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The Thin Blue Line (an unexpected pregnancy)

It was all Rose's fault, he decided, glaring at the thin blue line as though it would disappear if he stared at it long enough. He thought back on that night exactly 2 months previously.

It was Rose's fault, he convinced himself.

"Doctor?" she bounded into the console-room grinning. "Can we go do something fun?"
His jaw dropped – what was she wearing?! What was she not wearing?! "W-w-what?" he stuttered, trying to keep his wits about him.
She shrugged, totally oblivious to the effect she was having on him. "I just wanna go somewhere laid back. Relax a bit. Have a few drinks y'know?" She bent over to tie up one of her shoelaces, and the Doctor staggered slightly, gripping onto the console for support. The only response he could manage was "guh" as her skirt lifted slightly to reveal lacy black knickers.
"What was that?"
"I," his voice was unnaturally high, and he hastily cleared his throat. "Rose, what are you wearing?!"
"Huh?" she glanced down at her attire. "...clothes?"
"Oh really?"He allowed a small smirk to cross his features. "I was always under the impression that clothes were meant to actually cover your body."He looked pointedly at Rose's tight white strap-top which showed off about 2 inches of flat stomach. He let his eyes take a leisurely wander down to the 'skirt' which, he figured, was more of a belt than anything else.
"Thanks,"she said huffily. "I figured we were gonna go somewhere where we wouldn't be running for our lives- so I thought it'd be a 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity' to wear these.."she turned back towards the corridor. "But fine – if you want me to, I'll go change."
Before she could even blink, the Doctor was in front of her, blocking the way to her room. "Woah woah woah,"he hastily backtracked. "Now I never said you needed to change! In fact, I think you look absolutely fine! More than fine!Amazing. Perfect for a 'relaxed' evening actually."
She positively beamed at him. "Thanks Doctor."

And so they'd ended up at a bar on the planet of Florboa. Rose had immediately begun to down cocktail after cocktail, and the Doctor followed her lead – he'd spent so much time convincing her that,because of his 'superior Timelord genes' he didn't get drunk, that he managed to convince himself too.

Needless to say, they both got pissed out of their minds.

They'd staggered to the TARDIS, giggling like teenagers.
They'd done what all drunk Timelords and drunk humans do when drunk together – they kissed clumsily.
The kisses led to touches; hich led to moans; which led to clothes being shed; which led to nakedness.
Soof course, it was no surprise really –considering they were both drunk, naked and incredibly horny – that Rose ended up in the Doctor's bed, underneath said Doctor to be precise) – and crying out with him as he thrust into her.

Yep. It was definitely Rose's fault, the Doctor concluded. She shouldn't have worn that skirt.

And so now he was stuck here, in the bathroom, looking at some dumb blue line; the only word going through his mind being;


There was a bang at the door. "Doctor! Open this door! Why the hell have you locked it? You never knock the door." Rose's shrill voice came through the door. "What are you doing in there? You're not playing with yourself again are you? Remember what happened last time"
Like he could ever forget what happened 'last time' – how was he to know that Rose had managed to video his 'antics' on her phone? How was he to know she'd post it up all over the internet? He shuddered。 No – he'd never be able to forget that。

He took a deep breath – ah well, she'd find out sooner or later anyway。 He slowly opened the bathroom door。

"Finally! What were you do:-" she stopped at the look on his face。"What? Doctor what's wrong?"

"Oh Rose," his lower lip trembled as tears welled up in his eyes (melting Rose's insides in the process)。 He managed to choke it out。 "I'm。 I'm。 I'm。"

He lifted up the small white stick and trembled as he whispered,"I'm pregnant。。。"

Rose stared at him or moment before she burst out laughing。 "Excuse me? Pregnant?"
"Yes," he said haughtily。 "And it's quite traumatizing – thank you for your sympathy。"
"But, but," she spluttered; eyes streaming from laughter。 "I thought you were a man。。。"
"Very observant of you, I must say。 SO WHAT?" he narrowed his eyes – what was her problem?
"Uh。 Well," she was a little caught out – he sounded so serious。 "Men don't get pregnant。。。" Was she going to have to draw diagrams? She hated drawing those bloody diagrams。
"Uh, yes they can。"
"No they can't" she said, now fearing for his sanity。
"They can," he insisted。
"Doctor。 Really。 I swear to God they can't。 Only women get pregnant。"
"Wait。 What?" he sounded confused。
"I said only women get pregnant。。。"
"So。 Wait。 Men don't get pregnant on Earth?" he was dumbfounded。
"Uh, no。。。 Why? Do they on Gallifrey?"
He nodded。
A moments pause before they both said simultaneously:

"That is so not fair!"

