Star Trek: Voyager/Doctor Who

The Enemy of My Friend…

Chapter 1—A Cry in the Dark

(A/N: This story takes place sometime during Voager's fifth season.)

(Disclaimer: I neither own Voyager or Doctor Who.)

Captain's Log: Stardate 52390.9: After two weeks of smooth traveling with little incident, we have picked up a distress call that has my crew on edge…

"Mr. Kim, can you clear that up?" Captain Janeway ordered.

"The message is audio only and has been repeating for the past hour. I believe I have enough of the message for it to be relatively coherent," the young ensign replied.

"On speakers, Harry," Janeway ordered.

"Aye, captain. Here it comes now," Harry replied.

"Assistance! We need assistance! Our ship is lost! Our numbers are few! We cannot endure much longer…" The voice over the speakers, despite its urgency, seemed…unemotional to the crew.

"Have you found the source of the transmission?" Commander Chakotay asked.

"Yes, bearing 045 mark 030. Even at maximum warp it will take us two hours to reach it," Kim replied.

"Tom, you heard him, set a course," Janeway ordered, "Bridge to engineering: B'Elanna, we're going to be pushing her to the limit."

"Understood," The chief engineer replied.

"Maximum warp, Mr. Paris," Janeway ordered.

"Yes ma'am!"

"Mr. Tuvok. Do the long-range sensors detect anything?"

"Sensors are picking up the ship that sent out the distress sigal. It isn't near any star systems or other detectable spatial anomalies. I also cannot find any other ships in the area. I can find nothing that could harm or otherwise attack a ship," the Vulcan replied.

"Strange. Though we could be dealing with an enemy that has cloaking technology. Keep us at yellow alert until we arrive," Janeway said.

"Aye, captain."

"Chakotay, prepare your away team. There's no telling what we're walking into this time."

Janeway's first officer smiled, "Do we ever captain? But that's part of being a Starfleet officer. That and helping those we can. We'll be ready by the time we arrive." Chakotay turned on the intercom on his panel, "Doctor, Seven, and B'Elanna, prepare for away team duty." After deactivating his intercom, Chakotay turned to Tuvok, "I'll need you as well, Commander." Tuvok nodded in acknowledgement.

Two hours later, Voyager dropped out of warp. The ship they approached had a simple design. A copper-colored saucer with a trio of domes on its underside spaced evenly apart. There were several hull breeches, some with plasma leaks, apparent on the main viewscreen as Voyager got closer.

"Harry, scan for lifeforms," Janeway ordered. After hitting the necessary keys, the young ops officer reported.

"Life signs indeterminate, captain. Could be interference from radiation from the vented plasma, but our away team could get better readings from their tricorders up close."

"Is it safe for them?" the captain asked.

"It should be if they don't stay too long," Harry reported.

"Still no signs of ships?"

"No captain," Kim replied.

"The hull breeches seem to be consistent with an attack, however," Tuvok added.

"Keep scanning, ensign. Bridge to sickbay: Doctor, it's safe to transport but you'll need to make it quick for now. There's heavy radiation, you better inoculate the team."

"Understood, captain."

"Chakotay, go over there, but be careful," Janeway said.

"Of course, captain. Coming Tuvok?" Chakotay said. Janeway watched as her two closest friends left the bridge to join the rest of their team, heading into the unknown once again.

Chakotay, Tuvok, Seven, the Doctor, and B'Elanna arrived at the transporter room together and the Doctor used his hypospray to inoculate them against the radiation.

"How long can we on board safely?" Chakotay asked.

"After these inoculations against the radiation, no more than an hour," the Doctor replied. The away team all moved to the transporter pad

"Bridge to transporter room: Chakotay, is your team ready?" Janeway asked.

"Yes, captain," the first officer replied, "but we can't stay longer than an hour."

"Then make this a quick survey for survivors and damage assessment. I don't want you over there one minute longer than necessary."

"Understood. Transporter room out." Then Chakotay looked over at the transporter chief. "Energize," he ordered. As the familiar tingling of the transporter's effect enveloped the away team, the familiar setting of the transporter room was replaced by the interior of the alien vessel. The room was dark, lit only by flickering lights and sparks off broken and exposed panels. The various members of the away team activated their wrists beacons, drew their tricorders, and began scanning.

"No life signs in this section, Commander," Tuvok reported, "However tricorder range is limited due to radioactive interference."

"That limits our search capabilities with the time restraint," the Doctor said, anxious to find the ship's crew.

"We'll have to split up then," decided Chakotay, "Seven, B'Elanna, try to find their main engineering section and assess whether or not we can assist them with repairs. Doctor, Tuvok, let's see if we can find the crew."

"Considering this ship's design, I think that the center of the ship on a lower deck is probably the engineering section. The bridge should be several decks above that," B'Elanna said, "Let's go Seven," B'Elanna ordered. The former Borg nodded and accompanied the engineer.

