking for a long time. He made a soft groan of protest when Naoe finally pulled out. He felt empty for some reason. He looked at Naoe and the spiked tongue came back. "You love Kagetora."

Naoe got himself up so he was straddling his captive. "I loved Kagetora. And after what happened he became you. I love you regardless of who you are. Names are fleeting; they don't mean anything when someone loves you as much as I do. Think what you want to, but what ever you are called I will love you always. Lord Takaya."

Takaya still glared at the man above him. "You better let me go damn it, before I hurt you." He was back to struggling.

"No…" Takaya stopped to stare at Naoe as he spoke. "Your mine tonight and I'm not going to let you go until the sun rises. When the day breaks anew we will be reborn, but until then you are my captive, and I will keep you until I have finished."

"I won't make this easy for you!" Takaya growled as he watched Naoe got up to go to the bathroom to start a shower. Naoe came back and Takaya watched him start to unlock one of his shackles. "What are you going to do?"

"You're filthy; we need a shower of course." He stated simply. As soon as one of his wrists was free he fought to escape. He managed to get away and got only 2 feet from the door when Naoe knocked him down and was on his back in a split second. He pulled Takaya's wrists back and shackled them again before hauling him up. "That was naughty; I should teach you a lesson."

Naoe shoved his captive into the bathroom, where he bent him over the edge of the sink, his hand firmly in Takaya's hair. "You bastard… let go of me!"

"You're such a naughty boy… you really need to be taught a lesson." Naoe leaned over and licked the back of his neck.

"Damn it… Quit trying to role-play already…" Takaya struggled from his captor and tried to get out from under him.

"Why, don't you find it fun?" Naoe felt the temperature of the water running and nodded. He pulled Takaya up against him and got him into the shower. Takaya fell back against the wall and watched as Naoe got in with him.

Naoe pushed him against the opposite wall and held his face still while he kissed him hard. Takaya found a way to get his knee into Naoe's chest and push him back. While he was struggling to regain his footing Takaya made quick work of getting his bound wrists in front of him. He tried to get out but Naoe had already gotten back up and had him back against the wall with his arms above his head. "Very naughty, maybe you need a spanking."

Takaya gave him a stale look, "You're going to spank me?"

Naoe smirked, "Well if that's what it takes." Naoe nipped at his neck. "Hold still…" Naoe slowly slid down Takaya's body until he was on his knees before his lord and looked at the jewels he had come to face. "Look at how dirty you are, I'll have to rectify that." He then started to lick up the seed that had spilled onto Takaya's stomach and around his genitals when he had climaxed earlier.

While he cleaned his young lover he noticed how Takaya's penis started to rise again, and Takaya's hands in his hair as he loved on the young man. He looked up at Takaya, pausing for a moment. "You did always tell me I gave really good head… let's find out if I still do."

Takaya groaned when the crown of his organ slipped slowly into Naoe's mouth. It was so hot and soft, he couldn't believe how great it felt. He laced his fingers tightly though Naoe's hair and started to fuck his mouth deeply.

Naoe opened his throat so that he wouldn't choke and made sure to breathe though his nose. He manipulated his tongue around Takaya's erection until he felt him burst inside his mouth. He drank up every drop and even licked up what managed to escape from around his lips.

He felt Takaya limp in his arms so he quickly stood, holding the young man up. He easily slipped his bound arms around his neck so he could wash him with ease. "Naoe… That was incredible."

Naoe smirked but he wouldn't gloat. That would only hurt his lord's pride and hurt his chances of being able to do this again without Takaya on the look out for him again. Maybe after tonight he'd be able to convince his lord to let this be an often occurrence with little fight.

Regardless he could tell that Takaya was exhausted, with time he could teach him stamina but not tonight. "Just hold on to me and I'll get us clean enough for bed."

All Takaya managed was an 'mm' as his head laid against Naoe's chest. Naoe reached for the soaps and made quick work of washing up. He managed to manipulate both of their bodies out of the shower and into the bedroom after drying off.

When he set Takaya down he heard his soft voice. "Naoe… Take these shackles off would ya… I won't run…"

Naoe studied him for a moment and then nodded. He removed the shackles and watched Takaya crash on the bed. On a second thought he sat back up and reached across Naoe's body where he was now laying for the phone. Naoe looked at him curiously. "I need to call my sister… she'll worry…"

The conversation was short. He could hear Takaya's sister telling him how worried she was about him and to get home soon. Soon after he hung up and settled himself back down on the bed, crawling under the covers.

"I'll be late for school tomorrow…" He mumbled.

Naoe snaked his arm around Takaya's waist "I'll call in for you so you can stay home, say there was a family emergency."

"Hum… some emergency." Takaya mumbled. He yawned and fell right to sleep in the arms of his one guardian, and for once Naoe had won.