"So explain this to me again。 How exactly is it going to come out?"

He shifted uncomfortably。 Sex with Rose was one thing。 Loving her was one thing。 Having a family with her was one thing。。。 But explaining the biology of his anatomy using drawings was something else entirely。
"It just。。。 comes out," he said, his head in his hands。
"But uh。 Isn't it like。。。 Really painful?"
"Well I imagine so!" he said, exasperatedly。 "It's not as though I've done this before!"
"I thought you had a granddaughter. You must've had kids。。。"
"C-section," he said gruffly by means of explanation。
Rose couldn't help but snort with laughter – the images going through her head were hilarious。 This whole idea was preposterous to her。
"Well I'm glad you find it so funny," he glared at her。 "At least someone's enjoying themselves。"
"I'm sorry," she tried to look serious, before collapsing into a fit of giggles。
"It's yours you know," he said quietly。

That sobered her up。

"What?" she breathed。
"The child。" He pointed at his stomach。 "It's yours。"
"How d'you know?" she trembled。
"Oh come off it Rose!" he scoffed。 "You're the only person I've made love with in abou a century。"
"Fuck!" she said in wonderment。
"Yes," he beamed proudly, glad that she understood。"That's exactly what we did。"
"We。 We're going to have a BABY!" she jumped around screaming。 "WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!"

"Bloody hell Doctor。 You're huge!" she sniggered。
"Gee, thanks," he looked rather put out。
"Aww, I'm sorry," she ruffled his hair affectionately。 "But it's true。"

They were buying him maternity clothes – yes Rose never dreamed she'd see the day that the Doctor would slap his hand on the console in aggravation and announce that he needed proper maternity wear。。。 It was a strange life, she decided。 They'd promptly landed on a huge planet that the Doctor had called 'Neorphia' and had told her it had the largest maternity clothes section in the universe。
So there they were, both in a rather large changing room; Rose helping him out of his clothes, pausing to gently stroke his swollen belly。

"She's really ours," she said softly。(The Doctor had informed her earlier that it was a girl – claiming that he just instinctively'knew'the gender, and started nattering about Timelord senses)。
"She really is," he replied, just as quietly a he smiled gently at her。 "So, what did you pick out for me then?" (He'd generously allowed Rose to browse the clothes racks for him while he went to look at the fancy gizmo accessories for pushchairs)。
"Well," her smile faltered。 "Erm, the thing is Doctor。。。 The thing is。。。 You know you're like, a Timelord?"
"。。。Very well。"
"And you know how Timelords are, erm, Unique?"
"In most respects, yes。"
"Well," she coughed lightly。 "It seems you're unique in the pregnancy-respect too。。。"
"What are you on about?"
"I looked Doctor – I really did – but it seems that every other species in the universe have female pregnancies。" And with that, she moved aside so he could see the large array of flowery skirts, shirts and dresses she'd found。
"What!?" he yelped/
Her mouth twitched。
"You're finding this funny!" he moaned。
She let herself grin。 "Yea。 But you make it so easy Doctor。"
He gave a growl。 "I am not wearing any of those。"
She sighed。 "Doctor, you've already split that pair of brown trousers you always seem to wear – and the TARDIS isn't exactly stocked up on pregnant-men's-clothing。"
"Bloody hell," he huffed。

Half an hour later, and they were carrying bags laden with skirts and one particular sparkly pink dress which Rose had insisted he buy for just lazing around the TARDIS in。。。

"Doctor, PUSH!" Rose encouraged as he squeezed her hand until it turned a nasty purple colour。

