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Here are the bios about the four characters.

Karin Kurosaki: She is the sister of the famous Ichigo Kurosaki, the boy with massive reiatsu power and a Shinigami representative. When she awoke her power, her sister-in-law informed her that she held a power in her that would save Soul Society and humanity from an upcoming enemy whose power was so massive that it surpassed Ichigo's. Despite her headstrong and defiant personality, her will and strength are matched to her brother's, along with her strong kicks. Her powers are still mysterious, and her brother said that she is much stronger than him or their dad.

Toshiro Hitsugaya: He is known as the captain of the 10th division and so-called childhood friend of Karin Kurosaki by two of her childhood friends. He is still cold, serious on topics, and likes sweets secretly, but he grew taller over the past six years and showed some kindness toward others. Since the mysterious twin bladed Shinigami appeared in the real world three years ago, Soul Society wanted to find the twin bladed Shinigami and gave the most important assignment to him since he was more familiar to the real world. He and Karin still argue about their personalities and other things, but he is relieved to see her again.

Natsu Kazeru: He is the younger brother of his twin, Heiwa Kazeru. Natsu is known for his powerful strength and love for fights. He may look like an innocent boy, but he is a fierce fighter in both Martial Arts and Swords. He is very concerned about the fights between Karin and Heiwa, but he says that it is best that they resolve problems by themselves. Being the childhood friend of Karin Kurosaki, it has its ups and downs, such as being ignored.

Heiwa Kazeru: She is the childhood friend of Karin and Yuzu, along with her little brother, Natsu. Her strength is defense over offense, giving her the advantage of the brains and wary conscious. Although she is calm and collective, Karin always crossed the line, causing arguments and chaos. Her solitary attitude and uncaring personality are thought to be cold toward others and suspicious, but inside her heart, she actually cares about others, mostly about her friends.

Yuzu Kurosaki: She is the younger sister of her twin, Karin, and a childhood friend of Natsu and Heiwa. Yuzu is always concern about the fights between Karin and Heiwa, and she always tells them to stop, even if it means yelling to get them to stop. She doesn't like to fight, but when either her sister or the Kazeru twins are battling against a Hollow or an enemy, she would support them with her own reiatsu powers, the three spirit familiars. When anyone of her friends or her sister is injured badly, something snaps inside Yuzu, releasing her full power into outrage.

Chapter 1: Hello Again

"Karin-chan! We're going to be late! Hurry!" The short brown haired girl called out in the house. The raven-haired girl sighed in annoyance as she put up her hair that reached to her mid back up into a ponytail. She checked herself in the mirror as she was done tying her ponytail. Wearing the uniform of a Karakura High School student, she didn't look half bad. Her hair had grown, but she kept her hair bangs separated from being caught in her eyes. No longer the eleven-year-old soccer girl, she was a grown 5' 5", sixteen-year-old soccer captain woman. She didn't have Orihime's, her brother's old friend, curves, but many boys and girls could tell that she was a girl.

Scratch that, she is still a tomboy.


Oh, brother in college. Karin could feel the annoyance and anger rising in her body. Since her brother is in college and living away with his wife, Rukia, the house wasn't the same without him. The door suddenly opened, and Isshin Kurosaki was wailing in tears, trying to hug her.

Scratch that again, it was still the same.

"KARIN-CHAN!! ARE YOU SICK?! ARE YOU-" Before he got a chance to hug her and check her normal temperature, Karin side kicked him in the face. Her father flew away and crashed straight into the wall, making a hole in the hallway. The soccer captain grabbed her backpack and walked casually out of the hallway.

"I'm fine, otou-san. Yuzu-chan and I are going now. Gomen ne, Yuzu-chan. I took a little longer. Let's go." Karin said, opening the door and closed it after they were outside. Isshin was still on the ground, unconscious from the powerful kick.


Karin could feel it. She could feel their presence nearby. One was the calm and serious type; the other…

"I got you this time, Karin-chan!"


On the ground, a high school boy twitched with a big bump on his head. Yuzu was asking if he was all right; on the other hand, Karin had a vein on her fist, meaning she was pissed as hell.

"You, reckless idiot! You call that a sneak attack, Natsu Kazeru?! If I was Heiwa, you would be dead in less than a second!" The boy looked up and opened his brown eyes. His hair was dark brown and semi-neat, but the bump on his head made it messy. He stood up, being 5' 8", rubbed his neck that meant he was okay.

"Aw, damn. Is it that I need to have better stealth?"

"No." Another voice was heard behind Karin and Yuzu. Later, a rock flew near the girls' head and straight to the boy's forehead, sending him back to the ground. The girls turned to see a slightly tanned woman who is at the same age and same height as Karin. She had the same hair cut like the boy's, except with longer hair down to her back, and her eyes and hair color gave away her identity. She pushed her glasses back up and gave the boy the cold voice.

"It's your brain that need to be better." Recognizing the personality and not so happy voice, Karin smirked and said the usual to piss her off.

"Hey, Ice Princess. Haven't seen you for a long time? Were you in an iceberg yesterday?" The woman scowled and gave her an answer. No one could penetrate her emotions, but Karin always broke her cool demeanor.

"No. Otou-san was making such a ruckus in Natsu's room that I had to… impair him. As for you, Miss Egocentric, was Isshin-san giving you medicine to relieve the fever?" An anime vein appeared on her head as Karin was losing her playful personality. The genius smirked and stared at the girl with sharp eyes, waiting for her remark about today's incident in her own room. Yuzu sighed and tugged her older twin's sleeve.

