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I felt it the moment you entered the school. Oh, yes, I could feel you. That's the imprint your parents had left on me. I had been able to sense them at one point, so strongly...sometimes I still think I can feel them.

Oh yes, at the banquet, I was watching you. I looked at the people around you, the blood-traitor Weasleys, and that bushy-haired know-it-all, and even then I knew that you would be a force to be reckoned with. I knew you would become a leader among them. I knew that you would have followers much as your father before. You would attract loyalty with loyalty.

You're so like your parents. Oh yes, I know you'll hear it often, though I think it'll be more along the lines of "You're so like your father."

I hope that isn't true. I think you should be like your mother, mudblood though she was.

She was...honorable...and good...and light.

Oh yes, you have her eyes. I saw across the hall, and saw past your father in you. I couldn't care less for what you inherited from your father. There, yes, I see it. It's so much more than the eyes though. I see into your soul, your mind. I see your sufferings by your mother's kin. I see your mother's strength, intelligence, and wit. Yes, I see that in you.

I watch you as you grow in Hogwarts, I watch as you and your friends learn lessons no child should ever know.

Yes, buried deep though it may be, I still have a sort of heart. I am still loyal to those I once...cared for.

I watch that loyalty build up around you. I watch your friends gather around you, ready to protect you at the cost of their own lives. Because they love you.

It rarely happens, but there are moments when I believe I envy you.

Your army, so willing to follow you. I wish that once, just for a moment, I had had friends like that. Perhaps things, perhaps I, would have been so different.

But no, instead I developed an inner sense, a radar, to coin a muggle term, to sense when your father or his goons would come near. Somehow, that radar noticed her too, but everyone noticed her. Just by walking into a room, the spirit in said room would lift. Happiness seemed to be inspired by her.

Not that she ever made me happy. No, I was the shadow, hiding in the shadows.

Light kills shadow.

I hear it so many times in the teachers lounge. "Oh, how Potter is so like his father. Oh, how Potter looks like his father."

How easily people forget, how easily they see what they want to see.

It's days like that that I wait until the middle of the night and make my way to the Astronomy Tower, and from there, roam the castle's halls. Students and even Filch believe that I'm out for blood, searching for errant students. On the contrary, I'm reaching out, feeling. Sometimes, I feel her, a remnant of her spirit, and of his, Potter's, and sometimes, I stop where I'm roaming and just feel.

And when I look at you, I don't see your father. I see your loyalty, and your tainted goodness, and your honorable intentions. I see how you hurt and love and struggle and persevere.

So, many will say you are so like your father, but I don't see it at all.

I see your mother. I see her laughing, loving, caring, protecting. The light practically shone from her, you know. The others, your father and his group of goons, they served the good, but they were not good. They were not honorable. They were not light.

She was the light.

She killed me. She's still killing me.