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Pairing: Naoe/Takaya

Warnings: Rough Lemon, some bondage, boy on boy. Don't like it, don't read it.

Helpless Night

Chapter 2: Payback's a Bitch

Takaya Ohgi awoke the next morning to find himself naked in bed with someone's arm around him. The sun was shining in his eyes, it was obviously just about around noon and someone had ordered room service for them because right near the door there was a cart with several trays on it.

Takaya groaned, as his gaze moved over the different structures in the room he noticed the knocked over end table and lamp from last night, it was still on and thankfully not broken. He contemplated getting up out of bed to explore what could be under the domes of those dishes when he decided to just roll over. When he did he came face to face with Naoe Nobutsuna. Just beyond his ash blonde head was the second end table with the shackles and other paraphernalia from last night and the memories began to filter in. Did he really let Naoe have sex with him last night?

He thought about looking for the key again… he thought about possibly escaping the arms of his captor… He seriously thought about it, but in the end his drowsy mind was too fogged to seriously consider doing it. He closed his eyes again to fall back to sleep, wanting to enjoy the memories of how good last night felt, and keep the warm around him from shifting away from him. For some reason it reminded him so much of a previous life he shared with Naoe, after he had been adopted Naoe was there for him and always had been since.

The idea of letting Naoe win occasionally flitted though his mind. It certainly was fun, wasn't it? But he had his fun for the night and Takaya wanted to… 'repay' Naoe's kind ministrations.

He was going to contemplate on it further when he heard Naoe's masculine voice sound softly. "Finally awake?" His hand reached up to gently brush Takaya's hair away from his face. "I ordered breakfast but you were still asleep. It should still be warm though."

Takaya watched Naoe set up and stretch. Takaya sat up as well and rubbed his eyes; he could hear Naoe speak but couldn't make out his position at the moment. "I'll drive you home after we get something to eat."

"Yeah, Miya is probably worried out of her mind." Takaya got up, oblivious to his nakedness, and went over to the cart to examine what was there. Naoe took that chance to appreciate the young man's lovely backside and supple penis that now hung limp between his legs. He could still taste the boy's essence on his tongue.

Naoe lit up a cigarette right by the window after getting on a pair of pants. "You should try to convince her to go out for herself once in a while, catch a movie with her friends or something."

"She's usually too busy worrying about me to do that." Takaya tasted one of the dishes and decided to take that and went back over to the bed. Naoe had a chance to avert his eyes so Takaya had no knowledge that he had been staring at the boy's package and thinking how lovely it would be to have it inside him for a change. But the older man wasn't holding his breath, the chances of his lord doing anything for Naoe's pleasure was slim to none.

They ate mostly in silence and Takaya dressed quietly. Takaya watched the older man dress as well and straighten his tie. He remembered how that tie kept him captive last night and it made a shiver run up his spine. Oh yes, Naoe would get his very soon. But first Takaya had to plan.

The ride back to Takaya's house was relatively silent as well, besides the call made to Takaya's school, explaining why he'd be out for the day. Takaya did appreciate that, he didn't think he was in much condition to go to school today, as it was his ass was a little sore and he probably smelled like sex despite the shower they took last night.

When he got inside the house Miya practically mauled him making sure he was okay. He shrugged her off and got inside his room before she could go really ballistic on his ass. He sighed as he lay in bed and took a nap, of which was plagued with dreams of Naoe. For some reason he just couldn't get the older man off his mind.

Just around dinner he finally got back up and ate while he talked to Miya. Somehow or another he managed to convince her to go out that night, it turned out that her friends had been trying to get her to go see a movie with them anyway so knowing Takaya was okay she finally took the incentive and called her friends to go to the movies with them.

Takaya was grateful for the alone time when she finally walked out the door when her friends arrived. He sat back in his chair with his eyes closed thinking. "I gotta get Naoe back for last night, but how? He's obviously much stronger physically then me, I'd loose horribly in a wrestling match. So I guess my plan has to lay in preparation…" He sat up to look into empty space. "Naoe was prepared for me, but he didn't need to be that prepared really…"

A plan began to form in the young teen's head as he sat there. He would prepare for Naoe and then get him to the house on the pretense that Takaya was having trouble pinning a vengeful spirit down. Hopefully he'd take the bait and the night would begin.

First, he decided, he needed supplies. He got up and went to the phone where he dialed a number and waited for the person to answer on the other end.


