Okay people, I ADMIT IT. I am a hopeless romantic…urg. I was inspired to write this three-part story because of a fan-art I saw while being a loser and just browsing…oh well. Anyway, if you fear fluff go away, this isn't for you.

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First part takes place in the past when Trisha was still alive. Ed and Al are fighting…hehe, it kind of reminds me of my little brothers, basically the same age difference too…weird, only difference is the hair colors are swapped!

Someday We'll Know…Why I Was Meant For You

Part One, The Past: You're Going To Marry ME!

"Winry is going to marry me!" Alphonse said while pushing his older brother down with has much might has his little body had. But his big brother fought back just has hard and grabbed Alphonse's arm and brought him down to the ground with him, following this act by sitting on his head.

"Haha." Edward laughed, "I win. I get to marry Winry." He bragged as he felt his little brother squirm beneath him. Finally, Edward let up and Alphonse pulled himself from the ground, small tears in the corners of his eyes. He put his hands on top of his head but neither his tears nor his obvious pain would make his brother falter and give Winry to him.

"I'm going to play with Mommy!" The boy shouted, trying to make it sound as if losing was the better deal. "And I'm going to tell her you sat on my head!" Alphonse then proceeded to stomp off home and have a much more enjoyable time with his mother. Who needs Edward and Winry? He thought. Certainly not him!

Edward beamed at his victory as he watched Alphonse sulk off home. But now that the fight was over…was he even sure he wanted to keeping playing? Yes, this time he would make it through the whole ceremony and then rub it all in Alphonse face when it was done. It was the perfect plan.

Edward turned sharply and made his way Winry's front door for she had given up on the two boys and decided to go inside and get a snack until they had figured out a way to play nice. Edward was not planning on telling his bride on how he won her exactly. The point was he did.

He knocked loudly and stood straight as to try his make his best impression. Pinako answered the door, her pipe in her mouth.

"Can I help you Ed?" She asked sweetly. She pulled the pipe from her mouth and took notice of the boy's nearly perfect posture.

"I've come to marry Winry!" He announced, his tone still victorious. He wanted to show that he had come to the door a man and not the little 6 and a half year old boy who had just won a game by sitting on his little brother's head.

"Oh have you?" The old woman replied. She chuckled lightly and nodded her head. "Right then, I'll go and fetch her." Pinako turned around and left Edward standing perfectly straight on the porch. He would show Winry just how good-looking he could be.

"Oh, the fight's all over?" She asked, skipping out of the house and closing the door behind her. She, unlike Pinako, took no notice of his posture. He slumped his shoulders and followed Winry out into the yard. Now if he thought about it, they never actually got this far in the wedding game…Alphonse and Edward usually always just fought the entire time.

"Winry, what do I do?" Edward asked. He stuck his hands in his pants pockets and kicked around a pebble he had spotted by his foot.

"Umm, hold on." She told him, running off to the opposite side of the house. Edward stood there waiting for her as calmly as he could. He was starting to get a little bored of this game and he wanted to rush home as soon as possible. Alphonse was sure to cry, he was positive about it!

Winry soon returned with Den in her arms. She sat the puppy down and told him stay a few times and finally looked up at Edward, her eyes bright and ready to play.

"Now take my hands." She ordered him. She held out her hands for him to grab and eyed him forcefully. He obeyed like the good husband he planned to be.

"Now what?" Edward asked. His tone was slightly irritated. How long did this wedding thing last? It was just so annoying.

"Okay, now say you love me." She beamed. "I love Edward Elric, so you say you love Winry Rockbell."

"I gotta?" He nearly begged. Oh man! That was just so girly.

"Yes, you can't marry someone unless you love them." Winry told him. She stomped her foot and got up real close in his face. "Now say it."

Edward gulped and turned away from the little girl. "I…" he stopped. There was no way he was going to say it! No chance!

"Say it Ed or I won't play with you!" She threatened.

He cringed. "I love Winry Rockbell." He looked down at the grass, his face a wonderful tinge of pink. Winry grinned triumphantly.

"Good!" She pulled a hand away to pat his head for being a very good boy and brought her hand back to his. "We can go on now." She coughed, clearing her throat and began the ceremony.

She coughed and deepened her voice for pretending purposes. She wanted to make it seem as if the deeper voice was coming from Den, the preacher, rather then herself. "Do you, Edward Elric, take Winry Rockbell to be your wife?" Sure she forget a few words, but she was just a kid and would rather get right to playing house then the wedding…but even then she was a perfectionist.

Edward said nothing, he wasn't sure he was supposed to. It was better to say nothing then say something stupid and get Winry mad at him.

"Say I do." She whispered to him. She kicked him lightly in the knee incase he had lost all attention the game completely.

He stood straight, his concentration rekindled, and nodded. "I do."

She cleared her throat again, "Do you, Winry Rockbell, take Edward Elric to be your husband." She giggled and answered, "I do!"

All the while, Den sat and watched the game fold out in front of him.

She deepened her voice one last time. "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

"WHAT?" Edward cried in shock. He pulled his hands away and backed up several feet from the young girl he suddenly now feared.

"What do you mean what? That's how all weddings end! You didn't know that?" She laughed. "You're so silly."

"I am not silly!" he bit back, walking back over towards her. "I knew that's how it ended." He lied.

"Well then kiss me so we can play more." She closed her eyes and puckered her lips.

"Do I have to?" He asked, not hiding the disgust in his voice at all. What was the need to? It was the truth! He was grossed out.

"Come on." She whined. "If you don't Ed, I won't play games with you anymore!" She crossed her arms over her chest and sniffed. She didn't want to cry! Wasn't this supposed to be a happy day? Even if it was all make believe.

Edward's eyes widened as he saw the tiny teardrops form in the corner of her eyes. He really hated it when she cried. For some reason he just couldn't stand it, especially when he was the cause of it all. He sighed and took a deep breath, swallowing his boyhood pride.

"Okay…I'll kiss you." He surrendered; it wouldn't be so bad…he hoped.

Winry wiped her tears away and grinned happily. "Really, will ya Ed?" She once again closed her eyes and puckered her lips, leaning forward slightly closer towards Edward. He groaned and leaned forward as well, closing his eyes he waited…1…2…3, contact!

He lingered there for merely a second before pulling back. He blinked, blushed, and stared down at his feet. "Are we married now?" he asked, rubbing his face to make the warm feeling go away.

"Yep, so now we can danc…" But before she had a chance to finish her sentence, Edward had run off as fast as his little legs could take him.

"Where are you going Ed?" She shouted, running after him a bit. He seemed to far to catch up to though. That big meanie!

"To tell Alphonse I married you!" He shouted back. He laughed so loud Winry could hear him from where she stood. "I WIN!"

Winry spun around and stomped her foot angrily. "What a stupid head!" She said to herself under her breath. Edward owed her a dance! She thought bitterly as she entered the house to find something else to do.

And when she married someone for real, she thought...

She would make sure that he wouldn't go running off so soon!