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"You alright?" Rose asked as the Time Lord stepped back in.

"Me? I'm fantastic," he grinned. "So where to?"

"Dunno, somewhere fun. No drama for a change. No torture just fun. Not for long though, I think we'll get bored after a day or so."

"Relaxed fun it is. Any preferences Jack? And if you even think about say the name of a certain pleasure planet I will disown you!"

"What's wrong with a pleasure planet?" Rose asked, her gaze flicking between Jack and the Doctor.

"The problem sweetheart is that on this particular planet you lose all you inhibitions, you're driven by the things that pleasure you," Jack explained.

"And the problem with that is?"

"A Time Lord with no inhibitions is a very dangerous thing," the Doctor told them.

"So he says. I think he just doesn't like not being in control." Jack whispered.

"I could comment on that but I won't," Rose caught her tongue between her teeth and smiled at her lover.

"Behave," he chuckled, shaking his head. "Right then, how about pot luck? Let the TARDIS choose."

"You're the boss."

"Oh really? That makes a change," the Doctor chuckled. "Oh wait, first we need to stop in Cardiff."

"Oh?" Rose stepped beside him.

"Need to let your mother know everything's alright. She has an uncanny knack of phoning right in the middle of things."

"Tell me about it! Right, look out Cardiff, here we come!"

"Hold on tight!" His hand's faltered as the monitor caught his eye.

"What's up?" Rose peered at a monitor. "Wow, that's one hell of a row."

Jack stepped up behind her.

In the middle of the screen, a couple stood in the car park. The man had grabbed the woman by the shoulders, trying to force her to look at him but she wouldn't.

"Should we do something?" Jack asked.

The Doctor ran to the doors and flung them open, staring out at the scene.

"Sensing something?" Rose asked, her eyes never leaving the screen.

"There's something but I can pick it out. Might just be me over thinking things."

Jack and Rose both looked up at him then. The Doctor over thinking things? Not likely.

"Here comes Martha and the security," Jack pointed out as he stepped up beside the Doctor in the door way.

As they watched the warring couple the Doctor went rigid.

"Those security aren't going to be able to help!" he said, taking off running full speed towards them.

Jack and Rose took off after him, seeing a purple mist surround the man and woman.

Martha looked up and saw the Doctor rushing towards her. She smiled to herself thinking he'd forgotten something.

"Martha, get out of there!" he yelled barging her out of the way as he came skidding to a halt, Rose and Jack only a few steps behind.

"What's going on?" Martha asked, noticing the purple mist for the first time.

"Something not good."

"Thanks, I sort of figured that out myself."

"Then why ask?"

"Thought you might know something more."

"Nope, no more than you." The Doctor stepped forward putting on his glasses, eyes searching for something in the mist that he might recognise.

"Brilliant," Martha rolled her eyes. "Hello again, fancy seeing you here," she giggled at Jack and Rose, only they didn't laugh back.

"Doctor," Rose stepped forward, resting her hand on his arm stopping him from getting any closer, "the colour purple. Isn't that….?"

"Universal signal for danger. Yup."

"Then should we be standing this close?"

"Probably not." He stepped back again as a tendril of mist reached towards him. "Right inside."

The four ran for the main doors, pushing their way through the small crowd that was gathering.

"What is that thing?" Martha asked finally as they reached a clear window.

"Last time I saw something like that it was an alien that survived on orgasmic energy."

All three, looked round at Jack with withering looks.

"It's true! Dusted who ever she got it from in seconds. It was a sight to behold I tell ya, although I doubt any of them had a smile on their face when they went. Looked rather painful."

"You're being serious aren't you?!" Rose asked.

"That's impossible. It'd never survive in the Earth's atmosphere," the Doctor told them.

"She was using a human host," Jack said.

"Ouch," the Doctor winced and scrunched up his nose.

"Yeah, like I said, they didn't go with a smile on their face."

"Hang on are you saying there really is an alien that needs sex to survive?" Rose asked, sharing an unconvinced look with Martha.

"Quite a few actually, although it's not the act it's the energy that builds up, the release." The Doctor tried to ignore the heat that was rising in his cheeks as he squinted out the window at the mist. "That's growing."

"But what is it?"

"No idea."

"It's not a sex-addict alien then?" Jack enquired.

"No Jack that would be you."

"Hey! I'm not an alien!"

"Compared to the humans on this planet you are. I need to get a closer look." The Doctor darted off down the stairs, Sonic Screwdriver in hand.

A few moments later he was back.

"Well?" Jack asked.

"Nothing, they've locked down the hospital until further notice."

"So what do we do?"

"How 'bout a trip to the shop?"

"What is it with you and hospital shops?" Rose asked smiled.

"Well, if you're going to be stuck in a hospital it might as well have a shop. Coming?"

"Sure, you guys want anything?"

Martha and Jack shook their heads, gazing out the window at the purple cloud.


"Mmm, banana and chocolates," the Doctor sighed happily as they slowly walked up the stairs.

"You and bananas," Rose rolled her eyes. The corridors were virtually empty. Everyone was down in the waiting area watching the purple cloud. The warring couple had been taken away by the police but the cloud remained, swirling round and round. "So what's the plan? We're locked in here, the TARDIS is out there and there's a mystery mist between us. Any ideas?"

"Well I might have one or two." His arm slipped round her waist. "Come with me." Looking around he darted for a storage closet pulling her in behind him.

"What we doing in here?"

To answer the Doctor dipped his head and kissed her, his fingers exploring the skin at the hem of her top.

"Behave," she panted as he pulled back for air.

"Why? Got somewhere better to be?"

"Well, no… I suppose."

"It's been ages since I've had you."

"And erm…. And you think now's a good time?"

"As good a time as any," he told her, his eyes black as he assaulted her neck.

