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Someday We'll Know…Why I Was Meant For You

Part Three, The Future: Someday's Miracle.

"I'm insane." Edward told his brother pacing the room back forth nearly ten times over. He rubbed his face and finally sat down, staring out into space.

"You're freaking out for no reason." Alphonse assured him, taking a seat beside him. He looked as he should, fully human. He patted his brother securely on the back and sighed. He really just didn't understand Edward's inner logic sometimes. "Weren't you the one who proposed? Weren't you the one who told me it's time to seize the deal?" Alphonse asked while imitating his brother.

"Well, yes! I do want to marry her…" he held his head in his hands and groaned. "Is this cold feet?" He asked both Alphonse, himself and possibly his own two feet.

"Are you regretting asking her?" Alphonse asked him. He stood up and put his hands in his suit pockets. Being the best man was hard…

"No." He told him simply, sure of his answer. "Never."

"Then it isn't cold feet." Alphonse replied, just as simply. He tightened the band that held up his hair in its ponytail and sighed, sitting back down beside his brother.

"Well, you won brother." Alphonse sighed, crossing his arms over his chest.

Edward looked up and finally cracked his first smile all day. "Yea, I guess I did."

"I still don't like the measures you took to win though…" Alphonse rubbed the top of his head and laughed. "But think of it this way…maybe you were always meant to win."

Edward laughed softly and blew the stray hairs that fell into his eyes away. "When did you get so wise Al?" He asked his little brother, standing up with newfound confidence.

"I've always been wise." He retorted, standing up as well. The men draped their arms over each other's shoulder and walked out of the room towards the outdoor ceremony. People they had met along their journeys and old time friends sat patiently in the seats for the wedding.

"Congratulations Edward." Said Roy standing up in front of the two as they made their way down the aisle to the front. He held out his hand for the once state alchemist and Edward took it gladly.

"Thank you Sir." He said respectfully. Even if Edward still held ill feelings for the man, there was no reason he couldn't be happy today.

"I'm expecting your planning to knock her up as soon as possible, right?" Roy winked and Edward nearly attacked the man, luckily Alphonse got in between.

"You have to excuse him Sir," Alphonse started, holding his brother back. "He's still a little nervous about the whole thing."

"Cold feet?" He asked with amusement.

"No!" Edward growled, falling back into the persona of a teenager.

"Just checking, well the ceremony starts soon right? I better get back to my seat, good luck Ed." Roy walked away, leaving the paranoid alchemist behind.

Edward exhaled, and walked to the front of the congregation. He stood and waited while his younger brother stood by his side.

"When you see her, don't run away." Alphonse joked. He chuckled slightly to himself and noticed Edward didn't falter or break out into a panic. He stood straight and tried to make his best impression for the second when her eyes saw him.

This time she would notice.

"When I see her…I'll know why I'm doing all of this." He told him seriously, yet a grin of complete happiness was present on his face. His tone of voice was victorious.

"Right." Alphonse agreed, fixing his posture as well. The minutes passed as the mass of people of came to view the wedding took their seats and waited for the moment when she would walk down towards her future.

The music began…

And there she was…

Dressed in a beautiful white silk dress, Winry walked slowly down the aisle in tune with her wedding march. Her face was covered in a thin veil and she inwardly refused to look up into she was sure the first person she saw was Edward…

And there he was…

His hair pulled back into a tight ponytail and dressed so handsomely in his suit, he grinned nervously at Winry and she gave him the same smile right back. It was amazing how similar the two were, even to this day.

She let out a sigh that only Edward could notice and telling her with his eyes, he let her know he was feeling just as scared. She grinned at this and silently laughed.

She counted the steps until she finally reached him there and he was all she really noticed. He lifted the veil away from her face and brushed away the stray hairs that fell into her eyes. He smiled so genuinely and warmly that the butterflies in Winry's stomach seemed to just disappear completely.

He touched his forehead with hers and whispered delicately, "Winry, what do I do?"

She softly laughed and whispered in return, "Say you love me." She replied. "I love Edward Elric, so you say you love Winry Rockbell…" She stopped and rethought her words. "While I still am."