"Ano… Karin-chan. We all have to hurry, or we will be late." Karin "hmph"ed and walked ahead, stepping Natsu's head.

"Karin-chan!" Yuzu scolded, but Karin ignored it. Later, the girl followed behind her, stepping on her brother's head.

"Heiwa-chan!" Natsu sighed.

"Great… I feel like a carpet."


Yuzu and Natsu expected the same thing and ignored what was happening behind them. The two girls were now arguing and fighting about the same thing. Natsu always told Yuzu that she shouldn't stop them because it's their way of saying hello to each other. Yuzu was still concerned, but she knew the same thing. There was no way to stop them in arguments, even if it's something they like to beat the crap out of each other. Right now, they are fighting, creating a cloud of dust in their fighting area and calling out names… in Karakura High School.




"Little Kurosaki!"


A classmate with red hair tapped on the non-interested brother who was doodling random characters in his notebook. He responded the usual.

"What is it, Jinta?" Natsu knew it was his friend from elementary school until now. When Natsu and Heiwa moved to Karakura after their mother's death, Natsu was a very hyper boy, trying to get over his sorrow, while Heiwa was a little depressing girl who wasn't so close to everyone. The so-called Don Kanoji's superhero team and the twins met in school, and it was his idea that he and Heiwa should join the team. Heiwa, however, declined, saying that it's pathetic to keep believing in childhood dreams. When she said this, Karin was... how should he put this?


Karin was yelling at Heiwa for calling it childish because Heiwa was also a kid, and Heiwa always scoffed at the enraged girl and told her to look into reality to see if any super heroes saved anybody in the town. Yuzu always politely said to the girls to stop because she didn't want to get anyone in trouble. Unfortunately, Karin had to follow her and argue with her everywhere Heiwa goes. He thought it was his fault, but after a few days of school and Karin's constant stalking and beating, Heiwa was responding back in anger and annoyance. He couldn't believe what he saw or hear, but his twin sister was back to normal.

"Is it okay to leave them like that?" Natsu looked up to see Karin pulling Heiwa's hair and Heiwa head-locking Karin's head.

"It is okay. It's just that I don't get involved in their fights." Yuzu and Ururu entered the conversation between Natsu and a random classmate.

"Natsu said that it's their way of saying hi to each other. I don't get it, but we are friends since elementary school." Later, other classmates gathered around, discussing about mainly the two certain girls. However, the bell rang two minutes later, ending their discussion and the entertaining fight.


Karin looked out of the window, ignoring the teacher's lecture. It has been five years since Ichigo returned home from the war against Aizen. He told Yuzu and her the story about it, and Karin was very happy that Ichigo was stronger and returned home from Soul Society. The others also returned home, and Soul Society and the real world were now at peace.

However, Hollows started to appear everywhere in one day… three years ago. Soul Society summoned the Gotei 13 to enter the real world to help Ichigo and his friends to eliminate the Hollows. Karin and Yuzu were worried because Ichigo and their father, Isshin, left to go outside. Karin and Yuzu wanted to follow them because they can prove that they could see Shinigamis and Hollows, but her father had a serious face, surprising his two girls. They never seen their father serious during their lifetime, but they back down, reluctantly. They wanted to see what was going on because they sensed many reiatsus and Hollows outside, but they were stuck at home. Karin and Yuzu were considering going to bed, but when they sensed three very powerful reiatsus that surpassed their older brother's reiatsu, they prayed to whoever was watching the battle to bring the idiotic father and strong willed brother home safety.

In three hours, the three reiatsus disappeared from their senses. Karin and Yuzu sighed in relief when they could still sense their reiatsus. When the two came back home, Yuzu ran and hugged the two injured Shinigamis. Karin smiled and bashed her father's head when he tried to hug her. After Ichigo carrying the former captain to bed, Ichigo suddenly patted Karin's head, surprising her with his unusual act. It was the first time she felt a pat on the head by her brother. Karin knew that Ichigo wouldn't do that, but he looked proud… but what did she do?

She sighed to herself and paid half her attention to the teacher. Now, Ichigo and his friends are now in separate colleges, and they were studying for their future. Rukia and Ichigo were married three months ago in the real world, but they were still protecting the souls from the Hollows after all.

Karin sensed a weak reiatsu nearby and looked at Yuzu next to her. Karin's sense of power grew stronger over the six years, and Yuzu received hers four years ago. Yuzu nodded, giving Karin a worried look like sending a message to be careful. Karin raised her hand for the teacher's attention.

"Teacher? May I go to the nurse's office? I don't feel too well." The teacher stopped and nodded.

"All right, Kurosaki-san." The girl bowed and ran toward the door, sliding it open and closing it behind her. She ran across the hallways, downstairs, and outside to see a Hollow in the middle of the fields. It didn't destroy anything yet, but it gave a huge screech. Karin frowned and looked for anything to kick. Spotting a soccer ball behind the Hollow, she smirked. In no time, she dashed quickly… possibly a bit too quick for the Hollow. The Hollow crashed its hands on the ground, trying to grab the quick girl. However, the girl reached her pinpoint and smirked. Karin gathered enough reiatsu on her foot and kicked it, hard. The ball was flying in full speed and power towards the Hollows head. The ball did hit the Hollow and bounced back like it had no effect, but with much power and speed, the face blew up. The Hollow disappeared and was purified by just a soccer ball. Karin sighed and looked up in the sky to see the clear sky. However, the sky had a white robed Shinigami staring back at her.