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Super Girl

1. Tolerance:

Byakuya obviously had a high tolerance level especially when it came to a pink haired girl who would bounce around him like a rubber ball.

2. Music:

Yachiru had gotten an ipod in human world with small speakers from Ken-chan one day. She always brought it with her knowing that Byakuya would enjoy some of the music on it though he never said what.

3. Tired:

Not all of the sugar in the world would keep the pink haired vice captain up when it was her nap time, but she would find some peace and quiet (and when Ken-chan was gone on a mission) in Byakuya's lap. He never minded this.

4. Child:

Byakuya would often let his mind wonder on how if Hisana had lived long enough; if there child would be like Yachiru. He never dared say this out loud except when Kenpachi asked why he let Yachiru hang around him.

5. Fear:

Yachiru wasn't afraid of anything except for two things. 1) Ken-chan dying and 2) Bya-chan. She would often forget her fears when the black haired captain stuffed a sweet bun into her mouth.

6. Birthday:

"What's your birthday?" Byakuya asked as the pink haired girl and Kenpachi looked at him confused. The three were walking down the streets of human world and Yachiru was comfortably on Byakuya's back.

"What's that?" Byakuya shot a mixture of a glare and annoyance at Kenpachi who rolled his eyes. He had never had a birthday either so he hadn't thought of one for Yachiru.

Byakuya wondered what the date was, "it's the date of which you were born on." The two stared at him.

"How about July 18 for you birthday?" Byakuya was rewarded with a hug.

"Softie," Kenpachi muttered under his breath as a smirk spread across his face. Byakuya shot him a glare.

7. Cherry:

Byakuya sigh; he didn't have any candy on him! And Yachiru was stubbornly kept yanking on his captain's uniform which was annoying. So he grabbed a cherry off a tree and quickly stuffed it into her mouth and muttered how she was suppose to spit out the pit.

8. Hair:

Kenpachi was off on another mission so Yachiru was bothering Byakuya, but he quietly did his work, ignoring him. She laced her small chubby fingers into his hair and smiled.

"Bya-chan has pretty hair!"

10. Super Girl:

Yachiru was a strong girl, but she often turned to Ken-chan and Bya-chan when she had nightmares. She never cried and it sometimes made Byakuya wondered if she was trying to be super girl for her age.