This time though, unlike so many years before, Edward didn't have to waver. "I love Winry Rockbell." He whispered just loud enough so it could only reach her ears.

"Good." She said pulling away from him and looking up at the preacher grinning. Edward never took his eyes off her. "Now we can go on…" She told him confidently, to both the preacher and to Edward.

The preacher smiled at the couple and looked from them to the crowd of smiling and nearly crying guests.

And he proceeded to go on and to every man woman and child his words of hope and faith reached their hearts. Never before had he seen such a true love then in the two that stood before him, he spoke. He held up his book and looked down at the waiting couple, their fingers intertwined.

Then he began the ceremony, "Edward, do you take Winry to be your wedded wife, and in the presence of these witnesses do you vow that you will do everything in your power to make your love for her a growing part of your life?" He paused for a moment, " And will you continue to strengthen it from day to day and week to week with your best resources? Will you stand by her in sickness or in health, in poverty or in wealth, and will you shun all others and keep yourself to her alone as long as you both shall live?"

She looked up at him, her blue eyes bright as she waited for his answer.

"I do." He said simply.

Winry bit her bottom lip to keep from crying.

He repeated nearly the same question to Winry as she kept her eyes on Edward the entire time. The preacher finished and smiled softly at the blushing young woman as she sighed.

"I do…I always have and I always will." She nearly felt like kissing him right there but she knew she had to wait. He gave a small smirk, making her think he was thinking the same thoughts as she was.

"And now the vows…"

Edward started, "I love you, Winry, as I love no other." He started, his thumb gently rubbing the back of her hand. "All that I am I share with you. I take you to be my wife through health and sickness, through plenty and want, through joy and sorrow, now and forever."

She looked up at him and grinned, mouthing thank you.

"Winry?" The preacher asked of her. She looked up at him and nodded.

"I love you, Edward, as I love no other." She looked down and laughed softly to herself. "All that I am I share with you. I take you to my husband through health and sickness, through plenty and want, through joy and sorrow, now and forever." She stopped, and added quickly. "And I promise to make you and I as much apple pie as we can have!"

Edward and the rest of the guests laughed at Winry's final vow but the two knew she meant every word.

The preacher finished his own fit of laughter and went on with the rest if the service, all of it flying by it seemed. Finally as it came to a close the preacher spoke again:

"Now that Edward and Winry have given themselves to each other by the promises they have exchanged, I now pronounce you man and wife." He chuckled. "You may now kiss the bride."

Edward took Winry's face in his hands and she grinned. "Did you know how this was all going to end?" She asked as she placed one of her hands delicately on his cheek.

"Of course." He answered, faking a conceited tone.

"Are you going to hesitate?" She asked, edging closer to his lips.

"Not a chance." He brought her lips to his and kissed her passionately as the congregation cheered and applauded. It was a simple kiss but it still held all their feelings just the same. When he pulled away she grinned.

"I love you." She had said it before, now she'll say it again, and she'll say it until the day she dies…that was one thing she was sure of.

"Yea, I know…" Edward replied, removing his hands from her face and linking her arm with his. He pulled her along back down the aisle as the guest cheered and wept all at the same time. All Winry could do was laugh, there was nothing remotely sad for her to feel.

Edward leapt inside the carriage that waited for them on the road as Winry stepped in after. She poked her head out the window as it pulled away and shouted back for all her guests:

"WE'LL SEE YOU BACK AT THE HOUSE FOR THE PARTY!!" She waved goodbye and turned around when they seemed too far away. She looked over at Edward who stared absently out of the window. She moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Are you happy?" She wondered, breathing into his ear.

He didn't answer her, just smiled softly and turned his head, kissing her lips again. Though this time not letting the views and stares of others get in his way. He pour just about his entire being into that one kiss…making it seem like this was the last one in a long while.

She pulled away quickly, fear sticking her heart. "Are you leaving again?" She asked, tightening her hands into fists but never looking away him.

He looked over her and sighed. "I don't want to be like him…" he trailed off, hoping that would be enough to explain his grim mood. He had put on a brave face for the guests but now the uncertainty of his genes threatened his happiness.