Chakotay, Tuvok and the Doctor were moving through the various corridors, their wrist beacons illuminating the area. The area had a copper colored tone with small half spheres spaced regularly in vertical rows along the walls. They noticed that there were no turbolifts or ladders or stairs. Instead various ramps were on the ship to reach higher or lower levels. Sparks continued to fly from open panels. All three of the away team members were looking at their tricorders.

"Commander, if we continue down this corridor, we may find their bridge," Tuvok reported.

"I'm detecting faint biological readings from that general area, but I can't pinpoint them," the Doctor added.

"Let's hurry, we don't know how much longer they may have," Chakotay broke into a run and his team followed.

Lt. Torres and Seven of Nine were also following the readings on their tricorders and found similar corridors, talking as they walked.

"The radiation readings are very strange, lieutenant, but seem to be eminating from their engine core as expected," Seven reported.

"I agree, the inoculations may wear off sooner if we get closer though," B'Elanna replied

"True, but we were supposed to do a damage assessment, were we not?" Seven typed a few keys on her tricorder. "I have programmed my tricorder with an alarm that will activate when the radiation levels become too dangerous. We should fall back immediately when that happens."

"Good idea. I think I know what's going on with this radiation signature. It's acting the exact opposite of what should be happening. Could it be possible that the ship's engines are powered by chronitons?"

"Either that or it was attacked by chroniton-based weaponry. Either way, that type of technology, even to the Borg, is unstable."

"You should change your tricorder's programming to compensate for chroniton radiation," B'Elanna suggested. Just then, they came upon a strange object. It was a little taller than the average humanoid. It had the same color scheme and spherical objects as the rest of the ship on its lower half. The middle of it had two mechanical arms, one looked like some type of weapon and the other had some type of tool at the end of it, but the top of it looked blown off. They found the top of it on the ground. It was a dome with a device protruding from it that resembled an electronic lens as well as two small lights on top of the dome.

"What do you make of it, Seven," B'Elanna asked.

"The Borg are unfamiliar with this type of technology," Seven replied, "I believe at a time like this, Ensign Paris would say 'your guess is as good as mine.'" B'Elanna snickered a bit at Seven's comment.

"It could be some type of probe for engineering work where it would be too dangerous for humanoid life," Torres speculated, "but we should hurry with our assessment while we still can."

"I concur," Seven replied. They approached the alien engine room and took a few readings, but soon afterwards, Seven's tricorder set off the alarm she programmed into it.

"We don't have time for further analysis. We must go. Now," Seven grabbed B'Elanna's arm and ran off with her to the beam out point. B'Elanna slapped her commbadge.

"Torres to Chakotay: Seven and I got exposed to high levels of chroniton radiation. We're returning to the ship."

"Understood. Have Mr. Paris check you both over and have him call the Doctor if it gets serious. We think we may have found their bridge."

"Do not worry, commander. We were successful in taking a few readings. Hopefully we will have enough to complete our assessment when we return to Voyager," Seven added.

"Your priority is to get yourself and B'Elanna back to Voyager safely, Seven," Chakotay said sternly.

"We will comply," Seven said.

"Torres to Voyager:" B'Elanna called into her commbadge, "two to transport directly to sickbay."

"Acknowledged," the transporter chief replied. The transport was successful and Tom Paris was ready to treat them.

Chakotay, Tuvok, and the Doctor arrived in an open room that was assumed to be the alien bridge. It was about two decks tall and mostly open space. There were balconies on the higher levels and consoles along the walls, but no other structures in the room, except for several objects that are similar to the one that B'Elanna and Seven found, with similar damage. Chakotay did some scanning with his tricorder.

"What do you make of this? I'm scanning some organic material inside the metal shells. Maybe it's some type of biological computer controlling the machine?" he speculated. The Doctor also activated his tricorder to scan further.

"My readings show the biological components of this device are very complex. More so than our bioneural gel packs. I don't think these are mere tools. I believe they are actually the crew of this ship!" he said in amazement.

"Commander, over here, this one is alive," Tuvok called out. Chakotay and the Doctor approached him and they saw an intact version of the ruined machines.

"Un….unable…to…combat…" the alien said, the two lights on top of its dome blink in a synchronous manner with its speech

"I am Commander Chakotay of the starship Voyager, we replied to your distress call. We're here to help."

"How…many…left?" the alien asked.

"We haven't completed our search yet, but you're the first survivor we've found," Chakotay replied.

"Commander, I need to get this lifeform to sickbay, immediately," The Doctor said.

"You…will…assist…me," the alien said, but the tone of its voice made it sound more like a demand than a question.

"Yes, we will. Is it safe to transport our friend here?" Chakotay asked.

"Yes it should be. I'll go back to treat the lifeform. Please see if there are any others," The Doctor said.

"We're going to take you to our ship for medical treatment," Chakotay smiled reassuringly, "We'll do our best to try to find other survivors, so don't worry."

"Daleks…have…no concept…of worry," the alien replied as The Doctor signaled for transport.

(A/N: For those familiar with this alien race, it's clear that the Voyager crew are going to be in for an interesting experience. Next chapter it will attempt to explain things to the crew, but it will be uneased by a certain member of the crew whose name is the same as the alien's arch nemesis.