Rose knew she should probably stop him, this wasn't like him, he blushed at the mere mention of anything remotely sexual, he didn't seduce her in a storage closet in the middle of a crisis. Yes she should definitely stop him. But then his cool fingers were unbuttoning her jeans and all reason flew from her mind.


"Bet you thought you were well rid of us," Jack smiled as he and Martha sat in the stairwell, watching the car park.

"Knew you'd all be back. Doesn't look like I'm getting home on time today though. I've only got half hour of my shift left."

"Big plans?"


"Ah, I remember studying for exams. Long long time ago. Centuries in fact."

"What was centuries ago? The first time you ever got laid?" the Doctor's voice drifted over as he bounded up the stairs happily munching on a banana.

Jack and Martha stared at him.

"Sorry did you just ask about the first time I ever got laid?"

"Did I?" He pondered the question for a moment before shrugging and turning his attention to the window.

"Where's Rose?" Jack asked, exchanging a suspicious glance with Martha.

"She'll be along in a minute. It hasn't moved then," he nodded out the window, taking another bite of the fruit.

"You okay Doc?" he stood and eyed the Time Lord.

"Hmm? What? Oh me, I'm fantastic, yes. Why? Shouldn't I be?"

"You tell me. You look… something's different."

The Doctor turned his head to look at Jack. "What are you talking about?"

Jack stepped closer; making sure Martha wasn't likely to hear. "You look more rumpled than usual and there's a strange look in your eye."

"I'm fine. But we do need to get round that cloud and back to the TARDIS."

Jack paused for a moment before responding, taking in his friend's demeanour. "Can't you just call her in?"

"Too big a risk. Too many people."

"You okay Rose?" Martha said as the blonde stumbled up the stairs.

The Doctor didn't have to look round, he knew she was there, he could still feel her in his head all be it very dazed.

"Something wrong Rosie? You look flushed," Jack asked looking her over.

"I'm fine, he erm… he runs up stairs too fast for me."

The former Time Agent looked from the girl to the Time Lord and back again giving Rose a quizzical look as his head began to piece things together.

She gave a small shake of her head and a look that told him not to ask. Part of her felt fantastic, she'd just had one of the best moments of her life in a storage closet but she couldn't help but wonder what got into him. She managed to convince herself that it was just his relief at being himself again. Maybe the Nanogenes left him with some extra energy. It sounded plausible enough. So why did she have the undeniable urge to grab Jack and tell him everything.

'A storms approaching.' He had to say it didn't he? He had to say those damn words, now she was on edge. That's all it was, he did something spontaneous and wonderful and she was reading too much into it.

Taking a deep breath she walked to the Doctor's side and he promptly moved behind her, pulling her back against him. His fingers softly stroking the skin just above her waistband made her shiver and she felt him suppress a chuckle.

Yes everything was fine, he was just glad to be back and have her back.

"We should get back to the TARDIS," he murmured in her ear, his fingers stilling and his body suddenly tense."

"What's wrong?" Rose turned to look at him, concern etched on her face. She felt Jack and Martha move closer.

The Doctor shook his head. "I don't know. Something doesn't smell right."

"Literally or metaphorically?" Jack asked earning an impatient look from the Time Lord.

"Come on," the Doctor darted down the stairs not waiting to see if the others were following.

He barged his way through the crowd to the front doors of the hospital and eyed the mist. He pulled out his Sonic Screwdriver and held it tightly.

"Don't let it touch you, just duck and run straight for the TARDIS."

"Doc, what's going on?" Jack stepped up beside him.

"That's what we need to find out Captain and for that I need the TARDIS."

Rose and Martha watched as he put a hand to the side of his head and gave a small shake, as if trying to clear water from his ears.

"Ready? Jack don't lose Martha." Without looking he reached behind him and instinctively grabbed Rose's hand, knowing exactly where she was and pointed the Sonic Screwdriver at the lock on the doors.

They sprung apart and the Doctor began to run, security guards shouting after them.

"What about the others inside?" Rose asked as they sprinted across the car park. "We don't know what that thing can do."

Growling the Doctor stopped running. "Fine," he rolled his eyes. "Keep going." He lifted the Screwdriver again aiming it at the doors and waited for them to close, locking everyone safely inside. He turned to continue back to the TARDIS then stopped. Turning back he pointed the Screwdriver at the cloud and scanned it before running for the doors of his ship.

"One day you lot are gona learn to look after yourselves. I mean really how hard is it to close a bloody set of doors?!" he ranted as he stalked up the ramp. "Oh that's right, I was forgetting, that's not the way humans work, they always wait to be saved by a higher power. A simple little thing like closing a door and not one goes to do it."

"What's got into you?" Rose demanded grabbing his arm as he passed her. "You're not yourself, first in the hospital and now this rant. Something's definitely not right."

"Not now Rose," he dismissed her and headed for the corridor.

"Hey!" she called after him and followed. "Don't do that. Don't dismiss me like that. Something isn't right and you know it. Is it something to do with the Nanogenes?"

"Don't be so stupid," he snapped then he seemed to catch himself and a look of shock crossed his face.

"See," Rose raised an eyebrow at him.

"Sorry. I'm fine really… it's probably just my brain unscrambling after yesterday."

She continued to look at him sceptically so he bent down to kiss her. "Everything's fine," he whispered against her lips kissing her again harder. Before he knew it he was pressing her up against the wall, his hands straying further than was decent in an exposed area of corridor. He wrenched himself away and practically threw himself against the opposite wall.


"It's fine. I just need some tea and sleep, that's all," he gave her a tight smile before hurrying away into the depths of the TARDIS.

"Rose?" Jack's voice carried down the corridor as he came towards her.

"Jack something's not right with him, not matter what he says," she told him, staring at he now empty corridor. "He's not alright."

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