Chapter 10—Departure

Chapter 10—Departure

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Captain's Log: Stardate 52401.1 by ship's time…Where and when we are at this moment is unknown to us. It has been an hour since The Doctor's past self activated the temporal weapon and hopefully eliminated the Dalek threat for good, erasing them from history completely…however the price was high. His own race, the Time Lords, as well as everything else within his home system have been erased as well. There is only a void where an entire solar system and fleets of starships once stood.

The laws and regulations of Starfleet are clear. As Starfleet officers, we are encouraged and required to answer distress calls and help those in need as long as they have sufficiently advanced technology. However in doing so, despite our best intentions, we run the risk of getting involved in the internal affairs of whom we rescue. Getting involved in a war that the Federation is not involved in is expressly forbidden by the Prime Directive and as captain of Voyager, I acknowledge that I have violated it in getting involved in the Dalek/Time Lord war and take full responsibility for it. However all rules, even the Prime Directive, can have exceptions. It is my belief that had we not gotten involved, the Daleks, an enemy to which negotiation would be as useless as negotiation with the Borg, would have become a threat to countless civilizations and potentially the Federation. It is with the intention of protecting those civilizations that I acted in favor of the Time Lords. However this also means that I am essentially an accessory to genocide. Despite that, I believe that I had done the right thing and the burden on my conscience may be high, but it is tolerable.

Lieutenant Torres and Ensign Kim have made full recoveries from their injuries and are currently assisting Seven of Nine and The Doctor with repairs to his TARDIS and our warp core. Once completed, The Doctor promised to take us to the location along our course towards Earth that we would have arrived at this point had we not intercepted the Dalek ship in the first place. When I asked him to take us back to the Alpha Quadrant, ironically he mentioned the Temporal Prime Directive and how the timeline would be severely altered by "prematurely returning" home. Plus he said the Directive has been violated enough for one day. I am not in a position to disagree. Once we are back in the Delta Quadrant, The Doctor and Rose Tyler will go their separate way. On behalf of myself and my crew, I wish them a safe journey…

"There that should do it," The Doctor said after making one final adjustment to the interface with his sonic screwdriver, cables and wires still connecting his TARDIS to the heart of Voyager.

"Torres to bridge," B'Elanna said, "We're ready for the cold start of the warp core. Then we can head back to where this joyride began."

"Acknowledged engineering," Janeway said, "Ready whenever you are."

"Alright let's do it!" The Doctor said to Rose, who was in the TARDIS along with Harry and Seven. The Doctor entered soon after and took positions around the TARDIS's main computer.

"Let's give your ship a jump start," Rose smiled.

"It's much more complicated than that, but the analogy's sound I guess," Harry said.

"This is an incredible technology, despite the fact that the controls are so chaotic. I'm glad we got to work on it," Seven said.

"Starting now!" The Doctor announced. Soon the pulsing high pitched screech of the TARDIS's time drive activated and power from it was routed towards Voyager's warp core.

"Alright the core is starting!" B'Elanna called into the TARDIS, watching as plasma stream in the core became active, swirling around brightly, pumping the energy that was essentially the lifeblood of the starship once again.

"That's a beautiful sight," Rose said looking out.

"Watch your controls!" The Doctor reminded her, "Everyone remember their parts. One screw up and Voyager will could wind up almost anywhere and anywhen." The Voyager crew nodded and each began to work the controls of the TARDIS. The pulsing screech continued and the light on top of the TARDIS flashed on and off in time with the sound and instead of the TARDIS disappearing, the entire starship Voyager slowly phased out until it was gone.

"Bridge to engineering, we're seeing that wormhole again. Should we adjust our heading?" Janeway asked.

"No. Just sit back and enjoy the ride," The Doctor said, then turned to the TARDIS, "Come on take us to where we want to go for once," he begged his ship. Voyager cruised through the wormhole which turned in color from blue to red and then when it reached its destination, the starship slowly phased back into normal space and the TARDIS finally stopped pulsing.

"We made it," Tom said to the other bridge staff, "Exactly where The Doctor promised.

"Bridge to engineering. Well done," Janeway said with a slight smile. The main view screen changed to a view of engineering as Rose, The Doctor, Seven, B'Elanna, and Harry emerged from the TARDIS.

"Now all we need to do is disconnect the interface and you can be on your way," B'Elanna said, "That shouldn't take longer than an hour."

"You forget the tool at my disposal," The Doctor smiled, taking out his sonic screwdriver, "Give me 5 minutes and I can get the job done no problem." Once he was done, he took the cables that connected his ship to theirs back inside. He then walked back out and put his arm around Rose and then turned to the screen, "Well I guess it's time to say good-bye," Rose said waving, "Sorry we couldn't meet under better circumstances, but I'm glad we met anyways."

"The feeling is mutual," Janeway said.

"You and your're all just absolutely brilliant!" The Doctor smiled widely, "I know you've already done so many incredible things, helped so many people along your journey home. Just keep up the good work and never lose your ideals and hopes. Get your crew home safely, captain."

"You can count on it, Doctor," Janeway smiled back, "And you keep up your good work too."

"As a side note, I'd be tempted to invite one or two of your crew members to tag along with me, but well, I know they're first loyalty is to you and their proper place is here anyways."

"Trust me, that's the highest praise you can get from him," Rose said.

"The thought is appreciated," Tuvok said.

"Safe journey captain," The Doctor said before leading Rose back into the TARDIS.

"Same to you," Janeway replied. Soon the doors to the TARDIS were closed and the pulsing screech, the sound of the universe was heard throughout engineering and the bridge, the light on top of the box pulsing in synch with the sound and the TARDIS phased out of this time and space.

"Tom continue on our original heading, towards home. Full Impulse," Janeway ordered, "Harry, B'Elanna run a level 3 diagnostic on the warp engines, and then take us to warp when it's complete." The chorus of "Aye captain" s sounded and Voyager and her crew were once again continuing safely along their long odyssey.


"So Doctor," Rose began when the TARDIS was safely on it's next journey, "Why didn't you help them get home. They're a long way from earth and have a long trip ahead of them."

"It's just like I told them, Rose. They really made a difference in the galaxy during their journey and it's not over yet. They have a lot of important things to do and people to help before the end."

"And what do you mean by 'the end,' Doctor?" Rose asked, "Do they..."

"They make it back home safe and sound!" The Doctor shouted joyfully, "They'll have a few bumps and bruises, and unfortunately lose a few crewmembers, but the majority of them make it back. They won't need our help any more."

"That's good to know," Rose smiled.

"Now where were we going before this little side trip?.. Ah yes, Risa! Beautiful vacation spot. Like I said Rose it's the Cancun of the galaxy. You'll love it!" The Doctor grinned as he and his companion continued their own journey...


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