"Yuzuru? It's Takaya."

"Hey Takaya, we missed you in school today." Takaya thought he heard someone else's voice in the background as well.

"Is that Nagahide with you?" He asked.

"Um… yeah, I offered to give him a hand with some homework." Takaya had a feeling they weren't just doing homework either as he heard Nagahide from the other side of the room complain about being too cold without Yuzuru near him. He could almost laugh. "So what do you need?"

"Well remember that report you did on law enforcement? Do you still have the stuff you used as a display?"

"Yeah, it's around here. Why?"

Takaya paused for a moment and looked up, "Could I borrow them…?"

Naoe sighed as he put his sunglasses on against the setting sun. He was headed home when he had gotten a call from Takaya that he needed help with a particularly hard spirit. He said something about being hard to pin down long enough to exorcize. He could have sworn he had taught Takaya enough already to be able to handle just about any spirit one could exorcize alone.

Regardless he was there to serve his master and couldn't deny an order given to him by the general of the Uesugi army. He pulled up outside Takaya's house and looked around a moment, he didn't sense a rebellious spirit, but it could be something else, better safe then sorry.

He walked up to the door, not bothering to check for any traps at all, and knocked on the door. The moment his hand touched the door a glow came from around his feet. There was a circle of ruins running around him that glowed and shown until the spell was complete, and Naoe was frozen so he could not move. "What… is… this…?" This couldn't be the work of a spirit; it had to be a possessor…

It hit him like a ton of bricks, Lord Kagetora.

As if sensing he was being thought about, Takaya opened the door. He had a sly smile. "Naoe, how nice of you to join me. I see you got caught in my little trap. Clever really if you ask me. Something you can't get out of unless you can speak the incantation or move for that matter. And if you can't move you can't break it. Ingenious really!"

Naoe glared at his young master, not only could he not move a single muscle but he couldn't speak either. Takaya must have thought this out quite a bit more then Naoe had thought out his plan last night.

Takaya circled Naoe's wrists with a simple spell and glowing wristbands appeared to bind the helpless man. "Well don't just stand there gawking, come in." Takaya turned away and the bindings forced Naoe out of the binding circle and into the apartment. When the bindings stopped tugging he fell face first on the carpet. Takaya grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled Naoe's head up. "Payback's a bitch isn't it, you dirty dog?"

Naoe groaned as his head hit the floor when Takaya let go. "Lord Takaya…"

Takaya looked down at his captive. "Miya is gone for the night, so I can do what ever I want to you without worrying about someone walking in on us." With a twist of his hands the energy bindings pulled Naoe up until his toes left the ground. Takaya put his hands on his hips, surveying his work. "I rather like you like this, thrust up like the bad dog you are. I think you'd look even better naked though."

Naoe gasped as his eyes widened. His master was going to humiliate him, but it was going to be an exquisite humiliation. His heart began to thud louder, so loud it threatened to break out of his chest.

Takaya came up to Naoe, stood on his tip toes, and kissed him while ruthlessly grabbing a fist full of Naoe's hair to keep him still. "You're going to get punished for tricking me last night."

Naoe could already feel himself beginning to rise beneath the soft material of his pants. If only Takaya knew what he was doing to him. Takaya's other hand was on the apex of his suit pants. The moment they were loosened they fell around his ankles, caught by his shoes. Naoe watched his captor as he looked him over.

"Hmm, I didn't know you wore silk boxers." Takaya said as he began to manipulate Naoe's penis beneath the soft material. "I bet that feels good doesn't it? Maybe if you're a good boy I'll let you cum."

Naoe groaned and let his head hang back with his eyes closed, trying desperately to not let Takaya's words get to him. Truly such a demanding job was hard to do. He tried, he really tried. But in the end his balls got the better of him, swelling up with passion, needing the touch that was separated by a thin barrier of silk. "Please…" He gasped when Takaya's hands left.

Takaya smirked; he rather liked having Naoe like this, in his power. He felt strong and dominant, something he really wanted to experience again and again. Takaya made quick work of removing Naoe's shoes, socks, and hanging pants. They were thrown across the room on the couch for later. He saw the passion on Naoe's face from the short fondling he got. "Are you going to cream your pants already, can't wait until I'm inside you?"