They were in a hospital room, having rushed in after the Doctor's surprised exclamation of "I think my waters just broke" before a load of reddish watery 'stuff' trickled down his leg。 "Hmm。。。 I didn't think I was due。"
Followed by Rose's terrified yell of "YOU ARSE! WHY DIDN'T YOU KEEP TRACK OF WHEN IT WAS COMING????"
He was most embarrassed, actually, as he hadn't had time to change into different clothes, and he was now currently lying on the hospital bed in a certain shimmering pink dress。 My oh my, the doctors and nurses had been more than a little surprised。

"I AM pushing!" he yelled; his face mottled red。
"Push harder then!" she yelled right back。
"ARGH!" he screamed, before hissing though the pain at her。 "I am never having sex again。 I swear – I'm gonna become celibate。"
But Rose's reply was drowned out when he tipped his head back, moaning loudly as a few tears leaked out and dribbled down his cheeks。
"Oh honey," a kindly nurse said to him。 "We just need one more big push, and its head will be out, K?"
He shook his head。 "Can't," he panted。 "Won't。"
The nurse looked at Rose helplessly, and Rose knew she was probably thinking something along the lines of why the Doctor had such a useless birthing partner。

"Yes you can!" Rose said to him。 "Do it for me! Do it for us! Do it for our daughter!"
He turned his gaze to her, and she could see the pain in them。
"C'mon Doctor," she gestured at their entwined hands。 "Show me how much it hurts。" (Like he hadn't already been doing that)。 He managed to, if possible, sqeeze her hand even harder than he'd been doing so before。
His face turned crimson as he pushed, Rose's hysterical cries of, "Yes Doctor。 YES。 Show me! Keep going!!! Come on Doctor!" mingling with his own agonized screams。

"And。 It's。 A。 Baby!" came the voice of one of the doctors by the foot of the bed。 Before Rose turned to look at their child, she gazed at the Doctor。 Both pairs of eyes were moist as they gazed at each other, beaming。 "Well done Doctor," she kissed the tip of his nose before turning to the baby。

"Uh Doctor。 Why is she blue?"

"Goddamn it woman," he almost chuckled。 "Didn't you read any of those books I gave you?"
"Nope," she stretched out her arms to the nurse holding the baby。 "Can I hold her?"
"Him," the nurse corrected。 "You have a beautiful boy。"
Rose glanced at the Doctor before taking her son。 "So much for 'superior Timelord senses'。。。"
He shrugged, exhausted, while Rose cuddled the baby。
She brought him over, and passed him to the Doctor, who managed to hoist himself up into a sitting position, and hold the boy to his chest。
"Doctor, what:-" she began。 "Jesus – you breastfeed too?!"
"Yes," he said indignantly as their son sucked greedily。
"Bloody hell。"

An hour later, and the three had been moved to one of the wards。 Their son lay in a cot, sleeping peacefully while his father snored away in a nearby bed。 Rose stood by the drawn curtain, simply watching them and smiling softly。

"Rose。 Come here。" The Doctor didn't bother opening his eyes。The bed creaked as Rose slid up against him。
"S'too small," she complained before he kissed her。"Y'know," she said breathlessly, "we still need to tihnk of a name..."
They thought for a while, until Rose had an idea. "I know," she grinned, "How about Jack?"
He wrinkled his nose. "What? That space playboy?"
She rolled her eyes. "Aww, c'mon Doctor - you liked him too in the end."
He gave a small amused sigh. "Fine, fine. Jack it is."

1 week later

Jack's wail echoed down the corridor.

"S'your turn," Rose mumbled sleepily into the Doctor's neck as she curled herself tighter around him.
"Noo. It's yours," he moaned.
"Doctor, he's your son."
"He's yours too."
"Yours more."
"It's your fault," he countered.
"Excuse me?"
"You wore that bloody skirt."
"You got me drunk."
"You kissed me."
"You stuck your cock in me," she argued.
"You made me cum."
"Yea?" she said smugly and played her trump card. "Well you gave birth to him..."
"Fuck you!" and he got up.

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