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Spoilers: Takes place years after DT.

Note: Pairings at the moment are Dustin/Adam and Hayley/Tommy.There will be other pairings eventually. Much thanks to moonlite-n-rose for not only introducing me to the fandom, but for also being nice enough to beta this. Any mistakes you find are my own. As a mild warning, Dustin tends to ramble his way to run on sentences.

Warning: This is a slash piece so if the idea of two guys being in a relationship bothers you please don't read this.

Right Where I Belong:

Dustin snuggled closer to the warm body he was wrapped around. Wait...confused Dustin opened his eyes and blinked down at the guy in his bed. Whoa? Wait a minute? Dustin wrinkled his nose. Who was this guy? He'd really had way too much to drink last night. Hey, that was the guy Tommy had introduced him to yesterday, Adam something or other. Dustin nodded to himself and carefully got out of bed so he could go the bathroom and try to figure out what the hell he'd just done. Had the sex even been good? Why could he remember the this is Adam part and not how the sex was? That was just so wrong.

As he washed his hands he yawned and then decided that if he was going to get morning sex, and he like so had to because he like so had to remember how the sex was because like dude if he didn't remember how the sex was then what was the point? After brushing his teeth he padded into his kitchen, poured a glass of water, and poked around in his medicine drawer until he found the pills that worked really good at getting rid of a hang-over when he forgot to put a bottle of water by the nightstand. He didn't have a hangover, but then not everyone read Alan Cumming and got good advice on how to avoid hangovers and he so didn't want Adam waking up and needing to be pampered. Dustin wasn't sure if he could do pampering.

He padded back into his room, set the water and pills down and then stifled another yawn. Maybe he'd crawl back into bed, Adam had been nice, comfy and warm. He tilted his head and hooked his fingers over the blanket, slowly lowering it and taking Adam in. Dustin licked his lips. Oh, yea, he was keeping Adam in his bed as long as possible. Anyone that lickable had to stay for awhile. Nodding to himself he tucked Adam back in and then poked him.

"Dude, like wake up." Nothing.

Dustin poked him again, "Duuude!"

Adam mumbled and swatted at him.

"Dude you are like so in my bed, so wake up."

The covers went over Adam's head.

Dustin shook his head, "At least wake up and take these."

He pressed the pills into Adam's hand, and handed him the glass of water surprised at how compliant a half-awake person could be. He took the still half-full glass of water to the sink and then looked around his kitchen trying to decide if he should get up. Maybe he should do his dishes, he had like five and that was too many. Dirty dishes were just gross. He scratched his stomach. Dirty dishes or snuggling with the lickable man in his bed? Well it was only seven. Decision made Dustin crawled back into bed and snuggled in. Adam sighed and snuggled back against him. Dustin smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek before drifting off.

He woke up a little less then an hour latter, and stretched. He poked Adam in the back. How could he still be asleep? It was eight o'clock in the morning. When he got no response he poked harder, "How are you still asleep? Wake up."

Adam grumbled at him.

"Dude, I can't understand you, wake up. You have to like tell me how the sex was cause I can't remember. Dude...wake up...How was the sex? Was it any good?"

For all his trouble Dustin got a grimace and eyes squinted at him,"Goway."

"It's my bed, Dude, so you have to wake up and tell me how the sex was.

Adam blinked at him, looking sleepy and confused, "Wha?"

"Or we could just do it again. Then I'd remember how the sex was."

"What time is it?"

"Eight, I like so let you sleep in."

Adam groaned.

"Dude," Dustin complained with another poke when it looked like Adam was going to nod off again.

"What?" Adam snapped, then his eyes opened and widened, "Oh hell."

Dustin smiled at him.

"Oh no, no, no. I'm going to kill Tommy!"

Dustin blinked slowly, "Huh? He's not here, are we going to have sex again are you going to freak out?"

Adam paused at that, confused, "I'm not freaking out."

"Yes you are," Dustin informed him, "and it's not nice. I don't think I like it."

"What are you on?" Adam asked stifling a yawn.

Dustin frowned.

Adam blinked and suddenly realized that not only had he had sex with someone he'd just met, but they were both still naked and in bed together. He blushed and looked for an escape, "Where's um...where's the bathroom?"

"Second door on your left, if you count my door. It's the only other real door in my apartment."

"Okay, thanks," Adam said slowly before he made his way into the bathroom trying to figure out what he'd just done. Dustin? Dustin who he'd just met of all people? How did Tommy know someone that dense? Wait, it was Tommy. Adam shook his head. What the hell had he done? Obviously he just needed to get his clothes, and try to find a nice way to leave. He didn't want to insult Tommy's friend, but this just wasn't him. He didn't have one night stands, had never had a one night stand before. How drunk had he been last night?

Trying to wake up, Adam splashed water on his face and then froze. He'd already insulted Dustin. Okay, so he'd apologize, explain that he was grumpy first thing in the morning and hadn't meant it, and try to escape while not thinking about how great the sex had been, mind-boggling good actually and there wasn't going to be more. No, there would be no more sex, even if it'd been the best sex he'd had in a long time, maybe ever. Adam shook his head, he'd been drunk, it couldn't have been that good.

Walking back into the bedroom Adam froze in the doorway. Dustin was padding around his room naked, sorting who's clothes where who's. Adam looked down when he realized he was standing on his own boxers. As he started to pull them on he turned his head towards the front door taking in the scattered trail of their clothes. Oh he remembered doing that. He wet his lips, he was not going to think about it. Clothes being tossed on the bed caught his attention. He turned back to take in Dustin's offended look, "Dude, those are your's, you can leave now."

"What?" he asked confused.

Dustin glared, and crossed his arms over his chest, "I said leave."

Oh, oh that was hot. Dustin pissed off was hot.


Dustin opened his mouth then closed it. Adam wondered if he'd self combust when the angry glare turned into an angry pout. Then Dustin was coming towards him ranting, "I'm not on anything! I let you sleep in and I like made sure you wouldn't have a hang-over. I was even going to cook you breakfast! But no, I'm an idiot and you hate Tommy for introducing us. I don't care how lickable you are you can't just...

Adam couldn't take it anymore, he cut Dustin off with a kiss. This was bad, he should be running the other way. They hadn't even been awake in each other's presence for more than five minutes this morning and Adam was annoyed beyond belief, but Dustin angry and ranting and saying he was lickable...how as he supposed to resist that? With a sinking feeling that he was going to get in way over his head, Adam tumbled them towards the bed and reminded Dustin just how good the sex had been.