Naoe's eyes popped open at that. How he wished to kiss that dirty mouth of his lord's. Takaya removed his tie first, and began to unbutton his shirt. "That's right, you're going to get your fill of me tonight, so you know who is the master and who is the dog." Takaya grabbed his face and kissed him dominantly. As he pulled away he nipped at Naoe's lips and then stepped away. The energy binds began to lower him so that Takaya could get his suit jacket and shirt off.

When Naoe was fully naked he stood before his master humbly waiting for Takaya to make the next move. Takaya looked him over appreciatively and then smirked. "Follow me." He turned not waiting for him to comply; the binds forced him to follow Takaya. They both stopped to where Takaya had discarded his clothing.

Takaya rummaged though the pockets of Naoe's suit until he found what he was looking for. He produced a tube of lube and a couple condoms. "Something told me I'd find these in your suit."

Naoe blushed bright red at that. "Wishful thinking." He mumbled. He heard Takaya laugh at that.

"I guess you got your wish." He took a hold of Naoe's bound wrists and pulled him along behind him to the bedroom. He found himself shoved down onto the bed and then flipped over so his wrists became bound to the headboard above him.

"You did plan this out rather well, Lord Takaya." Naoe mumbled as the young man straddled Naoe's hips and pull off his shirt.

"I did, actually." He reached over and grabbed a pair of handcuffs, "I had thought to use these that I borrowed from Yuzuru, but I doubt they'd be very comfortable and I couldn't control them like I can control those energy bands." He threw them to the side, and as if to get the point across to Naoe the binds around his wrists copied themselves and broke away to find there way down to the center of his attention. They tightly circled his penis and balls and Naoe groaned closing his eyes. "Can't let you climax prematurely, I want to have my fun first."

If it was possible for Naoe's erection to get any bigger, it did then. Takaya felt it poking him in the backside and he smirked. "Eager to get back inside me? Hmm, too bad, it'll be me doing the taking tonight."

Takaya got off his captive and was moving around his room. Naoe tried to set up a little to see what Takaya was doing but it was impossible, with the bands constantly tugging him back when he tried to move forward.

It was at that moment the energy bands sent a shock though his body. It wasn't painful though, quite the opposite. It sent a jolt to his penis and he groaned. He was then able to see Takaya undressing before him, as if he were holding a show just for Naoe. But he was sure that it was so he would get so worked up Takaya could leave him in such a painful state for his punishment.

Takaya stroked his erection to life as he watched Naoe squirm and wiggle. "You're going to beg me… before this is over. You're going to beg me to stop, yet to continue." If only Takaya knew that Naoe was already at that state, he probably would have been able to cause further punishment to the older man.

Takaya came to the side of the bed and settled himself between Naoe's legs so he could easily access the thing that Naoe had wanted Takaya to touch all night. He took hold of it firmly, "But first, I think I'll give you a taste of what you gave me last night."

Naoe watched his young lord lower his head agonizingly slow towards his weeping erection. He watched as the crown of it slipped slowly inside and started to sink into the warm heat of Takaya's mouth. He felt Takaya's gag reflex when he took on a little too much. "Open your throat… Breath though your nose…" Naoe mumbled as the boy. Takaya took his instruction and did even better to swallow him down.

Before long Takaya had Naoe calling his name over and over again, begging him to let him have his release. But Takaya wouldn't let him have it just yet. He was inexperienced in this kind of thing, so he certainly could consider letting Naoe be seme, the position certainly fit… But tonight was about revenge.

Sooner then he wanted, Takaya lifted his head away. He looked down at his captive. "I think you'd look good in leather pants…"

Naoe gave him a curious look, he certainly didn't know where that came from but he took the compliment as it was.

Takaya smirked as he withheld the completion that Naoe so desperately wanted. But as much as he wanted to dominate Naoe it wasn't something he could do. And so he slowly released Naoe from the binds around his erection and straddled his hips, "Do you want me?"

Naoe groaned at his soft voice. "Lord Takaya… I love you… I'd never let any harm come to you."

Takaya hadn't heard that tone of voice from Naoe before. It was so different, as if he were taking an oath of protection. He just knew it had to be connected to their lives 400 years ago. Regardless he'd get the information from him later; right now he was going to conclude his business here. He was going to brand Naoe his, forever.

Takaya reached over under Naoe's head for something. When it was brought forth Naoe saw that it was, actually, a rather large butt plug. "Where did you get that?"

