OK people. I'm so-o happy with all the reviews I've been getting!!! I'm like OMG people actually like my stories. Like WOW. Ok. Another one for you guys.

"You shut up about my mother Malfoy!"

"Oh I'm soo scared Potter. What are you going to do? Sic Weasel on me?"

"I am capable of taking care of myself thanks. Unlike SOME people"

"Well Ha-Potter, there's no one here now"

"What did you say?"

"Are you deaf Potter? I said: there's no one here now. So come and get me"

"No no before that. I thought I heard you say Harry. Did you?"


"Aha! You did!" jumps around

"Are you insane Potter?"

"Nope. You might be though."

"Why are you hopping around like an Easter bunny?"

"Got a problem with it Malfoy? Well you just have to DEAL! Hahaha!"

"Well at least we know you got your craziness from your father and God-father."

"Leave off on Sirius and my dad."

"Or else what?"

"or else I'll make you shut up."

"Right. I'd like to see you try. You left your wand in Potions class. So there!"

"I have my ways.."

"Right Potter is an idiot, Potter is an idiot, Potter is an idiot, Potter is an idiot, Potter is an idi—mmph!"

"I told you so. I made you shut up."


"Um…Malfoy? Malfoy?"




"Do you…want to…"

"Oh just shut up and kiss me already!"




"Ha. I knew I'd work!"


"Obviously Potter. I always get what I want."


"Now kiss me already!"