Title: Just do it.

Summary: A dab of glue, maybe a bit of tape, and a baby Nike can make it all better. A kinda random fic set somewhere in the first half of the book "Cell" by Stephen King. Spoilers for those who haven't read it.

Disclaimer: I do not own the book Cell. That honor belongs to the always amazing Stephen King. Also don't own the Simpsons, just can't resist quoting them.

A/N: I just felt like writing something, really. Not sure how many people have read this book, but I highly recommend. I'm only halfway through, so I'm not exactly sure what the deal is with the crazies, but it's one hell of a read – SK must do tons of research when he writes a book.

Also, it's been a while since I've written anything, so I'm not sure if it's gonna be all that worth bothering with.

Warning: Again, I've only gotten like halfway through the book, so if you're not that far along be warned of SPOILERS ahead.

The music grew louder the further along they walked. Bette Middler. Alice had heard enough Bette Middler and the like in the past day or so to last her a lifetime. Perhaps it had already been a lifetime.

Alice slipped her hand into her pack and searched blindly for - there it was. She noted Clay and Tom had given each other a glance when she had pulled out the baby sized Nike, but it didn't matter what they thought of her. It didn't matter what anyone thought of her anymore, really.

She clutched the shoe as more flashlight people walked around them, trying to find shelter from the daylight and the terrors it would bring.

'Reverse vampires..,' Alice thought with bitter amusement. She nearly laughed, a feeling of near hysteria settling around her heart and making her giddy. But she didn't laugh. She couldn't laugh. Somehow she doubted she would ever be able to again.

Alice could only pray her family and friends were spared this, spared this all-encompassing certainty that their deaths had only been delayed. She prayed every morning, just before dawn broke over the horizon, that her mother and father were no longer seeing it.

Death was infinitely better than what they had no doubt become - animals. Phantoms of what human beings were before the Pulse, a glimpse of what people were like before their brains began to develop.

Alice closed her eyes tightly for a moment, feeling somewhat light headed...

Alice hadn't believed what was happening. One moment her mother was calmly leaving her father a voicemail on the cell phone. One moment she was considering inviting her best friend over to watch a movie later that night, the next she's witnessing her mother rip out the throat of the cab driver. The moment the cabbie was dead her mother was looking to do the same to Alice.

She had run. In her terrified mind she didn't process whether her mother was chasing her or not, just that the feeling of danger was all around her, that she couldn't escape it. She could practically feel Death's icy cold claws grasping at her when she slowed, could hear a harsh rasping laugh at her feeble attempt to survive –

Alice gave the shoe another squeeze and suddenly she knew where she was. Her feet were firmly planted on the ground, her head was no longer swimming with the impossibilities surrounding her.

At the very least the feeling of being drowned by a world so familiar yet so foreign at the same time was dulled. For a few more hours she would be strong. For another day she would survive.

She could only wait until dawn would come again so she could pray the people she loved had found peace instead of losing their souls on the first of October to a machine that could not only take pictures but also your humanity itself. It was funny how the whole world could change in the space of just a few moments.