Takaya smirked. "Wouldn't you like to know." He got the lube he also got and started to lube it up and Naoe began to ponder exactly where that would be stuck. He had an idea, but he would be interested to see where Takaya ended up putting it.

Takaya scooted his way down and started to get Naoe ready to insert the plug into him. Slowly it was inserted and Naoe held as still as possible, but when it touched his prostate he cried out Takaya's name.

Takaya was back on Naoe's stomach watching down at him. "Aw, can't you handle it?" He smirked at the look on Naoe's face, as if Naoe wanted to get him and whip the smugness out of him.

Takaya grabbed for the lube again and this time started to lube Naoe's penis. He then reached behind him and guided it up to his entrance, ready to scoot back slowly. As he started to take on Naoe's cock he cried out from the penetration. Naoe tried desperately not to buck up, but in the end it was too much for him and he shoved the last inch into Takaya.

Takaya cried out in pleasure/pain. He looked down at him. "You bastard, I didn't say you could do that, you could have hurt me."

Naoe smirked. "Sorry, I thought you were giving me the 'ok' to shove." Naoe couldn't get the glee out of his thoughts that he caught Takaya off guard.

Takaya reached down, grabbing a hold of one of Naoe's nipples, and twisted. He cried out at that pleasure/pain feeling and bucked up trying to get away from it, yet get more. Unfortunately his hips couldn't exactly go anywhere as Takaya was setting on them, fully impaled on his cock.

"You little prick; I'll get you for that." Naoe groaned as he shifted and wiggled.

"Will you now? Maybe if I give you the chance." Takaya reached behind him and found the cord that went out of the dildo butt-plug. Naoe hadn't seen it attached to it because Takaya had been hiding it. He hit the on switch and Naoe gasped trying to wiggle and get the vibrator out of him, but his outer ring of muscle was firmly around the indentation of the base and there was no pushing it out. "What's wrong can't take it Naoe, want me to move?"

"You little ass-licker you'll pay for this." Naoe groaned under Takaya's weight. It was all he could take not to move his hips.

Takaya smirked and started to move up and down very slowly. Naoe was soon calling Takaya's name, and saying some rather fowl language, promising a complete and throughout fucking next time he got his hands on Takaya's ass. Takaya leaned down, grabbing a fist full of his hair. "Oh, you know I look forward to it." He leaned back and started to up the pace, closing his own eyes and starting to pant.

He started to bounce more and more, telling Naoe what a good fuck he was, saying that they should do it more often. Naoe started to thrust his hips up, and Takaya never knew he had such a dirty mouth on him. "You're such a little bitch, you'll get yours soon enough." He closed his eyes trying to get his hands free but it was futile.

Takaya smirked. "Not before…you get yours…" Takaya closed his eyes, almost to completion himself, and reached down to start stroking his own member. Just before he climaxed he looked down and aimed for Naoe's face and chest, where he spilled his seed all over his target.

However Takaya didn't stop moving on Naoe's erection, he reached behind him and turned up the speed on the vibrator and not too long after Naoe climaxed, panting just as hard as his lord. Takaya pulled up off of Naoe and groaned softly as he fell beside of the older man.

"You got cum all over my face…" Naoe stated the obvious calmly.

"I know, I was aiming for your mouth but ya know, it's hard to aim when you have a cock up your ass…" He then got up and went to get some washcloths. The energy bands around Naoe's wrists disintegrated and he was able to move again.

When Takaya came back he threw him a wet washcloth and let him clean up the seed that had spilled all over him. "That was rather clever, Takaya, using the binding seal on me. I didn't expect anything like that. It'll teach me to be more cautious walking into situations I know nothing about."

Takaya smirked as he watched Naoe, "Yeah and this'll teach me that you have a really dirty mouth."

Naoe blushed at that. "I learned from the best 400 years ago…" He looked down at his lover. "Would you be sanctioned to perhaps working something like this into our already busy schedule once in a while? After all, everyone needs a little stress relief now and again."

Takaya looked at him and kissed him, "Ask me tomorrow morning… I'm tired." He laid back and closed his eyes. Naoe smiled a little as he watched his lord lay back down and carefully pulled the butt-plug out of his ass. He set it to the side to be cleaned later and laid down as well, putting his arm carefully around Takaya's waist.

Next time he had Takaya, it'd be no more mister nice guy. He smirked at that notion and quickly fell to sleep beside his lover. Maybe, just maybe he'd received redemption at last.

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