I was thinking.

Why doesn't Fuji ever swear?

Then I was like, Hmmm...

I'm bored

So sue me

Don't you dare.

Fuji stared at Mukahi. Yes, he stared.

Why? Because Mukahi just randomly decided to go to Seigaku one day and paste "Seigaku sucks!" all over the tennis courts.

And, because he still hadn't gotten over the fact that Mukahi got a zero on his English test.

"Why did you do something this stupid?" Fuji asked.

Inui happened to walk by and thought, Hmmm, if I tell him that, it might get me alot of new data. "Fuji, you do know that 'stupid' has now been defined as one of the swear words that you shouldn't be saying at school? Or, in fact, in front of your parents?"

Fuji stared. "So now 'stupid' is the equivalent of fuck, ass, damn, and shit?"


Tezuka happened to walk by at that moment. "Fuji, 50 laps."

"Why the fucking assed hell are you fucking giving me fifty laps?!" Fuji yelled.

Tezuka twitched.

"Well? Can't you fucking answer a fucking question like that? What the fucking hell is your problem?!"

Tezuka turned to Inui. "You lied to him and told him that stupid became a swear word, didn't you?"

Inui nodded.

Tezuka sighed. He proceeded to blindfold, tie, and gag Fuji and throw him into a broom closet. He didn't let him out until a week later, with Fuji crying because he was afraid his cacti might've died.