"You aren't like him." Winry told him honestly, knowing exactly whom he was talking about. She stopped, "Do you want to stay with me?" She asked him, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Yea…I really do." He answered

"Then what's making you think otherwise? Doubt?" She sat up and hit him upside the head, frowning. "Well stop doubting yourself you idiot!" She huffed in annoyance and kissed his cheek all in one breath. He looked at her, surprised.

"We're going to grow old together," She beamed. "I just know it." She grabbed onto his hand and squeezed it gently. "So please be HAPPY!"

He looked at her, his eyes wide but soon his doubtful heart warmed over and his eyes softened…and then he laughed, true and blue. She closed her eyes and smiled warmly.

"You're cracked." He joked, his laughter getting heavier.

"What does that mean?" She retorted, her anger rising. Was he forgetting what day this was? Wasn't this supposed to be a happy day?

"And I think that maybe one of the trillion reasons I fell so hard for you…" He told her honestly in between his fits of laughter. Her face fell and she looked away out the window, a sullen mood over coming her now.

"I'm not cracked…" She whispered to herself but Edward heard it clear as day. He reached out and pulled her back over towards him.

"You are, cause you love me." He gently said as he kissed her neck. She turned her head around and locked her lips with his but nearly fell out of the seat when the carriage came to a stop. She looked out the window and saw their Resembool home.

They thanked the driver and ran inside, happy the house was completely empty.

"FOOD!" They both exclaimed but broke off into two different directions. Edward reached out for the various food set up on a long table but Winry screamed loudly at the top of her lungs, forcing Edward to spin around in terror.

"WHAT?" He screamed back, breathless for fear of her life.

"Don't touch that." She said calmly, "That's for other people…"

Edward's eyes widened. "What?" he nearly squeaked, "But I'm hungry dear!"

"Well, honey…" She turned around and opened the icebox, pulling out a lovely round tin can. She opened and grinned. "This is for us…"

"Is that…" he stopped, letting himself get caught up in the moment. "Apple pie?" His face fell. "That's your favorite."

"We're supposed to share things now…so it will be our favorite!" She grabbed two forks and placed them in her mouth as she ran over towards Edward and grabbed his hand. "To the bedroom." She shouted incoherently.

"What?" He asked of her but it went unnoticed as she dragged him up the steps of their home. She pushed him into the bedroom and shut the door behind her quickly. Finally she sat down on her bed, spat out the forks, and waved Edward over.

"Are we…?" He trailed off suggestively, obviously hoping for something.

"No, you horny perv." She replied angrily. He sighed and sat down beside her as she open the tin can and handed him a wiped down fork.

"And now, dear husband…we eat." She grinned, and he smiled back as they dug into the oh-so-good apple pie…

They ate the entire thing in nearly ten minutes.

"When did you have time to make this?" Edward asked as he pushed the tin away and onto the already cluttered floor.

Winry sighed. "I had so many butterflies in my stomach last night that I just couldn't sleep and it was ten time worse since I could talk to you…" She stood up and looked out the window to see the people finally arriving for the party.

"You could have talked to me." He countered, trying to make up for the day of lost conversation. He hugged her from behind and also looked out at the happy faces of the nearing guests.

"It's bad luck to see your fiancé before the wedding." She reminded him, patting his hand softly. "As much as I would like to stay up here alone…we've got a kick ass reception to get to."

"Oh yea?" he asked. "Who's?"

She laughed. "I don't remember their names specifically…I just hear the guy is someone you'd want to go to bed with."

"Oh really!" He laughed as he let go and walked towards the door.

"Where are you going Ed?" She asked, turning around and walking over towards him. "Aren't you going to wait for me?"

"I'm just wound up." He told her, his eyes bright. "I've got to go to Al I married you!" He flung open the door and raced down the stairs.

"But he was there!" She called back, trying to run after him but slower then usual in her long dress.

"I WIN!" He shouted back, running outside.

Winry spun around and sighed, "Great I married a six year old…" she told herself with every joyful emotion in her soul…

And she would love every minute of it until the end of her days…


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